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  1. Calhoun's Court

    Bars to Watch NFL on Sunday in NYC

    Going to the Mets/Yankees game Sunday night and heading down to the city early to watch the NFL games. Any suggestions/opinions on places near Time Square or Theatre District? Just looking for some decent pub grub while we watch the games.(not Buffalo Wild Wings). Thanks
  2. Calhoun's Court

    OT-UCONN FOOTBALL Jerseys (previous style) 75% off at the Co-OP

    Just thought I would pass this along........ I was up on campus tonight for First Night and the CO-OP has the previous NIke Replica(White) Football Jerseys on Clearance for $15 (75% off) . They had #43-Lyle McCombs and #6 Jasper Howard(mostly Large only in #6). Sizes Medium, Large and XL were...
  3. Calhoun's Court

    OT-Cheapest Gas in CT

    I just filled up at $2.97.9 on the Berlin Tpke at the Citgo station next to Home Depot. The other Citgo up the Berlin Tpke. (next to McDonalds) is at the same price $2.97.9. So either direction you go you have a shot for cheap(er) gas. But be prepared to wait- every pump had 6-8 cars at it...
  4. Calhoun's Court

    Ok I'll ask-UCONN- Louisville -1/18/14 1 Ticket Needed

    I know this is a shot in the dark but I figured I would ask. Looking for 1 ticket for UCONN-Louisville on 1/18/14 for my nephew(he's not getting mine :) ) If you have one(or two) PM me Thanks in advance.
  5. Calhoun's Court

    MARYLAND To MANHATTAN...................

    Seems I've heard something like this before............:)
  6. Calhoun's Court

    UCONN 3 Time National Champions Warm Up

    I was at Marshall's in West Hartford today and they have a good amount of Nike UCONN 3 Time National Championship warm up tops/track jacket style. Same one the team was issued and was wearing for the 2012 season. UCONN on the front and 3 time National Champions 1999-2004-2011 on the back...
  7. Calhoun's Court

    Guess the record after tonight for the remainder of the season

    I'll be kind and say 2-10(Buffalo and maybe Memphis)
  8. Calhoun's Court

    UCONN Players you thought would be Real Good BUT.............

    All these recruiting posts got me to thinking about the players who came into UCONN that I thought were a leadpipe cinch to be real good. But for one reason or another(read that playing time and injuries) it didn't happen. Here are some that come to mind: I'll get Ajou Deng out of the way...
  9. Calhoun's Court

    Tomorrow Night I Wanna See.............

    Every seat filled before the game. Ok here is the deal. This is team is playing their arses off and they NEED US tomorrow night. Not just us Yarders who are on her 24/7 No, but all of us in attendance. All of us that use to try every angle to get into Gampel when tickets were tough to get. All...
  10. Calhoun's Court

    Why is UCONN charging..........

    $12 to park in the parking garage through Roncari? I havet he prepaid parking so mine was a little less this year but.......... Wasn't $8 enough? You would think with a dwindling fanbase that UCONN would be more sensative to trying to squeeze every last dollar out of their "fans". Very bad...
  11. Calhoun's Court

    Guess the attendance for Temple

    People actually in the seats(not tickets sold) I'm going 27K (no rain right now in the forecast). The more empty seats the hotter it gets for HCPP.
  12. Calhoun's Court

    Favorite JC Moments

    Over the last month I was thinking about my greatest Calhoun memory(what i think of when I think of the great JC): Besides the 3 obvious the one memory that always makes me laugh is seconds after Tater hits "the shot" you see JC leaping airborn jumping up and down and then he realizes he has...