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  1. Uconnrick

    No Mens BB Forum?

    Thanks. That did the trick!
  2. Uconnrick

    No Mens BB Forum?

    Somehow, the Men's BB forum isn't listed on my Boneyard site. Using Mozilla Firefox. What did I do?
  3. Uconnrick

    Did you ever meet a celebrity that acted like a jerk?

    Played in a foursome that included Johnnie Bench in a charity golf outing. While he was a great golfer he was a miserable human being, at least that day. Used to play pickup BB with/against Anthony Munoz, nicest guy you'd ever want to meet and does a tremendous amount for the community. Chris...
  4. Uconnrick

    OT 2 week quarantine?

    The wife and I were thinking about taking the rv from Ohio to Maine this fall. If we stop in CT. To see family, will we be required to quarantine or is it more of a "suggestion"?
  5. Uconnrick

    What do you put on your hot dogs? (Poll)

    What hot dog are we talking about? Hummels get minimum coverage while a crappy dog will get the full treatment to cover up the flavor.
  6. Uconnrick

    OT: New Grill Advice

    Check out the Steak King line at Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops. I have the 2 burner portable for tailgating and it's extremely well built and gets screaming hot (2 IR sections). The big ones are in your price range and all stainless. If you decide to go with a pellet grill, I love the Camp Chef...
  7. Uconnrick

    Looks like non-grad transfers gonna have to sit a year?

    We !ARE talking about the NCAA here. Non-sensical is their specialty
  8. Uconnrick

    Ct Gatorade player of the year?

    That's what happens when you get old and too much junk fills the trunk:)
  9. Uconnrick

    Ct Gatorade player of the year?

    IIRC, Abro went to Holy Cross in Waterbury. If true, I doubt he was from Farmington.
  10. Uconnrick

    Courant: No more UConn MBB on SNY?

    Just got a notifcation from You Tube TV. They are not renewing with Fox Regional and YES. I guess it's time to find a new streaming service
  11. Uconnrick

    Vanderbilt Game Broadcast, 11/13?

    Primarily, PSVue is shutting down early next year and YTTV is cheaper.
  12. Uconnrick

    Vanderbilt Game Broadcast, 11/13?

    I'm now 6 weeks into the switch. Watch ESPN is still activated. My son has YTTV and has no issues.
  13. Uconnrick

    Vanderbilt Game Broadcast, 11/13?

    YouTubeTV now supports Watch ESPN. I made sure before dropping PS Vue and starting YTTV.
  14. Uconnrick

    No ESPN3???

    Oddly enough, still no feed on my phone but its good on my laptop.
  15. Uconnrick

    No ESPN3???

    Ive been online with ESPN. They have "escalated" the complaint . Whatever that means. This happened a few years ago too the first game of the season. Id be willing to bet that the communications between ESPN and SNY didn't happen.
  16. Uconnrick

    OT: Smokers

    I've got a Smoke Vault by Camp Chef and have smoked all the normal stuff with great results. Temp regulation is tricky however, there is alot of surface area and wind or ambient temp changes will effect the cooking temp.
  17. Uconnrick

    Honesty Scott Grayson released from Baylor

    Violation of team rules according to article.
  18. Uconnrick

    OT BBQ and Grilling - Traeger - *First Cook Update*

    Bought this one for Christmas. It's a great unit. I just hope it holds up over time. I got 12 years out of my last Weber gas grill but I don't think the Camp Chef or the Treager are destined to last that long.
  19. Uconnrick

    OT: Cord Cutters

    I had DTV NOW also but dumped them for PS Vue as soon as they stopped offering ESPN 3. It costs more but works soooooooo much better.
  20. Uconnrick

    I am going to the Cincinnati game Saturday!

    I go every year. It always been open seating in the past. I never know which end of the court is ours though. They change it randomly.
  21. Uconnrick

    Cincinatti attendance

    I'll be there. Not sure about the wife as she's got a really bad cold. We usually have about 400 fans+/- come and sit in back of the bench. Usually more of us than them.
  22. Uconnrick

    Well done, Tom

    You forgot pizza!
  23. Uconnrick

    Bathroom Remodel

    I used "The Original Frameless Shower Doors" . I ordered them online and installed them myself. They were very helpful and made sure everything was perfect. The installation was pretty easy and they have a 2 week lead time. I save big money doing it this way.
  24. Uconnrick

    Who Is Jalen Gaffney? Get To Know UConn Men's Basketball Newest Recruit

    Looks like there will be 10 mil that was ticketed for elsewhere available. That should cover it.
  25. Uconnrick

    Cincinnati @ UConn

    I grew up in Ct. and now live in Cincinnati. Ohio is a pretty darn good place to live. Don't knock it till you try it:)
  26. Uconnrick

    Sleep study question

    I have never met anyone who went to one of these and came away with a normal prognosis. It seems everyone need a machine to aide them in sleeping. My wife went to one of these, she is 5"6" tall and 135 lbs (if anyone tells her I told, I'll kill ya:) and is not a snorer; but she is a restless...
  27. Uconnrick

    Have we had a Female-in-the-song-title thread?

    My favorite song evah........Maggie May by Rod Stewart.
  28. Uconnrick

    OT: NBA Releases Marquee Games

    Christ, I saw the title of the thread and thought the NBA let go of a ref or something! I guess I'd better head to bed, I'm punchy:)
  29. Uconnrick

    Knee replacement

    Had a total on my left knee 16 months ago. I was lucky. Was walking without a limp in 4 days and was done with PT in 5 weeks. Only pain I had is when I pushed too far in PT. Ill need my right one done within the next 18 months. My Doc is really emphatic telling me NOT to expect the same...
  30. Uconnrick

    OT: What kind of Car do you drive? Why is it better than the car posted above you?

    Same for me. All I need to do is pull up behind someone and invariably, they pull over like I'm a cop. It's nice when I'm in a hurry.
  31. Uconnrick

    OT: What kind of Car do you drive? Why is it better than the car posted above you?

    True, but not just any Taurus. It could be worse, I could have to suffer with a Jeep.
  32. Uconnrick

    2018 UConn Commit - Noah Iden (North Kingston RI) PWO

    If you were there when I was, I was one of those kickers. I was also a linebacker but that was a l o n g time ago. 73 and 74.
  33. Uconnrick

    OT: What kind of Car do you drive? Why is it better than the car posted above you?

    2015 Ford Taurus SHO. I've got family in the car business and when I want a car, I just tell them roughly what I want. They will get me the best deal available on something similar, so I'm always into a car for a great number but it may not be exactly what I wanted. For example, I bought this...
  34. Uconnrick

    Blade users - How many times do you use a blade before changing to a new one?

    In the early 80's, I worked for Bic and was required to take part in their shaving experiments. I'd shave 1/2 my face with a Bic shaver and the other 1/2 with a competitors blade which was ALWAYS better. Now, I shave every other day with a Mach 3 in the shower with no shaving cream. I will use...