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  1. 06029

    The New England Cup (a proposal)

    So every time Uconn loses the cup, the WBB or field hockey team challenges and it comes back to Uconn? Fun idea but show me how any school not named Uconn, BC or PC ever wins the cup? Maybe UNH, Umass and UM in hockey every once in a while but in MBB, WBB, field hockey or baseball, not a...
  2. 06029

    Orlando Sentinel: Gators AD Scott Stricklin: Canceling football ‘would shake financial foundation of college athletics’

    And then the super conference is 500 records since they are almost all equal (not likely) or some schools rise and then complain that the bottom half don’t pull their weight, just like now.
  3. 06029

    Predicting Weeks 0,1,2 College Football TV Schedule

    Did I miss the announcement too? Hard to be on SNY with no contract. What national outlet is going to pay for Uconn-Umass as their opening game for the season?
  4. 06029

    Penn State Federal Lawsuit - Hazing

    Who could have guessed that Franklin would have an issue with his players? Attorneys: Coach contacted victim in Vandy rape case
  5. 06029

    USF 3.5 million assistant coach salary pool

    Less than 9 months out. Where is this mythical TV contract?
  6. 06029

    Chances of Joe Moorhead to UConn as new OC?

    That's my point. Not one of them went to less than a P5 team or the NFL. I will bet that every one of those pays more than Uconn pays for an OC. There are better options for Moorehead than OC at an independent school that has won a combined 6 games the last 3 years.
  7. 06029

    Chances of Joe Moorhead to UConn as new OC?

    And if he won 3 or 4 what would be the perception? Ex SEC HC do not take a coordinator job at any independent school not named Norte Dame. They probably don’t take it at any school with a losing record in a P5 conference.
  8. 06029

    Chances of Joe Moorhead to UConn as new OC?

    What Mississippi State football coach Joe Moorhead said about fight between teammates
  9. 06029

    2019-2020 Bowl Game Thread

    So, each team in those conferences played 1 game against an FCS opponent because it is allowed by the rules and it makes their records over inflated. That is your base premise? Okay, replace those teams with the bottom half of the Sun Belt, MAC, MT West and the low independents. Do their records...
  10. 06029

    2019-2020 Bowl Game Thread

    The bolded part is an integral part of Uconn's independent football plan. Being scheduled/paid to go into top 10 stadiums. That is a part of the future revenue stream that is almost as important as, and quite possibly larger than, any media deal they get for FB. I'm not saying Uconn is a cupcake...
  11. 06029

    2019-2020 Bowl Game Thread

    Most physical game I have seen In a long time. OSU screwed themselves trying to block the punt. They would have had good field position.
  12. 06029

    2019-2020 Bowl Game Thread

    ND is great at beating teams that don’t win their divisions, let alone their conference. I guess this win guarantees a top 5 preseason ranking for the fighting frauds next year.
  13. 06029

    More future schedule dates/opponents for 2021/2022

    There was no logic, just relaying a 30+ year history of the two worst and single best professional level hires I have made. It is funny that the worst ones were in the last 10 years and when I was one of the final 2 interviewers after a long process for them and the best was 20+ years ago when...
  14. 06029

    More future schedule dates/opponents for 2021/2022

    Worst hires ever, Harvard and Penn grads. Lacked critical thinking skills and imagination. Could do math in their heads real well but never able to get outside the box and figure out simple solutions to problems that they saw as complex but were not that hard in reality. One ended up thriving...
  15. 06029

    2019-2020 Bowl Game Thread

    The UNC QB had a pretty good day with some very pin point throws.
  16. 06029

    2019 Coaching Carousel -> Picking up speed.

    Every coaching hire is a crap shoot. There are very few sure fire hires. Look at the flame outs/plateauing for a lot of coaches. Schiano 2.0 is going to be no better than Edsall 2.0. Fickell is probbaly the only existing head G5 coach that has value but he has as much risk as a coordinator from...
  17. 06029

    That was quick, Addazio....

