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  1. HartfordHank

    From Worcester Telegram
  2. HartfordHank

    Playing for Patriots a special homecoming for Grafton’s Obi Melifonwu

    From Worcester Tepegram Playing for Patriots a special homecoming for Grafton's Obi Melifonwu
  3. HartfordHank

    Dan O on ESPN2

    Doing the UVA vs Pitt game in rain. Commented on QB needing big hands to handle a wet ball. No joking!
  4. HartfordHank

    Donald Brown Article

    This was in today's Worcester Telegram Patriots: Versatile Donald Brown is ready for anything
  5. HartfordHank

    Smallwood article

    From the local Worcester Telegram.
  6. HartfordHank

    Smallwood Draft Article

    From the Worcester Telegram, his hometown paper.
  7. HartfordHank

    UConn in the Telegram

    Interesting article in today's Worcester Sunday Telegram.
  8. HartfordHank

    Rush Limbaugh talking about your logo

    Something about a feminist student complaining the logo encouraging rape culture!
  9. HartfordHank

    Milford Academy

    I was stunned when I read in one of the posts that Milford Academy only had a fall semester. When I went to the web site I saw it was true. So they have a school for roughly 50 kids (football roster) and their entire focus is taking Post Grads and making them academically eligible or give them...