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  1. HuskyFan1125

    2022 Recruiting Class

    It will be interesting how Lawson does this season with the Blue Devils. Duke would be a great landing spot for high caliber players that want good academics. Will be an interesting thing to keep an eye on this season. I think her 2022 haul will be great.
  2. HuskyFan1125

    2020-2021 Non-Uconn WCBB News

    Honesty I was surprised Dodson came back last year. She missed the entire season for the most part and returned in mid February. She could have gotten a degree and 2 years to play somewhere else if she wanted. That of course being the key. Maybe she didn't. She will be a good grad pick up...
  3. HuskyFan1125

    November 25th

    Same energy!!!
  4. HuskyFan1125

    We picked the all-time starting 5 for UConn women's basketball

    That’s what i said in the other thread. The bench is the hardest to pick IMO.
  5. HuskyFan1125

    Kara Wolters

    That would be my all time 5 at this point. We have discussed this before on this board. For me the hardest is the next 5 or “the bench”. That gets challenging.
  6. HuskyFan1125

    September Non-UConn Recruiting Thread

    I have a feeling your gonna get a big recruit. Kara is unproven at this young point of her coaching career but she is a known commodity and Duke can recruit itself. I think bright future is ahead ;-)
  7. HuskyFan1125

    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread

    Alyssa Brown is off the board and to UNLV. Lindy La Roque has picked up 2 top 100 players in her 1st year. And per the article Brown is a distant cousin to A’ja Wilson.
  8. HuskyFan1125

    Texas Tech Coaching Options

    Didn’t they go the former player route with Candi Whitaker? It didn’t go so well did it? Someone jog my memory!!!
  9. HuskyFan1125

    August 2020 UConn Recruiting Thread

    Clardy was impressive in the Geico Nationals a couple years ago and I believe she was a freshman. May have not been that tourney but I feel like it was televised and that’s the only one I can think of at the moment.
  10. HuskyFan1125

    WNBA Mid Season Awards

    ESPN picks original url/HIhzwyeidx
  11. HuskyFan1125

    WNBA Mid Season Awards

    Bria Hartley as MIP or 6th POY Rookie of year is wide open IMO if Carter doesn’t come back. If she does it’s hers to lose.
  12. HuskyFan1125

    KLS as a pro

    I thought Plum had a great season last year and likely would have this season sans the injury.
  13. HuskyFan1125

    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread

    Any guesses? And what’s up with Jillian Hollingshead? Have heard very little related to her!
  14. HuskyFan1125

    Gail Goestenkors is back coaching.

    My 1st thought as well.
  15. HuskyFan1125

    Media Day for Geno and Players

    Excuse me!! <presses ignore button>
  16. HuskyFan1125

    Media Day for Geno and Players

    Yes!! She immediately addressed it!