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  1. 06029

    I apologize

    The D is significantly improved over last year. I said wait a week but they showed me a lot today. To those of you that loved last week while I was a skeptic, I apologize. I thought today was unwinable, but it was very much a winnable game. I have hope.
  2. 06029

    It’s 9 a.m. on game day and I am calling it now

    Uconn wins today. Call it a substantially large gut feeling backed by many reasons and some blind faith. You can all thank me later.
  3. 06029

    Maybe this was posted in the game thread somewhere

    But the offense in the second half is a significant reason this game ended up close. Yeah, the D couldn't stop anything but the fumbles and interceptions took a minimum of 14 points off the board. You might add in punt return team too because the dumb block in the back took back a TD. Any one...
  4. 06029

    How to have 100% improvement in 2018

    background - season ticket base down; blow out losses in 2017; total attendance down. No bowl, no extra practices again. I could not give tickets away this year. No stars on this team. No must see player. Goal in 2018 - bowl eligibility; build the fan base. If you run the program, what do you...
  5. 06029

    List of potential 5th year Grad QB’s

    First one to chase Darius Wade - BC; had a great game today, managed the game well last week, played well versus NC State, moves well on roll outs, BC might have scholarship crunch and he will not be the starter when their other guy heals. Feel free to add.
  6. 06029

    Jr Joseph

    No mention of him missing the first half next game. Does this impact the outlook for Cinci? Also. if you talk about the other team not having respect for you, you should not be getting called for targeting. That was not a really bright thing for him to do especially at that point in the game.
  7. 06029

    Best player on the field last night

    You don't have to listen to this (but it is worthwhile). But, look at him and then look at Uconn RB's, LB's, etc. Who looked like this kid as a freshman? And did winning breakfast transform anyone into him?
  8. 06029

    Easiest money of the season

    spread over 30; play with your heart. This is college football. Money can be really d7mb sometimes.
  9. 06029

    What a bunch of Whitney little sallies tonight

    Uconn will come back and win tonight. Mark it down. It will be very ugly. you can not undo the poop show create by Diaco overnight. The core of this team while great kids are not G5 quality and maybe not even DII quality. Not their fault they are playing in games with better talented athletes...
  10. 06029

    Uconn -v- Peer schools recruiting; Solstice Edition

    Okay a day early but with camps underway/almost complete, I thought a comparison to the peer schools would be interesting. Ranking and stars per Rivals (with its inherent bias). Some teams currently ranked under 30 by Rivals that will push down a number of the rankings below: MSU, USC, Florida...
  11. 06029

    Just a Reminder about post press conference impressions and posts

    Randy said all the right things today and people are enthusiastic. And I think he is a good choice. But I dug these out from 12/2013 (feel free to recycle) - The guy is a salesman after all, I for one am happy he has Uconn across his chest, I'll buy whatever his shoveling out. He is in the...
  12. 06029

    Edsall rumors - what is the source?

    Benedict surprised the world on Monday. no one , not one reporter had any idea. So who would be saying Edsall is a leader? It's not coming from the AD. How do you let world know you want to be head coach in college again? Who still has media contacts (at least a few of them must like him) and...
  13. 06029

    Benedict did this right

    From my source who was surprised by the firing. this was run in a very tight group that would not leak anything to the press. Never an agenda item with the BoT. Most on the BoT did not know until 12/24 but they knew Benedict had free reign over this provided he raised the money. Was not coming...
  14. 06029

    What does the Jersey guy say?

    You know he trolls this board and probably still has some well placed Uconn sources. He has been quiet about this. If he knows Diaco is staying, he would not utter a peep because it would kill his hits. If he knows that he is going, he would post it immediately to get hits soaring. Should the...
  15. 06029

    So what happens if

    Diaco is retained? I give it a 50% probability. I don't buy the wait until January narrative. If he was going he would be gone by now.. Do you renew tickets? Do you give up?
  16. 06029

    The case to replace Diaco

    I will start - Recruiting has been subpar. Game day coaching and overall philosophy is 25 years behind the times. Player development is not acceptable.
  17. 06029

    The case to retain Diaco

    i will start - He has a unique sense of fashion. He has buy in from the team and they appear to want to play for him. I don't think he has an ounce of phony in him.
  18. 06029