    How many championships does that win in any sport?
  18. 06029

    Randy has become unhinged

    He knows how to coach OL. What he was able to do in bringing back BC's OL was pretty good. He took at least 1 grad transfer in every year for the OL, let the 2 star players redshirt and get stronger and built depth. And he never recruited a QB better than Uconn's QB and still found ways to win...
  19. 06029

    David Benedict is a coward

    There can be no one worse than this And don’t forget how poorly he recruited. The team still lacks depth because of him.
  20. 06029

    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - final week (Fri, Dec 6 & Sat, Dec 7)

    Friday, Dec 6 Utah Saturday, Dec 7 Oklahoma Appalachian State FAU Memphis Georgia Boise St Clemson Ohio State
  21. 06029

    The Path to 2020 Bowl Eligibility

    Gunga galunga… gunga, gunga-lagunga
  22. 06029

    2021 Scheduling

    BC and Tenn are already on contracts for future games. Don't see the opening for them to be added in 2021 particularly as home games which is what that schedule really needs. The BC opening looks like an FCS slot so unless they monkey with the dates of the current contract that is not happening...
  23. 06029

    The Path to 2020 Bowl Eligibility

    How many 6-6 Indy's not named ND, BYU or Army make bowl games?
  24. 06029

    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - week 14 (Fri, Nov 29 & Sat, Nov 30)

    Friday, Nov 29 Virginia Memphis Washington State Saturday, Nov 30 Oklahoma Iowa State Cal Ohio State Louisville Alabama Wisconsin
  25. 06029

    Game Week: UConn v. ECU (Senior Day->11/23/19 @ Noon on ESPN3)

    This is a win at home for Uconn. Might be 10+ type of win. I have a feeling....
  26. 06029

    Meet college football scheduling savant Dave Brown, the secret weapon in UConn’s independent future (Putterman)

    You do know that Clemson has signed multiple players for Avon Old Farms, right?
  27. 06029

    Boneyard Weekly Pick ‘Em - Week 13 (Nov 23)

    Ohio St Tulane Baylor Michigan Navy VT Nebraska Stanford Texas Tech Missouri
  28. 06029

    12 Reasons Why UConn Will Regret the New Big East

    Have a stiff drink tonight. Middle of the pack OSU with a 25 point win. It’s a long season, but not a great night. Lots of weaknesses on the floor for Nova.
  29. 06029

    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'Em - Week 12 (Nov 16)

    Florida Texas Tech Temple Notre Dame Auburn VT Texas Iowa Louisville Oregon St
  30. 06029

    So are we on schedule?

    Unfortunately, the posts from the time he was hired are gone. I was not a fan and said so the day it was announced. I had heard he was "weird" from a highly placed source at another school he interviewed at and that did not offer him the job the year before he came to Uconn. If those post are...
  31. 06029

    So are we on schedule?

    Revisionist history from a former Diaco cheerleader. He was a transfer from NC State and he was filling a big void. Diaco was a buffoon but he actually went out and found a kid from a P5 school (even though he was a backup) to transfer to Uconn. I would say that getting BS to Uconn was the only...
  32. 06029

    12 Reasons Why UConn Will Regret the New Big East

    You must have missed these years -
  33. 06029

    UConn vs. #19 BC (Friday 11/8/19 @ Kelley Rink @ 7p & Saturday 11/9/19 @ XL Center @ 3:30p on NESN)

    There is zero defensive support. I’m not sure what someone saw with “lucky bounces” in the first period, but BC put the puck where Uconn’s defense in the zone wasn’t. 6-0 in hockey is like 42-0 in football. A blow out. How do you regroup for a 330 tip off tomorrow
  34. 06029

    Boneyard Weekly Pick 'Em - week 11(Sat. Nov 9)

    Penn St TCU BC Stanford LSU Texas Wake Forest Arizona St Wisconsin ND
  35. 06029

    2019 Coaching Carousel -> Picking up speed.

    ACC has 1 team to beat to makevthe playoffs. B1G has a much harder path. His best team at PSU got left out.