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  1. HartfordHank

    RIP Gayle Sayers

    I love Brian Piccolo
  2. HartfordHank

    UMass Announces Intention To Play Football in Fall 2020

    COVID-19 Travel Order
  3. HartfordHank

    Hartford Courant Editorial Board: "With coronavirus raging, Connecticut needs to shut down football at UConn and the state’s high schools this fall"

    You make the trip without any stops? I am guessing you make at least two, especially if you have traffic. It is when they stop you will have the issue with exposure to others. I agree the trip is not difficuly for the players.
  4. HartfordHank

    Hartford Courant Editorial Board: "With coronavirus raging, Connecticut needs to shut down football at UConn and the state’s high schools this fall"

    I think putting the team on a bus to Temple of Navy would make no sense. There is no way a bus will make the trip to Annapolis and unlikely to Phildelphia without at least one stop. Are you going to let the entire team into a rest area to use rest rooms? Makes much more sense safety wise to...
  5. HartfordHank

    ESPN faces $793mm ad revenue loss from no college football season

    For the most part I prefer to watch sports, Australian rules football, rugby, etc over talking heads. Maybe an hour of College Game Day and NFL Pre-game. No more than that if they want my eyes on their shows.
  6. HartfordHank

    On Campus Covid 19 Labs

    All is well! Thank you!
  7. HartfordHank

    On Campus Covid 19 Labs

    My Grandson was hospitalized at Children's Hospital in Philadelphia with a respiratory issue in mid March. He was given a Covid test and had results in under two hours. Due to his age and condition it was given priority. Fortunately it was not Covid and he was treated and released the next...
  8. HartfordHank

    Hero Sports: UConn game by game predictions

    Rushing Mensah - 226 for 1045 Thompkins - 98 for 510 Team Total - 428 for 1859 - 42% of offense, Correction: 53% of plays Receiving Ross - 60 for 723 Drayton - 21 for 278 Team Total - 228 for 2592 - 58% of offense, Correction 47% of plays Original calculations were based on rushed plus...
  9. HartfordHank

    Major Announcement... TV? (Update>CBSSN)

    No way a PAC 12 team wants to travel to the East Coast to play a noon game, that is 9:00am body time. That would be getting the team up at 6:00am or earlier body time. Puts a team at a huge disadvantage.
  10. HartfordHank

    Major Announcement... TV? (Update>CBSSN)

    Not going to happen!
  11. HartfordHank

    Podcast on Patriots Move to Hartford

    I was listening to a show on the Patriot's Flagship Station last week. Kind of a history of the Patriots. Bob Kraft said he left over a billion dollars on the table by coming back to Massachusetts. The guarantees that Connecticut made to him were huge. Sounds as if the deal could have hurt...
  12. HartfordHank

    I love Football and this Board... That being said would we actually save money if they canceled the season?

    I think there will be big bucks to fund broadcasts, especially with empty stadiums. You will have bigger TV audiences and higher advertising rates.
  13. HartfordHank

    Cowboy vs. Cowboy

    Bob Lily was probably the toughest SOB of the bunch!
  14. HartfordHank

    Byron Jones...

    Hasn't he already won three Super Bowls?
  15. HartfordHank

    Why do certain fans consistently perpetuate negativity?

    Or that the officials sucked and stole the game.
  16. HartfordHank

    Why do certain fans consistently perpetuate negativity?

    I contend there were people in the Boston / New England market who were bummed when the Red Sox finally won the World Series. It eliminated their ability to complain. They were far happier complaining than they were winning!
  17. HartfordHank

    Matt Peart -> NFL Combine (2/23 -> 3/2)...

    How does a prospective NFL Offensive Lineman only do 11 reps?
  18. HartfordHank

    Ryan Van Demark

    Book is even better. Maybe a third of it is dedicated to the improved value of the LT compared to other lineman. Credits all of that to Lawrence Taylor!
  19. HartfordHank

    Ryan Van Demark

    LT protects the QBs blind side. Reverse it if you have a left handed QB.
  20. HartfordHank

    Michigan and Syracuse on the schedule?

    One correction there have been four FBS games at Yankee Stadium. ND and Syracuse played there in 2018. There was another FCS games in 2019, Dartmouth and Princeton. I do not think that teams want to play regular season games in Yankee Stadium. Once you have done it it loses its appeal. I...
  21. HartfordHank

    Michigan and Syracuse on the schedule?

    There have been five November football games at Yankee Stadium since 2010, three of which were FBS games. All three of those games included Army. The opponents we Notre Dame, Rutgers and UConn. The two FCS games were Lafayette and Lehigh, and Fordham and Holy Cross. The games were played in...
  22. HartfordHank

    Michigan and Syracuse on the schedule?

    You may think that but the kids you are recruiting don't! They want to go to bowl games!
  23. HartfordHank

    Rentschler Field facing its largest loss since opening as UConn football attendance plummets

    "Non-season ticket holders would then park in the lot formerly used by “second tier” season ticket holders." So which members here on the Wesley Watt Lounge are "first tier" season ticket holders and which are "second tier" season ticket holders? I am sure the marketing department is not happy...
  24. HartfordHank

    UConn to use ACC officials in Independence

    What type of a send off were you expecting?
  25. HartfordHank

    Transfer portal - outbound

    Didn't Ty-meer Brown experience a similar situation. He was not going to be able to play at UConn but transferred to BC and played.
  26. HartfordHank

    MLB sign stealing

    Patriots will probably lose a draft pick.
  27. HartfordHank

    Orlovsky on UConn Head Coach/OC position

    Why does everyone assume that a star QB would be a great QB coach and OC? There is more to being OC than calling plays which a QB frequently does on the field. Not picking on UConn, BC people say the same thing about Flutie.
  28. HartfordHank

    Have to say

    I am not sure that Burrows is a generational talent. He is a very good QB. For years LSU has had amazing athletes on both sides of the ball. They chose to run a conservative offense that did not take advantage of the athletes they have. LSU finally decided to open up the offense realizing...
  29. HartfordHank

    Happy Holidays Boneyard!

    Merry Christmas!