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  1. ElmCity40th

    Whaley Ave.

    This is exactly why I’m a UConn fan . Other than I’m from New Haven. I love seeing the development from year to year. He could’ve easily gave up and perhaps transfer. Instead he worked hard and ate mad PB & J’s to get bigger,improve,and prove he belonged. One love to Isiah Whaley.
  2. ElmCity40th

    Villanova beats 1Kansas

    Nova just pulled out a close win against the number one ranked team and Nova is still a few games ahead on schedule. I believe we can beat Them.
  3. ElmCity40th

    OT: Keep it real...should Boeheim retire?

    No bs. But I grew up with Calhoun, Carneseca, Thompson,etc all of which are long gone. I have to admit the mixed feelings I have watching the old booger picking whiner go out. This last game vs. Iowa was a horrible watch and they have no one remotely athletic or entertaining
  4. ElmCity40th

    OT-Tre Mitchell

    UMESS playing Virginia tough at the half. Tre has 10 points in the 1st and absolutely took over in the final minutes with an assortment of moves including quick,aggressive drives. He is going to be special.
  5. ElmCity40th

    Florida vs Florida ST.

    21-25 FSU @ half. I’m pulling for the Gators of course I want us to get a win against a top 10 team.
  6. ElmCity40th

    First offseason challenge (Summer time yarder things)

    Chris Smith Scott Burrell Donyell Marshall Ray Allen Rip Hamilton Khalid El-Amin Caron Butler Emeka Okafor Ben Gordon Charlie Villanueva Rudy Gay AJ Price Kemba Walker Shabazz Napier I’m a 80’s baby, first and foremost and my earliest memory of UCONN basketball is the 89-90 season with Tate and...
  7. ElmCity40th

    I hate the ACC

    Respect is do when it it’s do...But I personally have a vendetta against this punk so called confence who loves to steal and cheat but never seems to have a “stigma” put upon them...This is exactly why most people don’t pay attention to college sports until it’s time to gamble...that game...
  8. ElmCity40th

    Final Four predictions

    Okay so I were not that interested or invested but what's good? I believe Nova will take it but I'm rooting for the the winner of Layola-Chicago/Michigan
  9. ElmCity40th

    Fair or not fair

    I'm personally hoping Rhode Island loses this game for a couple of reasons one and above being I want to see what's good with Hurley being our next coach and a far #two I don't want him to face puke before he is bleeding American flag blue...even of course I want Iona to pull that off
  10. ElmCity40th

    Kermit Carolina for next coach

    I know I'll get some hell on this blog for this post...I mean I have a definite New Haven biased but this is personal and since a lot of you want to see a change but at the same time are worried about the buy out you should want to see the best high school coach/teacher in the state over the...
  11. ElmCity40th

    out of conference games next year?

    sorry! if it already has been posted but what are the high profile games for next season? I know we have the return game @florida...any others?
  12. ElmCity40th

    Once Again It's On!!!

    Hello to all my fellow Yarder's out there!!! It's been a long while since I last posted, but some of you know me from the old forum... I know you all enjoyed the latest wild ride of a season and I want to extend a congratulations to all you TRUE FANS and our state school for winning...