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  1. Kevin G

    It’s official! Welcome back Jamelle!!

  2. Kevin G

    May 2020 UCONN recruiting thread

    HAHAHAHA! Damn it. Sure did
  3. Kevin G

    May 2020 UCONN recruiting thread

    Finally!! A post without mentioning Fudd.
  4. Kevin G

    Look what I got!

    Amazing! Happy birthday, too!!!!
  5. Kevin G

    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    Not trying to be mean. Just feeling attacked for having a different opinion.
  6. Kevin G

    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    It has nothing to do with me being sensitive. Try again.
  7. Kevin G

    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    That’s your opinion just like I have mine.
  8. Kevin G

    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    I just can’t with this. Dramatic.
  9. Kevin G

    May 2020 UCONN recruiting thread

    Saniya Rivers? Did i miss something? I didn’t know she announced
  10. Kevin G

    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    I am not asking you to convince me nor do I care. My original inquiry was my confusion as to why a Carrington transfer made that team a national contender. You, sir/madam, sarcastically chimed in. Good day.
  11. Kevin G

    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    And?!? Not convinced
  12. Kevin G

    Rayah Marshall (UConn lean?)

    I think the words HALL OF FAME come to mind. Superstar?! Who needs that when you have HOF
  13. Kevin G

    DiJonai Carrington top-3

    I’m sorry. Did I miss something about Carrington?! I never heard of her until today. Now she’s boosting programs for national contention <scratching head>
  14. Kevin G

    20 Questions with Azzi and a future teammate ?

    Great seeing the future backcourt of the UCONN huskies together
  15. Kevin G

    Olivia Miles to Irish

    Agree. Could be another Karen Aston. Can pull in the talent but not sure how to coach them.
  16. Kevin G

    SC Postgame Thread

    I’m glad I missed the game judging from the stats list
  17. Kevin G

    Baylor post game thread

    Baylor played better team ball. Congrats to them on their win. A lesson for UCONN. GO HUSKIES!
  18. Kevin G

    UConn stats...ONO she didn't... :)

    Love to see these stats. I want her to be an AA by the time she graduates. Now if we can only have her stop taking 3s we’ll be all set
  19. Kevin G

    A lot of people seem unhappy with the team so far.

    The team will find their way and their identity. Not worried about that. I’m just confused as to why ONO thinks she’s a 3pt shooter?!
  20. Kevin G

    Fresh article on Mir Mclean

    She’s going to be a good one!
  21. Kevin G

    Final AAC season

    BYE! Sorry but i really tried to have faith in that conference. I think we all did. It was just awful. Heeelllloooooo Big East! We missed you.
  22. Kevin G

    Niele Ivey Might Join Memphis Grizzlies Staff as a Coach

    I am surprised Niele has stayed this long at ND. Huge loss to that program if she does leave.
  23. Kevin G

    Concerns about recruits.

    When you find your answers to your questions maybe you can help me understand why there are 5 pages of discussion for a recruit (Angel Reese) that does NOT have UCONN on her list?!?!?! Moooooooooooooove on people!
  24. Kevin G

    Sedona Prince Transfer Thread

    I don't understand this rude response. Completely unnecessary
  25. Kevin G

    Sedona Prince Transfer Thread

    You have seriously missed the point. Grab a cup of coffee or do something to wake up and try to understand my simple post.
  26. Kevin G

    Sedona Prince Transfer Thread

    You are probably right. But, you are still making an assumption on the coaching staff unless you have some insight that the rest of us do not have. Hence, the visit. It is just like an interview. BOTH parties have to be in agreeance that it is a good fit. And you do not know that until you...
  27. Kevin G

    Sedona Prince Transfer Thread

    It is hard for me to grasp some of the posts here stating "how badly they want Prince to come to UCONN". I, for one, only care about our current players and coaching staff wanting her here and of course, Prince wanting to come to Storrs. I certainly do not want a recruit or transfer coming to...
  28. Kevin G

    Angel Reese Narrows List to 5

    Who cares?! UCONN has not been on her list since 8/2018. I wish her the best of luck in her collegiate career wherever she lands. Let's focus on REAL UCONN recruits!!
  29. Kevin G

    Sedona Prince Transfer Thread

    If it’s meant to be it’ll be. It’s Sedona’s, Geno and the team’s decision. DONE.
  30. Kevin G

    Geno Talk's Christyn W

    I am so excited to see this young lady play this upcoming year. Crystal, Megan, and Christyn make a formidable trio. Westbrook and ONO (assuming they fill out the starting line up) makes for a very exciting starting 5 in WCBB.
  31. Kevin G

    Volunteer State talks Westbrook & UCONN

    I have a very hard time comparing two athletes when one of them hasn't even played one collegiate minute.
  32. Kevin G

    Westbrook to Uconn [merged thread]

    I can only imagine The Summit right now....(Sorry I had to!)
  33. Kevin G

    Mikayla Coombs to Georgia [merged thread]

    Thank you Mikayla! Best of luck in Georgia
  34. Kevin G

    Paige Bueckers to UConn

    I see some Taurasi-like moves and personality in this kid. Me like ;););)