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  1. Fairfield Fan

    It's Not Just UConn and Stanford That Are Cutting Sports Teams

    Dartmouth just announced that it's eliminating five sports permanently as well, affecting more than a hundred "student-athletes": "Dartmouth announced this afternoon that it will eliminate the men’s and women’s golf, men’s lightweight rowing and men’s and women’s swimming and diving programs...
  2. Fairfield Fan

    Basketball not to be this year?

    The California State University system has just announced that courses this fall will be held online: "The chancellor of California State University, the nation’s largest...
  3. Fairfield Fan

    I Count 27 Foreign Players on WNBA Pre-Season Rosters

    I noted how many fans on the board appeared to be mystified by the appearance of foreign names in the WNBA draft, so went to the rosters to check them out. I counted 27 foreign players on the rosters of the 12 WNBA teams. Not sure how many will stick, and haven't gone back to check how many...
  4. Fairfield Fan

    Aubrey's Surge

    Take a look at Aubrey's year so far, and you see some remarkable stats. Aubrey has now rung up more free throw attempts (92) than any other player on the team. That's 16 more than the team's starting center, ONO. And she's done it while playing barely half the minutes of the starters. She...
  5. Fairfield Fan

    Greenwich, Connecticut's Abbie Wolf Helps Northwestern Beat #15 Indiana Greenwich's 6'5" post Abbie Wolf was one rebound shy of a double-double in helping Northwestern beat #15 Indiana in overtime, and take first place in the Big Ten. She scored 12 points, and recorded a block and a steal...
  6. Fairfield Fan

    New WNBA Contract: The Players Win!! [Merged thread]

    Top players can now earn over half a million bucks per season. The salary cap per team rises more than 30% from this season onwards. Maternity benefits. Better insurance. So for all those claiming that the money wasn't there, that the league just wasn't popular enough, that the game just...
  7. Fairfield Fan

    Good Luck Tomorrow, Coach, and Get Well Very Soon!!!

    Wishing you an easy procedure, and peace of mind for your family. Hang in there, Coach! We're thinking about you.
  8. Fairfield Fan

    My personal Top 25 just for the halibut

    I thought we'd do a consensus BY Top 25, but then I saw that it's only every other week. In any case, I conjured up my Top 25 just for the halibut: 1) Oregon 2) Stanford 3) Louisville 4) South Carolina 5) Baylor 6) Florida State 7) Connecticut 8) Oregon State 9) Indiana 10) Maryland 11) Texas...
  9. Fairfield Fan

    Really Interested in Florida Gulf Coast and Princeton

    FGCU is a team entirely composed of guards. Must be the shortest team in D-I. But they've notched seven wins so far, including South Florida and ND. Princeton is the only team that's defeated them, and they have a top pick in the upcoming WNBA draft- Alarie. And they have just one loss...
  10. Fairfield Fan

    Is Courtney Vandersloot the Greatest Point Guard of All Time?

    She is already ranked 6th in total assists, and first in assists per game. She's recorded 6.2 assists per game, compared with 5.6 by Sue Bird. She's getting better with age, having put up 9.1 assists/game this past season, her best ever. Indeed, each of the past three years, she's set a new...
  11. Fairfield Fan

    What's Going On With Kia Nurse?

    Her shooting has tanked recently. She's just 10 for 45 her past five games, all of which her team has lost. She's had bad individual games before. But until this nearly three wee-long streak began on July 24, she had been 13 for 26 her previous three games. Her minutes are also way down...
  12. Fairfield Fan

    Where is Moriah Jefferson? Any Updates?

    Can BY'er's update me/us with what's happening with Moriah? Can't find anything recent.....
  13. Fairfield Fan

    Time for the November 2019 Top 25?

    May I start. Hey, the season's over. It's time! Oregon the unanimous #1 going into the next season. Ionescu has announced she's coming back next year, which means that four of the five starters that took Baylor to the max return. And then there's Sabally's little sister, who is said to be...
  14. Fairfield Fan

    Thank you, and Congrads to Baylor

    Congratulations to Baylor! I think the entire state of Connecticut is happy with that win. Having said that, this could be the strongest Final Four I've seen in many years. All four teams were tremendous. All four had amazing talent, and played excellent team basketball. Loaded with great...
  15. Fairfield Fan

    Early Thoughts on the Final Four

    OK, we still have the Notre Dame/Stanford game to play. But three of the four have been determined. Baylor is a beast. They were the odds-on favorite before the season, and given the way they've destroyed Iowa (up by 30 points near the end of the game), it's clear what they can do to any team...
  16. Fairfield Fan

    Greenwich's Abby Wolf Still Dancing

    Well it's not the "Big" Dance, but Northwestern, with former Greenwich High School star Abby Wolf first off the bench, has won four straight games to win a spot in the Women's NIT Post-Season Tournament. They play James Madison in that semi-final game. Northwestern defeated Dayton, Toledo...
  17. Fairfield Fan

    Sexism Much?

    I went to the New York Times Sports section and clinked on the article titled, "What's Next In the NCAA Tournament? Let's Look Ahead" What’s Next in the N.C.A.A. Tournament? Let’s Look Ahead Since there was no separate article about the "Women's" NCAA tournament, I figured that this "What's...
  18. Fairfield Fan

    First Night Tourney Thoughts

    I was very impressed by the performances of the lower seeds. Bucknell was in front of Florida State in the 4th quarter, and barely lost by a trey. Mercer almost beats Iowa? Florida Gulf Coast almost beats Miami? Rice almost beats 5-seed Marquette. And Buffalo does beat Rutgers. I'm not...
  19. Fairfield Fan

    Which Will Become the Better Pro? KLS? Or Pheesa?

