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  1. Zissou

    All time AP poll

  2. Zissou

    The Texas and Oklahoma move

    The possible catalyst for the next major CR might be in the hands of the Longhorns and Sooners. It's widely publicized that they have been targeted in the past by the PAC and the next B12 and PAC12 TV deals will be evolving. Some speculation is that the B12 now has the upper hand in any...
  3. Zissou

    KU buyout suit Former Kansas football coach David Beaty and KU Athletics have reached a settlement for $2.55 million that effectively ends Beaty’s lawsuit against the athletic department, KU announced in a release on...
  4. Zissou

    AAC vs Big East records

    We have had some debate on here about the historical records of the Big East. The Big East is celebrating the 40th anniversary this year. Markus Howard is noted for passing Moten this year for a Big East record of in-conference points. The Big East obviously recognizes the continuity of its...
  5. Zissou

    Markus Howard most Big East points all time

    passes Lawrence Moten
  6. Zissou

    Boise State options Within AAC circles, the question of whether Boise State would make sense as a football-only member has become an informal but significant topic of conversation in...
  7. Zissou

    Big East back to nation’s best conference? Just might be

    AP Big East back to nation’s best conference? Just might be Villanova (No. 10) and Butler (No. 11) are the only Big East teams in the Top 25, but seven more schools from the conference received votes for the poll. Providence was the only Big East school that got shut out
  8. Zissou

    12 Reasons why The Big East is UConn's home

    1. Basketball is UConn's identity with a rebuilding Blue Blood Men's program and a Dynasty Women's program. The Big East is a better basketball conference than the American. 2. Football in the American was a bust. The shotgun footprint without real rivalries was a recruiting disadvantage. 3...
  9. Zissou

    East Coast Football Alliance

    This is an alliance of convenience for scheduling and TV negotiations. It wouldn't have been possible a few years ago as FCS to FBS moves had to be via a conference invite. Liberty changed that with their challenge to move directly to Independent. This is 5 games in an Alliance schedule. The...
  10. Zissou

    Welcome back to the Big East

    I’d like to be the first to welcome y’all back home to the Big East. While many are excited to be back, I know this is a tough pill to swallow for those that were worked up and denied that this was ever possible, ever under consideration, etc. We welcome y’all back too. CR isn’t easy...
  11. Zissou

    Happy 40th The Big East

  12. Zissou

    The Big East Tournament is thriving

    2019 BIG EAST Championship Caps Banner Attendance Week The four sellouts in five sessions during the championship week are a first for the BIG EAST Conference. The 2019 BIG EAST Conference Men’s Basketball Tournament – presented by Jeep – brought in nearly 100,000 fans over the tournament’s...
  13. Zissou

    Is the AAC even P6?

    As UConn considers its future conference affiliations its position in football is much different than its position in basketball. Football peaked at the right time for UConn. UConn had its best foot forward for CR when it unfolded, it just didn’t work out. As we look forward it might be...
  14. Zissou

    Big East game at MSG

    Is this a trial run?
  15. Zissou

    Pre Season conference rankings

    Link to Rankings
  16. Zissou

    UConn fans rooting for?

    Cincy? Houston? Providence?
  17. Zissou

    XL Center

    I've followed the XL Center discussions a bit (and UConn in general). I've read that it needs $250M in renovations and I've read of the general negative feelings to the surrounding Hartford area. It's been many years since I visited the XL. I think it is still a great arena and I just can't...
  18. Zissou

    Durham question

    Durham talking to Nova. Will he develop into a stud, or is he just filler minutes?
  19. Zissou

    A Nova proposal for UConn to the Big East

    UConn to the Big East? Here is an outsider's perspective as I am a Nova fan. This is stating the obvious, but it seems UConn's best landing spot would be P5 in the ACC or the B1G, with the Big12 being a distant last P5 resort but a better spot and payday than the AAC. The risk with the...