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  1. Askgreek

    UConn Survey on Attending Games

    Yes, I 100% would attend a game with family and friends...
  2. Askgreek

    No Full Contact High School Football in CT this year...

    I have received information for local high school players/coaches that a protest is planned for Wednesday at 5PM at the Capital Building in Hartford to protest the cancelling of the season...I encourage as many as possible to support these student athletes and coaches...
  3. Askgreek

    B1G officially cancels 2020 seasn

    Wow, very stupid move by the Big Ten...
  4. Askgreek

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    Heartbreaking to read through this thread...a tremendous amount of memories of his journey and impact at UCONN as an amazing person and player...may the young man find sincerest condolences to his family, friends and teammates...
  5. Askgreek

    UConn poaches Cincy Strength Coach

    Yes, this seems to be the new norm. It will be interesting to see if it will remain legal over the long term to hire/fire employees over their personal political/social beliefs. Remember, it is a two way street...
  6. Askgreek

    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo

    Just GET IT DONE!!!!
  7. Askgreek

    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo (MD Virtual Visit)

    Get it done, guys...I mean the Hall seems like a nice school and Willard seems like a good coach, but this is UCONN and Dan Hurley...I must be missing something???
  8. Askgreek

    OT: Jim Beam hand sanitizers on the way

    American Business to the rescue...
  9. Askgreek

    NBA suspends season

    Report from post...
  10. Askgreek

    Nine Years Ago Today

    So, my story is that I had tickets to this game, as my office at the time was a few blocks away. Unfortunately, I had clients in from out of town and was tied up in meetings. I was hopeful prior to the start of these meetings that I would at least be able to catch the second half, but it...
  11. Askgreek

    UConn Men going overseas

    I will be in Its a life changing should 100% do it...I am already booked but with the family on a different schedule so I will miss the team in Athens...
  12. Askgreek

    Remembering Gianna

    Nice article in the post about Gianna's basketball future...many UCONN references... “She was a little kid looking up at our players,” Auriemma told Sports Illustrated. “She was so excited. Imagine the absurdity of that. Your father is Kobe Bryant and the most excited you’ve been in a long time...
  13. Askgreek

    OT: Never forget - 9/11

    I was in the towers that morning about 35 minutes before the first plane hit...had a front row seat to everything from my office across the street...truly a heartbreaking heart sinks every time I think about it and it took me over a decade before I could travel downtown again...very...
  14. Askgreek

    Athens, Greece

    Yes, most people don't know about the seaside upscale suburban areas of Athens (Athenian Riviera) which includes Glyfada, Voula and Vouliagmeni. This is where wealthy Athenians live, shop and go to the beach. The Four Seasons is located in Vouliagmeni (links below) and if you are spending a...
  15. Askgreek

    Cincinnati post game thread

    The refs are awful...
  16. Askgreek

    Moving to Fairfield County

    I know a few people who live at Trademark Fairfield who love it. High quality building with easy access to 95 and walk to the train. Also, you get to live in Fairfield, which is a great town.
  17. Askgreek

    OT: Fairfield restaurant recommendation

    Molto for Italian or Little Goose for American menu. Both have good to great atmosphere and food.
  18. Askgreek

    The Girls

    Why can't we have nice things too? They can't lose and we can't win! Maybe the basketball gods will balance things out soon...
  19. Askgreek

    Hit the Gym Boys...

    Bumping my own thread because I believe this team is searching for answers/blame, but all they need to do is look in the mirror, find some rage, hunger and obsession to improve themselves. KO can only lead these guys to water, he can't make them drink...
  20. Askgreek

    Hit the Gym Boys...

    Regardless of tonight's outcome, it is clear that these guys need to live in the gym. Having natural physical talent helped these guys receive a bball scholarship, but to excel, they need to be self motivated and obsessed with improving their skills. That means living in the gym. When your...
  21. Askgreek

    Game thread?

    I think we have the worst special teams in the country. It is just awful. It's like we just think they are throw away plays and we don't have to participate. Awful...
  22. Askgreek

    ACC network officially happening

    This is true that ND locks in the status quo, but the Football playoff is the wildcard that could make them change their mind. The Playoff committee has given preference to teams that have won their conference championship (regular season and championship game) games. ND won't ever have that...
  23. Askgreek

    Update on AG

    This kid sounds like he his going to be great. The blue-collar, tough guy, that's helps pick-up his teammates when the going gets rough. I couldn't believe this line from the article: "He’s the Huskies’ first McDonald’s All-American recruit since Walker in 2008, and he’s the most...
  24. Askgreek

    Apartments in West Hartford

    For the nicest and newest building in the heart of West Hartford Center, you should check out 24 N Main ( Although pricey, it is the nicest apartment product your can find within 2 minute walk to everything in the center. You could probably get away with splitting a 2bd unit...
  25. Askgreek

    UConn Buffalo Wild Wings Ad

    In case you missed it in the other thread...
  26. Askgreek

    UConn Buffalo Wild Wings Ad

    I just posted the full video a few threads down...
  27. Askgreek

    March Madness Commercial: UCONN Represented

    Good to see the UCONN brand synonymous with March Madness as this new Buffalo Wild Wings commercial depicts UCONN fans getting together to watch the game. The best part is they pose the question "how long will she be gone?" The response, "Probably a week..." I like how we are associated with...
  28. Askgreek

    Nice little represent on sportscenter

    The sports center segment was on ESPN not ESPN2, so it won't be the segment from sportscaster.
  29. Askgreek

    Nice little represent on sportscenter

    I watched it. They also interviewed Jalen live. Great exposure for him, the team and program. It will be leading highlights all weekend.
  30. Askgreek

    Good game for Adams

    That was I saw as well. The announcers were discussing how great a play it was and showed the slow motion replay, which clearly showed the ball hit the back board first before you blocked it. It was a tough call for the refs, but the fact that the announcers kept going on about how good a play...
  31. Askgreek

    I got run out tonight.

    I think you maybe my new hero. This is awesome. I would have done the same thing if I was there. I was boiling the entire game about the calls from the refs (started a thread about it long before the JA foul and TO technical). In every game you have your share of bad calls for both teams...
  32. Askgreek

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    And your point must be me then. Just throw OK, maybe I will give it another chance the next time I am in New Haven. Max Pizza in Bristol is the place. They don't deliver but you can eat in or pick up. Enjoy!
  33. Askgreek

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Yes, you finally got it. Good job!
  34. Askgreek

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    I tried the Pepe's in Fairfield. I understand it may not be as good as the one in New Haven, but, I need to be at least intrigued by it and I was completed unimpressed. Just very ordinary on so many levels. I don't discriminate against the different styles of pizzas (think crust, brick...