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  1. CTrefugee

    What are current injuries?

    Who is out , with what, and for how long? I have seen reference to injuries, but I don't know any details. I really like Adams and I hope it isn't serious. Thanks,
  2. CTrefugee

    WCB>WNBA and MCB>NBA ?

    Is it just me or do most of you think Women's college basketball is much more fun to watch than the WNBA. I almost never put on a WNBA game except if one of my favorite ex-Huskies is playing. I dont' enjoy the NBA at all. The players are too good for the game. I know it can't really be...
  3. CTrefugee

    Great Geno-Diana dialogue

  4. CTrefugee

    All we need now is a season

    I am super-stoked with this roster. I hope the NCAA doesn't wimp out on having a full season (even if just on TV or with reduced crowds - students only ?)
  5. CTrefugee

    Yahoo Sports Boo Hoo

    They have a feature article about Sabrina I. They put her in a class with DT and some other greats. They are getting ahead of themselves. Her impact remains to be seen. Against UCONN she was very good, but not DT. We will see. As Geno said, in her senior year, Taurasi carried her team to a...
  6. CTrefugee

    Did we make it ?

    I just arrived in Kinshasa after camping out in the jungle for 3 weeks. Did we make the sweet 16? I hope to be back in the USA for the next round. If we don't win it all this year, I bet we will in 2021 with those incoming freshman plus Megan for senior leadership.
  7. CTrefugee

    CT legislature better get on the stick

    Allowing college athletes to make money via promotions is becoming a thing. We'd better get ahead of the curve or it will be a bit harder to recruit top players. (I am sure some folks feel: "we don't want to get players who would choose a school for the bucks." I think that is unrealistic in...
  8. CTrefugee

    Great moment in 2016

    I binge watched the 2014, 2015, 2016 final 4 games yesterday. One great moment I forgot was when Geno put Pulido in at the end of the Syracuse game and ran a play for her. I have never seen a happier bench (or player or UCONN fandom) than when she hit the jumper.
  9. CTrefugee

    Another UCONN first

    Has any other team had two players with the same name on the same roster ? From the UCONNBLOG: "UConn will lose five players to graduation — barring an unprecedented decision by the NCAA to grant seniors an extra year due to the cancelled tournament: Crystal Dangerfield, Evelyn Adebayo, Molly...
  10. CTrefugee

    Our consecutive final four record is still intact [merged]

    We will be there next year unless they cancel because the Huskies are invincible.
  11. CTrefugee

    next games ?

    When do we play again and who will cover the AAC tournament on TV ?
  12. CTrefugee

    requirements for a banner in Gampel ?

    Must you be an AA to be honored? I thought Crystal would get one. She had no real backup for her junior and senior years and I think she was outstanding.
  13. CTrefugee

    Game time Thursday ??

    My schedule says 6pm. True ?
  14. CTrefugee

    Where do I find post game videos for Demons game?

    I forget the site
  15. CTrefugee

    What did Geno say about Page ?

    Something about "By the end of next year....."
  16. CTrefugee

    Go Breanna !
  17. CTrefugee

    Which TV network for the Tuesday game.

    The sched I have says tbd.
  18. CTrefugee

    Ania's shooting

    Do I misremember or did Megan Walker not have the same problem as a freshman? As soon as a few fall (whenever that is) she will be ok.
  19. CTrefugee

    Can I pay to stream SNY games ?

    I don't get SNY here in North Carolina. Is there anywhere I can pay to stream the games on SNY ? I looked at the SNY web site and couldn't find any way to sign up.
  20. CTrefugee

    If you can't field even an average team............

    ...drop the sport. BTW. Is it permissible to have a div II or div III football team if the rest of your major sports are div 1 ? One more season...If no substantial improvement, save some big bucks and drop it. Head bang p.s. You can also gradually downsize the band to two pep bands. :p
  21. CTrefugee

    Has Jim Calhoun gotten any decent recruits at St Joe's ?

    I am rooting for them. JC deserves a few more wins.
  22. CTrefugee

    Tina on Wait Wait

    Sorry if this has been posted before. Wait Wait Don't Tell Me With Tina Charles
  23. CTrefugee

    Finally, a way to make the WNBA America's league

    In a few years people will be saying: "I went to a fight and a basketball game broke out." :rolleyes::p;)
  24. CTrefugee

    Do I need to convert ?

    Are we the only secular school in the Big East ? :p;):rolleyes:
  25. CTrefugee

    out-of-bounds call

    I replayed that out of bounds call against UCONN. Not even close !
  26. CTrefugee

    Time of day for NC final game 4/7 ?

    I have a potential conflict.....arghhh Does anyone recall if the game is daytime or at night ? I have attended twice and can't remember !! I think it was night.
  27. CTrefugee

    Is Lou a definite "go" for the playoffs?

    I have not heard and I am told that such injuries can hang on.
  28. CTrefugee

    Courtney Ekmark

    Courtney Ekmark scored 18 points and No. 20 Arizona State used a run at the start of the fourth quarter to pull away from Colorado and win 66-49 on Thursday in the opening round of the Pac-12 Tournament.
  29. CTrefugee

    anyone have a link to the post UCF presser ?

    looking for post game remarks
  30. CTrefugee

    why was she crying

    I had house guests so no sound for the game. I saw an ECU player crying on the bench. Did the announcers know why ?
  31. CTrefugee

    UCF postgame thread

    presser ?
  32. CTrefugee

    who is Swin Cash's cousin ?

    I didn't hear Geno mention her name.
  33. CTrefugee

    I am really impressed

    This team only has 10 games under its belt with a new system. There energy is great. The offense is getting better (although tonight looked like schoolyard ball in the 2nd half). Another ten games an they will be a tough out. They are still learning the D.H. way.
  34. CTrefugee

    ND and ref

    ND seemed taken aback that the ref with short blond hair was actually calling fouls on them. That's not how it usually happens on their home court. Am I imagining this ? Will we see her again ?
  35. CTrefugee

    AAC makes it tougher to build a team from scratch

    If we had gotten into the ACC, a rebuild would be a bit easier. Blame Blumenthal for us not getting an invite. At least that's what fans down here in North Carolina were telling me at last Saturday's game. The ACC still harbors a lot of hate over his lawsuit.