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    I'll be going to Gaylord Hospital in Wallingford, CT tomorrow. I have been weaned off the ventilator for 3 hours as of today. Hopefully I will be able to get the games there, been using radio for them here at Hartford Hospital. Thanks for the prayers and support. Mrs. Dribbles
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    Mrs. Dribbles

    Really don't know. They tried to take me off at Hospital Special Care last August but forgot to give me the Happy Pill. They never tried again. So, I came and now we are going to do trials slowly with the hope of getting off this. Oh, I can eat no gtube. I can speak, but with track...
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    Mrs. Dribbles

    24/7 on the ventilator
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    Mrs. Dribbles

    Mrs. Dribbles here. Just letting you all know that I'm going to the hospital tomorrow. They will be trying to weaned me off the ventilator. If it works, I will be so happy ☺! If not then back home. I want want to thank you all for your support and prayers. The men will come back and the...
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    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Boneyarders. I hope that I will be here to the end of this season, but my health is failing. I had a myelitis stroke on July 27, 2017 and have been on an ventilator since then. I have been able to be home since Nov 27, 2017, but am now not doing so...
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    Happy new year you miserable mofos

    Thank you. I'm home and happy to be out of hospitals. Watched all the games, I feel that there is an issue with the player's attitude, they all think the are great not playing together. They must start to play together with some team spirit. Happy New Year's to Boneyarder's and GO HUSKIES!
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    roast duck is wonderful! GO HUSKIES! Made my day to see them win. need to rest before our late game tomorrow night.
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    Boneyarder's, I have just discovered that you sent some lovely flowers to me back in late September. It seems that the area I was in didn't allow flowers. So they put the box in a closet and it was just discover today. Thank you so much and yes go Huskies! I'm going home now on Monday. I'm...
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    Anyone know how Mrs. Dribbles is doing?

    Mrs. Dribbles is going home Nov. 21st . She is wheelchair bound, on a vent for breathing and hopes she can live out her life in her home. Of course she is hoping the state won't take everything. She is watching all games and routing for the men and women basketball teams. Happy Thanksgiving...
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    Mrs. Dribbles

    Donalyn Wall, better known as Mrs. Dribbles is currently residing at c/o Hospital for Special Care, 2150 Corbin Ave, New Britain, CT 06053. She had after being diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord), which has also caused her to have a stroke. She is on an...
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am starts on Monday July 10th

    Oops! Blame it on a senior moment. Good article in Courant today on GHPA. Go Huskies! Mrs. Dribbles
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am starts on Monday July 10th

    The Greater Hartford Pro Am begins on Sunday July 10th at Sports, Medical and Science Academy. They may have UCONN Players. They usually play on Springfield Slam . It is air conditioned, good atmosphere and lots of fun. I won't be there the first week due to other commitments, but hope to...
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    In Memory of My Loving Father, 'Dogbreath2U'

    Kate and Family, The Boneyard helped me immensely when we lost Dribbles back in April 2015. Your Dad was respected for all he did, he was compassionate and a loyal Huskie supporter. May you and your family heal during this time and prayers for everyone. Mrs. Dribbles
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    It's my birthday today

    Nomar it was also my Birthday. #70 and also Kevin Ollies was the 27th as was Boat. So Happy Belated Birthday to all and may we all have a better New Year. Bless you all Mrs. Dribbles
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    Epic Most famous person you ever spoke with?

    I was fortunate to meet Sir John Mills and his wife, along with the new appointed Governor of Australia and wife while sailing from Southampton, England to Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. back in the 70's. They sat at my table, and this was when he was preparing to film a movie in the USA with Lee Marvin...
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    bathroom vanity Hartford

    Bargain Outlet located in East Hartford and East Springfield, Ma. They have lots of tiles, windows, cabinets shower Unites and bathtubs too. Mrs. Dribbles
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am

    Did Jalen play last night? I saw that AJ had a great night. Also saw interview on Fox 61 last night. Am going to game this evening 3pm for Purvis's team, and then Price and company game at 5pm. Of course games usually start at least an half hour later, but who cares It Is AIR CONDITION...
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am

    Not me but I do know her. She is addicted like me with basketball. Mrs. Dribbles
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am

    Again great Article in the Hartford Courant today on GHPA. Peter Higgins is the man to contact regarding sponsorships and they do need them for the upcoming tournament week and playoff and Championships. I will be at the games on Saturdays and Sunday. UCONN is in full force for 5pm game on...
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am

