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  1. Askgreek

    Hit the Gym Boys...

    Regardless of tonight's outcome, it is clear that these guys need to live in the gym. Having natural physical talent helped these guys receive a bball scholarship, but to excel, they need to be self motivated and obsessed with improving their skills. That means living in the gym. When your...
  2. Askgreek

    March Madness Commercial: UCONN Represented

    Good to see the UCONN brand synonymous with March Madness as this new Buffalo Wild Wings commercial depicts UCONN fans getting together to watch the game. The best part is they pose the question "how long will she be gone?" The response, "Probably a week..." I like how we are associated with...
  3. Askgreek

    UConn Men Come Under The Eyes Of NBA Scouts, Too

    Finally, something about the team. They are practicing and 12 NBA scouts were watching them today.
  4. Askgreek

    Michael Kay Bashing Bazz

    Going off about Bazz comment at end of game about APR ban. Saying he had no grounds to complain. Someone call in to educate this idiot on UCONN and the APR ban. He has no idea what he is talking about. Bilas is on next, so I hope he can educate this ass.
  5. Askgreek

    Kevin Ollie News Conference on ESPN

    Talking heads discussing the teams. KO to be on soon.
  6. Askgreek

    Advice For Reversing Bad Mojo

    I need the Boneyard to help advise me on how I can help reverse the bad mojo trend that I am facing today before the team meets the Cardinals in tonight's championship game. My dilemma starts with my experiences before and after the previous two matchups with the Cardinals. I am a devout Husky...
  7. Askgreek

    Rebounding = Win: Not Today!

    KO has been preaching the value of rebounding all year long. Theory behind it is because we are a good shooting team, the more chances we get on offense, the more likely we are to win. Today was one of those odd circumstances where we actually out rebounded the opposition (UCONN 17-37, SMU...
  8. Askgreek

    Bad Loss: Poor Play-Bad Opponent

    I guess exams took there toll on this team. They played awful. No offensive flow and defensive intensity was cold-hot-cold. Stanford played a poor all around game and has very limited talent. They just got an early Christmas present. Other than Daniels and AB on defense, they rest of the...
  9. Askgreek

    UCONN Picked 2nd; Napier selected on 1st team, Boat on 2nd

    Per The American website:
  10. Askgreek

    Prayers for OKC...more tornadoes hitting the city

    Anyone there please be safe and take shelter
  11. Askgreek

    Study says Louisville has college basketball’s best fanbase; Kentucky 7th

    Go ahead and have at it...I know there will be many opinions as to how awful this article is. Let's find out how the Boneyard ranks them. 1. UCONN Huskies 2. ? 3. ?
  12. Askgreek

    Articles on the Past, Present and Future of Uconn Football

    Two well written articles that dive into the growth of the football program and what it is facing to grow in the future. Both articles are by Chris Elsberry of the CT Post. I do not agreed with many of the comments provided by the so called experts, but coach PP has a number of quotes...
  13. Askgreek

    Based on this game starting lineup should...

    Boat-Napier-Giffey-Daniels-Wolf. Omar was lost...Olander is overmatched...Evans was rusty but he will be solid off the bench...Boat was sloppy and looked hobbled to me. They could have had this game with a little bit better play from someone other than Bazz. I think this team will get better.
  14. Askgreek

    Tier 3 Media Rights

    I am not an expert when it comes to these TV contracts, but it has been reported in the past that schools in the ACC have granted their Tier 3 rights to ESPN as part of their new contract. Could this be an issue for the ACC with contemplating an invitation to UCONN? Uconn, unlike most other...
  15. Askgreek

    PSU Death Penalty Talk - Recruiting Effect?

    Penn State headlines continue to be negative and keep coming on a daily basis. I thought when the scandal initially broke that recruiting would be severely effected. That doesn't seem to have been the case thus far. Any insights / opinions on how this latest round of negative news and the...
  16. Askgreek

    AD Manuel: UConn will 'get through' postseason ban At least this article give me hope that our administration is going to fight for our school...
  17. Askgreek

    Let's Fight and Win this Game!

    We need to find out if we are men and fight to win this game, dame it! I am ready to tear my house apart. XL is getting into and and the players need to finish!
  18. Askgreek

    Any News on the Team?

    The lack of news over the last couple of day is driving me and I assume the rest of you crazy. Has anyone talked to coaches or players, whatched practice, or heard of anything else going on since the team returned from the Bahamas? Any news is better than nothing.
  19. Askgreek

    UConn academics puts 2013 tourney out of reach

    Say what? I can't believe that this is true...
  20. Askgreek

    ESPN Article: No Kemba Walker, but Huskies are loaded