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  1. upstater

    Name a song you played in the car that made your kids hate you.

    Granted they were only 7 and 9, but anything by Imagined Dragons brought the worst out in me.
  2. upstater

    Name a song you played in the car that made your kids hate you.

    I always thought my middle school experience couldn't have gone any worse.
  3. upstater

    Name a song you played in the car that made your kids hate you.

    Kids from any era. Mine are born post-2000. Mine hate ANYTHING by the Cramps. But they especially hate Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Not even Karla DeVito saves it for them.
  4. upstater

    OT: NBA Playoffs

    Kemba's play isn't going to show in the box score but he was key to this come back. And yet he can't catch any breaks when it comes to foul calls. People just drive into him and he gets called for blocks. Then he's fouled in the act of shooting a 3, and they wave off the basket.
  5. upstater

    Picking our favorite college basketball stars of the past decade

    Kemba deserves it. But I'm going to say this too: Shabazz has two rings.
  6. upstater

    OT: Which of your former cars is your favorite?

    Had a 2012 Forester, thing started leaking oil right away. Brought it in 6 or 7 times, 3 years later they replaced much of the engine. Still leaked. Finally read up that the entire engine and blocks needed to be overhauled, but by that time I just took the loss and traded it. It was my second...
  7. upstater

    OT: Which of your former cars is your favorite?

    My Datsun B210 used to drive like a champ, stickshift had some pep too.
  8. upstater

    What are current injuries?

    He lead the conference in blocks. He was stellar on defense and he has the tools to be really good on offense.
  9. upstater

    2022 Recruiting: Kyle Cuffe Update

    I had a flashback to the recruitment of his father 20 years ago, and I thought I was 30 years old again.
  10. upstater

    OT: NBA Playoffs

    I'm watching the Oculus feed, but I don't own Oculus. How do people not vomit watching this thing. I feel sick after only 5 minutes. I also wonder if I can watch this Oculus feed on my phone using one of those cheap 3D viewers.
  11. upstater

    The Big Texan 72 Oz. Steak challenge..... live stream

    She's married, and if she's married to a man, he's the bravest man alive.
  12. upstater

    The Big Texan 72 Oz. Steak challenge..... live stream

    If you want your kids to hate you, play that song. Also, my kids hate the Cramps. Hate them.
  13. upstater

    The Big Texan 72 Oz. Steak challenge..... live stream

    We need the extra bacteria to start breaking down the steak quicker.
  14. upstater

    Tyrese Martin Waiver Approved!

    I have it on good authority that Emmert just woke up, checked his texts, and yelled, Who the ?!!!
  15. upstater

    OT: First Sunday of NFL Season!

    Rules were changed after 2003. Also for QBs after 2006 when Carson Palmer opened the playoffs with an ACL injury. But I get your point. Still, 2003 and 2006 are the two years after which rules changes really opened up the offense and protected QBs.
  16. upstater

    ACC propses every D1 team makes tournament

    Given what is happening at many universities, it may be that a bubble is the only way to go. Even if the B1G wanted to start the season in a month, it seems that schools in Illinois and Michigan may need to sit out. In the ACC, we have the Virginia schools that are unable to play football. One...
  17. upstater

    best beach in CT

    Conn. beaches are up and down. Hammonasset went from being mucky in the 80s to relatively clean in the 90s, back to mucky now in the last decade, & they don't allow the kids to boogie board. My kids like Misquamicut a lot for the waves, but I've always been partial to places like Napatree in RI...
  18. upstater

    best beach in CT

    Things might have changed. I just got back 2 weeks ago and there are people of many different colors hving no problems--from what I can tell.
  19. upstater

    OT: Treadmills

    Bought a top of the line Nordic Track 7 years ago. Came w/ 3 year warranty. The salesman sold me on a 6 year for an additional $150, and then he somehow found an even better deal of 9 years for $225. I bought the 9 year deal and it has been worth it. Have had new parts and technicians in 3x to...
  20. upstater

    Rahsool Diggins the recruiter

    Underrated post
  21. upstater

    Diggins intangibles.

    We've had such great luck in these battles. Taliek Brown instead of Omar Cook. Marcus Williams instead of Mustafa Shakur. AJ Price instead of Josh Wright. Kemba Walker instead of Brandon Jennings. Shabazz Napier instead of Josh Selby, Brandon Knight and Cory Joseph. Ryan Boatright instead of...
  22. upstater

    Cliff Robinson story Hartford Courant Front Page Mike Anthony

    Good article. Anthony wrote though that Robinson was UConn's first national recruit. I wonder what he meant by that? Does it mean non-Connecticut homegrown top recruit? Earl Kelley and Corny Thompson were both from Connecticut. So maybe that's why they weren't considered national? Mike McKay was...
  23. upstater

    Sad news - Cliff Robinson has passed away

    Buffalo's own. They still talk about him in my city and think of him as the best ever from here, and he made some people here UConn fans for life. 53 is way too young--can't even imagine it as a 52 year old. I feel for his family.
  24. upstater

    Anyone Ever Attend a UConn BB True Road Game

    Seton Hall a few times. Come to think of it, those Jersey boys were a bit jerky. Also at Syracuse, where I was fine. Ignored. As an undergrad, I was at the infamous UConn-BU snow game, where UConn got stuck in snow on the highway, and Mike Jarvis insisted the game be played anyway after a long...
  25. upstater

    The end for Will Wade (maybe Sean Miller too)?

    Hard to watch college sports with this going on
  26. upstater

    Worst restaurant experiences you have had

    Nice expensive restaurant on a date. She ordered veal. The waiter brought it then criticized and guilted us. Dinner sucked. Why the hell are you working at a restaurant that sells veal?! Don't blame us. Here's your $0 tip for you. Should have walked out entirely.
  27. upstater

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Made the mistake of picking up from Pepe's on Sunday, they routed me to the Spot. Wasn't good. As I drove up Wooster I saw the large tent and open air dining at Sally's in the parking lot next door, and I kicked myself.
  28. upstater

    OT: College in the COVID era

    Because the private company that runs them pays chicken scratch.
  29. upstater

    OT: College in the COVID era

    Vaccines are stronger than exposure as a general rule. Obviously we don't even have a vaccine. There is no evidence currently of people who got it twice other than those who had a recurrence from not having kicked it. The debilities suffered bu the so-called long haulers are really no...
  30. upstater

    OT: College in the COVID era

    Also, immunity from a vaccine is supposed to be much stronger than immunity from simply contracting Covid itself.
  31. upstater

    Did you ever meet a celebrity that acted like a jerk?

    Jon Stewart grabbed the butt of a friend of mine in a NYC bar, and then he laughed as his goons roughed her boyfriend up for defending her. By goons I mean 6'6" meatheads. We pried them apart and got thrown out. This was over 20 odd years ago in his MTV days prior to Comedy Central.
  32. upstater

    OT: College in the COVID era

    Interesting that the Covid question is essentially there for that.
  33. upstater

    OT: College in the COVID era

    Haha, funny stuff. I have a sick child, and she just laughs her butt off at all the ableist writing assignments she and her classmates are given. "Tell us what it feels like to be isolated in your own home because of Covid!" My daughter looks at these assignments with some amusement because...