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  1. PAHuskeyFan

    The Latest Bracketology (Jan 13, 2020)

    Charlie Creme has been working overtime to make adjustments to the bracketology given this week's round of games... upsets or not, lots of changes. UCONN back to a 1 seed, albeit in the Portland Region. This is going to be a constantly changing scenario as the season progresses. Lots of...
  2. PAHuskeyFan

    Thoughts on NCAA Transfer Waiver Requests - recent approval in NCAA MBB

    Heard about this waiver request for immediate eligibility for a Penn State to Iowa State NCAA MBB transfer being approved a short time ago... Iowa St. transfer Bolton granted '19-20 eligibility. The article does not provide any specifics on the reasons for the waiver or the NCAA's...
  3. PAHuskeyFan

    UCONN still one of the favorites to win it all

    I apologize if this has been posted... I didn't see it any where on BY... According to the ESPN BPI, UCONN remains one of the favorites to wind the NCAA Championship... and of course get to the Final 4... I don't assume to understand all the analytics, except to say that those that do have...
  4. PAHuskeyFan

    AP Poll 3/11/19 - There be some changes goin' on

    Lots of movement in the AP Poll this week ... 2018-19 Women's College Basketball Rankings for Week 19 | ESPN Baylor, UCONN and ND remain 1, 2, 3... MSST moves up... Man... Championship Sunday caused some big changes from 4 through the lower portion of the top 25. NCAA T is going to be so...
  5. PAHuskeyFan

    Lou's Status???

    Has anyone heard anything new since Monday regarding the status of Lou's back injury? I am confident she has gotten a lot of treatment over the past 3 days, but the silence on how she is doing is "deafening". Does anyone know? Did she practice today? Should we expect to see her play on...
  6. PAHuskeyFan

    UCONN Alums Coaching?

    I was asked the other day How Many UCONN Alums are coaching in NCAA WBB? I had to admit I didn't know, BUT I am sure someone on the BY can tell me how many, who, and where they are coaching? Please share.
  7. PAHuskeyFan

    I saw Improvement.

    I saw improvement in our team last night vs SMU. They were crazy aggressive. They played excellent defense. They passed the ball crisply. Subs were solid when sprinkled in with starters. ONO was a "fly swatter". Sure there were some mistakes, some of the "WOW... did you see that!!!"...
  8. PAHuskeyFan

    Baylor vs ??? New Years Eve

    Yawn... :rolleyes: Baylor putting a hurtin' on a pastry product today... only up by 48 after 3 quarters. Scoring 79 points in 3 quarters will surely make them tired for their game vs UCONN on 1/3. ;):cool::D Happy New Year
  9. PAHuskeyFan

    Team Schedule??

    I saw a photo of KLS enjoying lunch at the beach today and got me wondering... when does the team return to Storrs to knock off some rust, get ready for travel and game in Waco on Jan 3rd?
  10. PAHuskeyFan

    UCONN vs CAL Highlights Video

    No game replay available yet, but found the Highlights Video for those interested
  11. PAHuskeyFan

    AP and Coaches Polls

    2019 Women's College Basketball Rankings and Polls for Week 3 - ESPN Just saw Coaches Poll on ESPN for the first time this season... Some interesting "variations"... a. UCONN is #2 in both polls, but got one 1st place vote in Coaches Poll. b. Maryland #7 in AP Poll... #10 in Coaches...
  12. PAHuskeyFan

    ESPNW's Top 25

    ESPNW announce their Top 25 players... UCONN places 3 on the List... Lou at #3, Pheesa at #7 and Danger at #24. ND also has 3 on the list and Oregon, Baylor and MSST have 2. Let's get this party started!!! The 25 best players in women's college basketball: Sabrina Ionescu leads way
  13. PAHuskeyFan

    ESPNW Pre-Season Player of the Year

    ESPNW selects Ionescu as Pre-Season POY.... Lou and Phee are part of the discussion. Let the Season Begin!!! let's see who really is the best. Oregon's Ionescu is espnW's preseason player of the year
  14. PAHuskeyFan

    2018 Wooden Watch List Top 30

    Pre-Season Wooden Watch List Top 30 on ESPN this evening. FIVE Players from ND... Three from UCONN (Lou, Pheesa, CD), 2 each from Oregon, Baylor, Stanford and MSST. Top-ranked Irish place 5 on Wooden watch list
  15. PAHuskeyFan

    UCONN Huskygames websites???

    To cure the mid-summer doldrums, I have had a desire to watch some UCONN Women's game replays. Always enjoy the wins...won't re-watch others! Watched some last weekend, but when I tried to get on the "uconnhuskygames" websites, I get a security warning and my computer security won't let me go...
  16. PAHuskeyFan

    Lou Update

    According to a recent Instagram Post by Katie Lou, she has been cleared "to shoot 3s for the first time in over 3 months." This is another step on her road to recovery from the spring's ankle surgery. I am looking for great things this season, especially from Lou as she plays at NPOY level...
  17. PAHuskeyFan

    ESPN's "Way too early 2018/2019 Top 25"

    NCAA champion Irish lead women's basketball's way-too-early top 25 UConn at #4... not too surprising. Behind ND, Oregon and Baylor. I agree with ND and Baylor... not sold yet that Oregon is #2... As the title says... Way Too Early.
  18. PAHuskeyFan

    Did You Vote Today?

    Greetings BYers, If you missed it, HuskeyNan consolidated the fan voting threads for the Post Season Awards under one new Thread "Vote for our Huskies" that is now pinned to the top. Details for each of the awards are, the link to the voting site, the voting period, when they are...
  19. PAHuskeyFan

    Massey Ratings - 1/26/18

    Did anyone notice, Massey Ratings has moved Baylor ahead of Mississippi St into the #2 position in their computer rankings. Won't be surprised if the NCAA Tournament Committee still holds their schedule against them, but with other teams dropping games (i.e. Tenn, Texas)... hard to imagine...
  20. PAHuskeyFan

    Latest NCAA Player Stats - 3point percentage

    As of last night's game, KLS has qualified to be included in the NCAA Individual Player Stats... played in 75% of her team's games. SO, in three point percentage, Three-Point Field-Goal Percentage | DI Women's Basketball Statistics -, We now have the #3 (KLS at 49.3 (actually tied...
  21. PAHuskeyFan

    JAN 15th Rankings are out

    The Jan 15, 2018 rankings are posted on ESPN... 2018 Women's College Basketball Rankings and Polls for Week 11 - ESPN. Not surprisingly Louisville moved up to #2, but they didn't take any of the Huskies first place votes. ND dropped to 5... SoCarolina to #10. Interestingly, Massey has Baylor...
  22. PAHuskeyFan

    OT: Tickets for Maryland Game?

    Greetings, looking for 4 seats for UCONN vs Maryland at XL Center on Nov 19th. Anyone got some they won't be using?