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  1. upstater

    Name a song you played in the car that made your kids hate you.

    Kids from any era. Mine are born post-2000. Mine hate ANYTHING by the Cramps. But they especially hate Paradise by the Dashboard Light. Not even Karla DeVito saves it for them.
  2. upstater

    You're an NBA GM, CHOOSE: Chris Chiozza or Jalen Adams

    Granted, I haven't watched him play much, but I don't think my choice would be Chiozza.
  3. upstater

    high intensive testing /screening required on college campuses (link) In this projection, testing every 2 days is the only way to both open campuses and keep them open. But schools can't get access to tests and almost no school is doing it, & forget about the expense, it is is colossal. So...
  4. upstater

    Javonte now free to come to campus after the rule was rescinded

    I got the news by text and haven't found a news article anywhere yet, but the rule has been rescinded on foreign students and online classes.
  5. upstater

    With baseball's shortened 60 game season, will there be those saying 60-80

    games is just right? "Oh, but the stats and records." Yeah, 80 games sounds about right to me. Start the season in May, end in early September.
  6. upstater

    Hurley suggests the season shouldn't start on time. Clearly, he should retire!
  7. upstater

    Celebrate the return to the BE--but I will never forget how the Presidents, Coaches, and ADs banned UConn in 2013

    Banned from the BET, though everyone knew the NCAA application was totally bogus. UConn was on its way out, so they stuck it to the school, even though UConn had been a very loyal partner to all the Catholics throughout its time in the conference. And they stuck it mostly to the players.
  8. upstater

    What happens when a European Soccer Academy shows you the door (link) I saw this firsthand when I lived in Italy, as I befriended a family whose son was a star for a Lega Basket (top Italian division) academy team. They...
  9. upstater

    Knicks and Spike Lee

    Apparently, Dolan has had enough of Spike Lee, and he isn't being allowed into MSG: I dunno, but it seems like a bad move to ban your #1 superfan. Wonder what Dolan is thinking.
  10. upstater

    Point guard

    Who are we recruiting to really help lead UConn in the next several years? I was one of the ones defending Alterique in the big thread this week because I believe this team needs him this year. I've also really liked what I've seen of Gaffney, but I am not there yet thinking that he will take...
  11. upstater

    Rudy Gay throws it down (link)
  12. upstater

    Andre Drummond is the real board man (link) Basically the article uses stats to show that Drummond's rebound numbers are not only historical, but they are legit. He's fighting for rebounds at a very high rate, and that they are not flukey at all.
  13. upstater

    Akok is POG with about 15 left in the 2nd half

    A lot of blocks, shots altered and even a few hoops. He is the biggest factor this game. Amazed to see such talent for our young guys. And don't look now, but Gaffney is coming on too.
  14. upstater

    Grad students lose union rights, and that throws the student-athlete deal into the trash as well

    Sorry, I thought I put OT in the title. When Judge Claudia Wilken found for O'Bannon, and decided that...
  15. upstater

    Welp, I'm now a bigger Serie A fan than college football fan.

    Napoli v. Sampdoria tomorrow is on at the same time as Pitt and Penn State, and I'll be watching the soccer game. This means Serie A moves into position as my #3 favorite sport/league to watch. After Patriots and UConn bball.
  16. upstater

    OT: Anyone here ever treated for Lyme Disease?

    If so, I'd appreciate hearing from those who were not treated early (or cured). I'd especially appreciate it if you'd be willing to discuss the testing process. Specifically what testing process did you use? My main questions are about the Western Blot test, the one with the different bands of...
  17. upstater

    Basketball players are broken down before they get to college (article) We're seeing more and more of this at UConn even, with kids like Larrier, Gilbert, Diarra coming in with plenty of miles on their treads. I know it's not smart to generalize since many injuries have...
  18. upstater

    In retrospect, UConn should have used its leverage in the new conference

    before it admitted new members. There were 3 leftovers. UConn should have said: "Join us and you get a big piece of all the exit fees. We are keeping our sports other than football in the Big East, and we'd like to invite Navy to be just like us. Football only. Other sports in a regional...
  19. upstater

    Stunned there's no talk of Kemba to the Celtics.

    Here's a team without a PG. They have $35m in cap room now. They need a leader, because they have just one left, Marcus Smart. And they probably only need one piece after Kemba to be a contender. What am I missing?
  20. upstater

    Havlicek passed away tonight.

    My brother was his neighbor... Very nice guy.
  21. upstater

    TNT and Champions League Ugh....

    Really, only 16 teams left and you're only showing one game? LAME-O!
  22. upstater

    NC State 24 points. And they're ranked.

    How is that possible? Virginia Tech vs. NC State - Game Summary - February 2, 2019 - ESPN
  23. upstater

    Tage Thompson smooth shootout goal

  24. upstater

    The New York Giants trade Eli!!!! (Link)

    Source: Giants trading CB Apple to Saints
  25. upstater

    SMH ex. U. Penn coach bribed by a player's father so player could gain admission.

    Feds: Man bribed coach to get son Ivy entry
  26. upstater

    For parents of soccer club kids

    To DA or not to DA, that is the question. Mine would DA if not for this insane no-high-school-soccer rule.
  27. upstater

    Northwestern's new football facility

    Move over Clemson, Oregon and Alabama ... Northwestern's ridiculous new practice facility is on another level P5 money. And people here still pine for the Big East????!!!!!
  28. upstater

    Slightly Higher Education in America

    Trends to keep in mind while fantasizing about conference formation: Higher Ed, Lower Spending: As States Cut Back, Where Has the...
  29. upstater

    Jalen Ramsey blasts Texas A&M coaches for pulling a Rutgers (link)

    Jalen Ramsey‏Verified account @jalenramsey Replying to @TimBrewster Know I have nothing but respect for you Coach Brew but don’t use me on a poster for a school I didn’t go to & for a coach who didn’t teach me how to be a DB. 7:24 PM - 26 Feb 2018
  30. upstater

    (Link) drip drip drip, now NCAA and LSU's Wade

    I certainly hope UConn comes through clean in all of this, because we've lost recruits to the likes of LSU... Sources: LSU's Will Wade drawing scrutiny from NCAA for recruiting tactics
  31. upstater

    ESPN on the FBI investigation

    Watching college gameday now and you have Jay Bilas, Seth Greenberg, and Jay Williams. Jay Bilas: critical of Emmert and NCAA as usual; downplaying it, says that players have been cleared by their schools, with NCAA input; makes it seem the evidence is questionable and not all of it real...
  32. upstater

    Recruiting changes: burly guys

    I know Calhoun avoided the burly guys too (except for Adrien) but next time Tyrique Jones and Bonzie Colson want to come to UConn, take them. Jeez.
  33. upstater

    Taplin, 7 of 8 from 3, 30 points

    LOL, this really deserves its own thread. Like, this guy is killing you. Make sure he doesn't score.