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  1. ElmCity40th

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    Jordan Shuttlesworth all day
  2. ElmCity40th

    Poll: Best RECRUIT Hurley has landed this far?

    This shouldn’t be a ? Go read a Bouk.
  3. ElmCity40th

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    RIP Sticks. It’s so crazy and too much right now
  4. ElmCity40th

    James Bouknight NBA scouting report

    What NBA scout is concerned with perimeter defense? Boykin is a star. But should wait until after Jr. season if they’re still sleeping.
  5. ElmCity40th

    Syracuse finally comes to terms with reality

    Canada’s #2 Team on Boeheim’s court in the carrier?
  6. ElmCity40th

    OT: Mahomes signs 10-year, $400+ million extension

    In the NFL?... goshdarn. Salute
  7. ElmCity40th

    AAC Tournament Cancelled

    Honestly in all fairness the NCAA needs to figure out a way for all seniors to have the option to return and honor all scholarship spots that would have been lost in order for the incoming freshmen or whatever transfers to play. If it leads to 20 man rosters so be it. It’s “amateur” sports...
  8. ElmCity40th

    Whaley Ave.

    This is exactly why I’m a UConn fan . Other than I’m from New Haven. I love seeing the development from year to year. He could’ve easily gave up and perhaps transfer. Instead he worked hard and ate mad PB & J’s to get bigger,improve,and prove he belonged. One love to Isiah Whaley.
  9. ElmCity40th

    Akok achilles

    This sucks big time... put a real damper on the rest of the game for me after watching that kid get so emotional. Prayers for a full recovery
  10. ElmCity40th

    Stupid in game comments archived until the game is over

    Its not the coaching. The bum Ollie recruits must go. You can’t judge a coach before a full recruiting cycle, unless rules are broken.
  11. ElmCity40th

    Stupid in game comments archived until the game is over

    You don’t it too chances. These dudes been bums under two different coaching staff’s. They are who they are. I’ll wait to judge the coach after a recruiting cycle.
  12. ElmCity40th

    Stupid in game comments archived until the game is over

    This is a sad moment... DH should get rid of all Ollie recruits after the season. They’re losers point blank. And that spreads
  13. ElmCity40th

    Villanova beats 1Kansas

    Nova just pulled out a close win against the number one ranked team and Nova is still a few games ahead on schedule. I believe we can beat Them.
  14. ElmCity40th

    Gaffney took a big step forward tonight

    Gaffney is a true freshman point guard. Most of his mistakes looked like pure nervousness. The kid obviously has a high level of talent and can dribble. Once the game slows down with experience, He’ll be fine.
  15. ElmCity40th

    26 turnovers last night, 48 in last two games

    I hope I’m right in believing that the rash of turnovers in the last two games comes from the lay offs in between games.
  16. ElmCity40th

    James Wiseman Leaves Memphis

    It’s obviously simply more to the story... Penny will bail for an NBA job at first chance...imo, thumbs up to Wiseman for cutting the bs and getting onto the bag.
  17. ElmCity40th


    Why not more Gaffney? Freshman or not we don’t have a good PG. Stater or backup l
  18. ElmCity40th

    Three Takeaways – Iona Edition

    What year is Agee,has a nice skilled/tough game. Too bad he has to play the 5.
  19. ElmCity40th

    Duke at Michigan St

    I hate watching MSU constantly curl up against any high profile teams outside the B1G. Izzo still has no x&o. But yet I always fall for the trap cause I’m a cbb fan.
  20. ElmCity40th

    OT: Keep it real...should Boeheim retire?

    No bs. But I grew up with Calhoun, Carneseca, Thompson,etc all of which are long gone. I have to admit the mixed feelings I have watching the old booger picking whiner go out. This last game vs. Iowa was a horrible watch and they have no one remotely athletic or entertaining
  21. ElmCity40th

    Shift expectations to a championship team

    I’ll just say nobody out there is that scary...Grab a bid and let’s get to it. We got Akok & Bouk
  22. ElmCity40th

    This week in College Basketball

    To me none of these teams are scary and anyone can be best. I just want UCONN in the dance and just roll the dice, 4,5,6=Chip Cinco.
  23. ElmCity40th

    We really need to limit Bouknight's minutes..

    He needs at least two summers with Sal to work on his body. Way to frail for the NBA. No coach would put him on the floor.
  24. ElmCity40th

    Bouknight should start

    Okay,okay,OKAY!!! I’ve tried to temper myself but Yarders...We have a superstar on our hands. It’s too easy for this kid. Let’s enjoy
  25. ElmCity40th

    OT-Tre Mitchell

    Did I miss something with moms? (Pause) the kid is from CT and repping us well. +Penny is prolly smelling his finger off of Wiseman’
  26. ElmCity40th

    OT-Tre Mitchell

    UMESS playing Virginia tough at the half. Tre has 10 points in the 1st and absolutely took over in the final minutes with an assortment of moves including quick,aggressive drives. He is going to be special.
  27. ElmCity40th


    Carlton is turning into the classic “ black hole” center. Tries to make a move regardless of position which he to slow an unathletic to do. Next step is to learn to pass the ball back out and reestablish post position. Tbh he travels damn near every move whether called or not.
  28. ElmCity40th

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson to UConn

    I guess one good thing came out of this bum ass night...Welcome Javonte Brown Ferguson good times ahead!!! I gotta wonder how long DU and the staff knew. The sports coat came off quite quick and he wasn’t overly hyped tonight... he knows he is turning this thing around.
  29. ElmCity40th

    That last 1st half possession...

    Thought “IDK”... And I can’t stand floaters... just simply put the ball off the backboard and lay it in. If you’re too far out pass it. AG&CV have to show leadership in the 2nd half. Win or Lose, right now it looks like they’re still Freshman
  30. ElmCity40th

    Florida vs Florida ST.

    21-25 FSU @ half. I’m pulling for the Gators of course I want us to get a win against a top 10 team.
  31. ElmCity40th

    James Wiseman ruled ineligible

    The NCAA should be ashamed of their damn selves, they let Kentucky, Duke, and Kansas get away with murder. And they don’t do anything.This is steering 101. Either go to certain schools if you’re a Top recruit or face scrutiny. Zion, Bagley III, Kansas’s past 3 classes, and the squid gonna squid...
  32. ElmCity40th

    Merry Christmas! Champions Classic is Tonight

    Early season or not that was disgusting... Still up for MSU vs. UK though
  33. ElmCity40th

    Merry Christmas! Champions Classic is Tonight

    Both these teams look bum juice. Kansas 18 1st half turnovers and only down 3. Duke looks too young and scared. I hope the second game is better cause this is embarrassing for the sport.
  34. ElmCity40th

    Richard Springs Commits to UConn

    You called it...RESPECT. I’m super up and hyped for November...We on the way yarders,the UConn way!!!
  35. ElmCity40th

    UConn out on Valdir Manuel

    Wasn’t there an article a few weeks back that mentioned the staff was possibly looking over seas for a big?