    I'm guessing that KLS will prove the better pro. She's taller, she can shoot the three, and she's tall enough and strong enough to work under the basket. I've been surprised by how often Pheesa is blocked when attempting to shoot in the lane. And that's while playing in the AAC. If memory...
  20. Fairfield Fan

    A (Not) Too Early Elite Eight

    I think that there are six teams that should make it to the Elite Eight of the NCAA Tournament without trouble: Baylor, Louisville, Notre Dame, Mississippi State, Oregon, and UConn. Of those, Connecticut perhaps has the weakest grasp on a position at that level. Unlike previous years when...
  21. Fairfield Fan

    NOW is Tennessee OUT of the NCAA Tournament?!

    They just lost to- wait for it!- Vanderbilt, the last-placed team. Now with 11 losses, Tennessee has to be out of the tourney, right? I mean, even Tennessee has to be out now? Unless the fix is in...
  22. Fairfield Fan

    A Local Kid Makes Good in WCBB

    Greenwich, Connecticut's Abbie Wolf, a 6'4" post player from Greenwich High School whom Coach Geno scouted for awhile, is doing a respectable job for Northwestern. The junior is averaging 4.8 points and 3.5 rebounds through 27 games. Her scoring average is good enough for fifth best on the...
  23. Fairfield Fan

    Is Tennessee Out of the Tournament?

    Tennessee lost again last night, this time to Texas A&M, and lost convincingly. That makes 9 losses so far on the season, and places them 9th in the SEC standings. And they still have to play South Carolina among their last three opponents. They have a losing record in the SEC at 6-7. Is...
  24. Fairfield Fan

    What in the world is a Billiken? (Answered)

    Perhaps one of the strangest university mascots in the country: What is a Billiken? (My other favorites are the UC-Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, the Pomona College Sagehens, UC-Irvine Anteaters (from a "BC" comic strip), and the Rhode Island School of Design- I won't even mention it, but it's official!
  25. Fairfield Fan

    David Berri explains why WNBA players get so little

    Mark Cuban Is Wrong About Why WNBA Pay Is So Low | HuffPost He points out that it's not about revenue, it's not about years in operation, it's not about profitability per se. It's about bargaining power. Mark Cuban Is Wrong About Why WNBA Pay Is So Low | HuffPost
  26. Fairfield Fan

    Was this one of Connecticut's finest wins?

    There are national championships, of course. And there are great wins. But this one strikes me as a great win in a game they weren't supposed to win. They'd lost three players from the FF team that ND had defeated last year, while ND had all of their important players back. Connecticut had...
  27. Fairfield Fan

    Wow!! AEH!

    Andra Espinosa-Hunter is making an impact for Mississippi State: Furman vs. Mississippi State - Box Score - November 21, 2018 - ESPN In knocking off Furman, AEH plays 20 minutes, scores 14 points, including going 2-5 from outside, gathers two rebounds and a steal. Really sorry to have lost...
  28. Fairfield Fan

    WNBA Players Opt Out of Contract

    Now we'll see the numbers: WNBA players opt out of CBA, to start talks Or so we hope. Neka Ogwumike says that they're asking for the financials, while the acting president of the WNBA says the players have everything. In any case, it's clear that the players want to grow the game and believe...
  29. Fairfield Fan

    Maori Davenport? To Rutgers? Why?

    Why would a Top 20 recruit go to Rutgers to play for C Vivian? I accept that Rutgers under Stringer has had some good years in the past. But those years are way past! Why would a top post player go to Rutgers? What am I missing here?
  30. Fairfield Fan

    A (Sort Of) Roundup of our UConn Alumnae in the W

    Since the regular season is over, and for several UConn alumnae, that means that the entire season is over, thought it would be good to review how they did. Beginning with the kids who hadn't come out superstars... Tiffany Hayes- One of the most criticized starters at UConn for years, TH has...
  31. Fairfield Fan

    Liz Cambage Disses the WNBA

    In perhaps the most revealing comments about how the WNBA is a poor league for its players, Liz Cambage, the league's leading scorer and a true superstar, dissed the WNBA and stated that she won't play for it long-term: "Whether Cambage returns to the WNBA next year or not, she says the WNBA is...
  32. Fairfield Fan

    Could this be Mechelle Voepel's Worst Article?

    Even the title is misleading: "Why substantially increasing WNBA player salaries is more complex than you think" (Why increasing WNBA player salaries is more complex than you think) You sure about that, Mechelle? Maybe it's a lot simpler than that. Perhaps the players are just plain being...
  33. Fairfield Fan

    What Would a World Team v USA Look Like?

    What would the roster be of a World versus America team? There are a couple of obvious picks. Liz Cambage at center (Australia) After that, I'm thinking Emma Meeseman from Belgium (sitting out the WNBA season?). Then I'm thinking Natalie Achonwa (Canada) Maria Vadeeva C-F (Russia) has...
  34. Fairfield Fan

    Don't Look Now, But KML...

    is having her best year ever as a pro! Last night she scored 8 points in 14 minutes, including making two of three 3-pointers. In fact, she's shooting almost 50% from the 3-point line this season, which is second highest in the WNBA. She has scored 8 or more points in five of her last eight...
  35. Fairfield Fan

    Tiffany Hayes Badly Injured- How Bad Is It?

    Saw the tape of her injuring her ankle last night. She was carried off the court. It looks really bad. Here's hoping it's not that bad. Fingers crossed. 06/16/18: Atlanta Dream @ Indiana Fever - - Official Site of the WNBA