    What costs more

    firing BD now or waiting until January? Fire now, you keep some of the fan base, donors and season ticket holders. Is that worth more than the capital hit you take today? If he is here next year, season tickets will be down to potentially less than 10,000.
  19. 06029


    For those who think that Disney/ESPN has no clue about what the future media landscape and delivery will be, watch starting at about the 12 minute mark of this video (ignore the source, it is a good discussion) ceo2016-10-05
  20. 06029

    By the end of September

    Post lunch talk with a person (25+ year friend and client) who would have better knowledge than most bloggers/twitterers, Uconn will know if it is in the final expansion group of 2 or 4 by the end of September. Timeline was outlined as final 2/4 notified before the end of the month with the Big...
  21. 06029

    Who blocked the FG?

    he gets my game ball.
  22. 06029

    Who plays defense in the AAC?

    watching AAC games and I wonder, who knows how to play defense in the conference. The top teams all know how to score points but they suck on D. I think Uconn, with even an average offense, can win the conference if they develop a dominating D. Lock down corners, relentless pressure and run...
  23. 06029

    Did anyone else see this in yesterday's paper? I know how I feel about it. Stuff like this needs to end.
  24. 06029

    Pretend you are BD; what is your offensive game plan

    Not what you want, but based on his quotes and what happened last year, how do you game plan Nova? My take - Turnovers killed Uconn almost every game last year. Bad/wrong throws, fumbles. Put Uconn in hole early many times and cost them a winnable games (without rehashing them in detail). Other...
  25. 06029

    Diaco speak vesus other coaches

    Why BD may not be crazy Bob. Here are quotes form 3 other head coaches about their programs (none of the 3 are close to being conference champions) - Coach 1 - “We’re not going into the year settling or anything. We’re going into the year to compete. Win the opener, get bowl eligible, compete in...
  26. 06029

    How many slots to fill in 2016

    I'm sure it is buried in these threads, but how many slots/ships will go to Class of 2016? This is before injuries/people leaving the team. Not sure how many 5th years will be asked back after season too. Anyone have the number on top of their head?
  27. 06029

    Hey Coach D, why aren't you quoted in some articles? Some coaches in this area have the ability to get themselves in really good articles that sell their philosophy without being in a recruits face. This is also a pretty good read by itself and...
  28. 06029

    Early enrolles?

    any of the recruits enrolled starting in January? Most schools have a couple. Any coming to Storrs? Would be great if say aQB or OL was there for spring ball. I readily admit that if this is in the big recruiting thread that I am too lazy to look.
  29. 06029

    To every season ticket holder

    If you are staying home tomorrow, I am disappointed. TomorrOw there are kids playing their last game of football ever in East Hartford. Ever. These are kids, young men, that dedicated a significant portion of their last 4/5 years to a game that they play for YOUR enjoyment. They worked hard...
  30. 06029

    Compare and contrast

    coachpress conference after bad loss after a tough loss Let me know when Diaco becomes even close to a real coach who accepts blame for in game decisions, expresses profound disappointment after a loss, and tells the world that he specs to win. Remember, the...
  31. 06029

    If the problem is the OL

    what is the fix? If its the quality of the players, how do you fix it? If it is getting better as they get older, then maybe there is hope for next year. If it is as simple as adjusting/simplifying scheme (as has been said by BD), then do more simplifying. If it is more/better coaching of the...
  32. 06029

    Is positive all the time over?

    Not throwing if there are turnovers. Identifies who blew the block. Not happy with the OL progression and slows down their game plan. Telling the media that they have no idea how bad the team was when he got here and how they still taking baby steps. I think all positive all the time is...
  33. 06029

    I recant all that I posted yesterday

    If my thinking is as close to Jeff Jacobs is in his column this morning, I must be very wrong. That and there were some additional quotes that were not in the tweet thread yesterday.
  34. 06029

    Hypothetical question

    What would the score been last night if PP was coach? Michigan last year is the equivalent of BYU if not slightly better in talent than BYU. Best coached game of the PP era in my opinion. Would it be a 25 point loss? More or less in your opinion. This does not suggest that PP should have...
  35. 06029

    First BYU Drive

    I thought Hill slid 1 yard short. And then there was PF against BYU. Then it was first and 10. Did anyone else see it him short? If more than 1 other saw it that way, then Diaco should have challenged the spot. I think he would have won. Rookie mistake or did I see wrong?