    Game this afternoon was Purvis and company against Adams, AJ Price and Wiggins. Great game, Adams has indeed improved on finishing inside and Purvis had 50 + points . Adams around 40 +. According to the schedule the Adams team will be playing tomorrow at 3PM and Purvis team at 5pm. It is...
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am

    Great Article in the Hartford Courant yesterday about GHPA. Amore did a nice job and yes you can contact me privately for information on sponsors. I can give you the name of the person in charge of that. Saturday two games and I am told that UCONN will be there. 5PM and 7PM, but they usually...
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am

    You never know who is going to show up, but he is schedule to play for the Slam so maybe he will show up. I don't have a cell phone, so can't text to let you know. Hope you can make the games Mrs. Dribbles
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    Greater Hartford Pro Am

    GHPA will be beginning tonight at SMSA at 6:30pm, with Springfield Slam playing against not sure and then the next game will be Cambyland and Hot 97.3. GHPA needs support in getting sponsors for this year and especially for next year, 20th anniversary. I know that Rodney P is on the Slam with...
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    Lost a big Husky fan

    SuperJohn my deepest condolences. Yes Dribbles is still looking down and hoping for the best with the Huskies and he is welcoming your Dad into the Boneyard in Heaven. You and your family were there for me a year ago and the Boneyard will be with you always. Bless you all. Mrs. Dribbles
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    UNC scandal forces NCAA to redefine its academic misconduct policy

    Mr Dribbles here, resting after a hectic Basketball season,. It was a very mild heart attack, so I can get back to exercise and relaxing. Just saw this article by Jon Solomon National College Football Writer. Does this mean that UNC gets a slap on the hand and not lose there championships...
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    That's a hell of a final score!!!!

    77 74 North Carolina on the floor Does sound familiar, Way to go NOVA. Wonderful end of the season game, especially against North Carolina. Now for the Ladies to bring the Trophy home , LETS GO UCONN LADIES HUSKIES!! Mrs. Dribbles (who is recovering from a heart attack) this game didn't...
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    Who would you like to win the Tourney?

    Nove all the way, don't want NC or SYR, didn't Nova win the Maui? Think back we win when win Maui. SO NOVA GO BABY. Now who do I want to win tonight NC or SYR. Hard to say but seems it will be NC. Biggest Cheaters of all. Mrs. Dribbles
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    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter! To all Boneyarders here and those above. It has been the first for me too and I miss Dribbles so much. I am torn, # 1 granddaughter graduated from Cuse, she is extremely smart, double major in Political Science and Middle Eastern Studies with a minor in communication in...
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    Hamilton to declare, will not hire agent

    I think that he should return and not test the waters of the NBA. He still has some growing to do and some important lessons to learn from KO and Staff. He was good in the tournament, but he is not ready for the NBA. DLHam if you read this board and messages take it for real, we know and...
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    Thanks Omar and Phil (and Shonn and Sterling)

    I am going to miss Phil and Omar, it was always nice to see them at the Husky Run and to meet Sterling and Shone at the Greater Hartford Pro Am this pass summer. Thanks for all the points, the smiles and the bleed blue you gave t0 us. May your dreams all come true and may you live life to the...
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    A Huge Uconn Fan Has Passed

    condolences Billy, she is now with Mr. Dribbles and Mr. Brinkman. They do have the best seats, we also lost other great fans this year here on the yard. So everyone up there, bring victory for both Huskies, Women and Men. GO HUSKIES!!!!!Mrs. Dribbles
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    A Huge Uconn Fan Has Passed

    condolences Billy, she is now with Mr. Dribbles and Mr. Brinkman. They do have the best seats, we also lost other great fans this year here on the yard. So everyone up there, bring victory for both Huskies, Women and Men. GO HUSKIES!!!!!Mrs. Dribbles
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    Official Bounce the Buffs Game Thread

    THE REFS SUCK!!! So may fouls underneath Brimah was clobber, GO HUSKIES! COME ON BOYS WE ARE MUCH BETTER THAN COLORADO!!!
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    Mr. Brinkman bring us luck!

    Mrs. Dribbles here, wearing a clean uniform for todays game. First "TOP OF THE MORN'IN TO ALL", second I read the obits, just to make sure my name is not there. On Monday or Tuesday in the Courant and the New London Day, there was a particular obit that caught my eye. Mr. John Gilbert "Jack"...
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    UConn vs Memphis game thread

    well the first half is over we are leading but the boys do look tired, sluggish, they need to get the power up and run. Yes zone would be good at start of the second half and Brimah and Miller need to step up and not foul. Jalen is a beauty, keep up the good work and when Memphis has the ball...