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  1. Drumguy

    NCAA’s with no fans

    Just watching ABC they said NCAA’s would be held with no fans in attendance - Crazy! Anyone confirm this yet?
  2. Drumguy

    Covid 19 - a # of Fairfield County Schools closing

    Westport just closed the public schools, Wilton also, waiting to hear on New Canaan from my teacher wife. I heard Japan closed the schools and all the kids gathered publicly anyway thus defeating the purpose.
  3. Drumguy

    Roster for next year

    I searched but didn't find it. Would someone post a link to the roster by class? I was wondering how many other recruiting spots are open with Ajenko de-committing and Larrier leaving? Sorry, meant to make the post a question.
  4. Drumguy

    Profile issue

    Can a mod check my profile? On the lower portion if has a picture and reference to "Greg Koch" which is definitely not me!
  5. Drumguy

    Wanted 2-4 tickets for Regionals in Bridgeport

    Appreciate it if anyone has some extra tickets and wants to unload them! Thanks!
  6. Drumguy

    Admin ? - Why aren't the rating stars showing?

    "New Feature: At the top of each thread you should see a new rating system for posts. Just click on the number of stars you'd use to rate the thread. Votes are anonymous, so feel free to be honest." Ah, no it doesn't. It worked for a little while and I missed it if there was a solution or...
  7. Drumguy

    Napheesa, the next Morgan Tuck?

    Just watching how quietly she contributed during the tournament, continuing on from the AAC tourney as well. She's effective, energetic, efficient around the basket and quality defense as well. She's always battling among the trees and she gives up a fair amount of height but still is very...
  8. Drumguy

    Tickets for the Bridgeport Regional?

    Wondering if anyone has extra or unwanted tickets to the Women's regional in Bridgeport? 2 or 4
  9. Drumguy

    Well thats settled!

    Who's number 1! Nuff said.
  10. Drumguy

    Slightly Gottlieb sighting in Westport

    Our friendly analyst (feel free to change the adjective) moved jobwise from ESPN to CBS Sports and has moved his home to Westport. Spotted in Starbucks and chatted with my friend for a few minutes. (lives next door to Mike Greenberg!) Westport lost Jim Nance after his divorce and has picked...
  11. Drumguy

    For Nexus5 owners!

    I just spent $162 to have LG replace my Nexus5 screen that was cracked, I literally got it back yesterday. Turns out Google is now going to replace your phone for free if damaged. OUch for me but with all the techies on the Boneyard, might save $'s for someone else...
  12. Drumguy

    Nebraska arena - is it possible why we didn't shoot well?

    I just thought the whole team shot so poorly from 3, it was uncharacteristic of our team, every player struggled. Was it bad sight lines, tight rims, or just off nights. One men's game I recall the players shooting poorly at one end and they said the monitors were distracting them when they...
  13. Drumguy

    Worst bracketing ever

    3 AAC teams in one bracket and the winner is a 4 seed. the asshats on the selection committee just did a terrible job.
  14. Drumguy

    need a new golf cart bag, recommendations?

    went to Golfsmith and they pushed the Ogio Cirrus and the SUn Mountain C130. I'm lazy so I don't carry a bag - ride or pull cart is my thing. Anyone have a bag they love? Need a present for the family for Fathers Day!
  15. Drumguy

    Jersey top's need to be updated

    I was pointing out (to anyone who would listen) how our jersey's have seven stars on them - one for each of the NC's. Just realized they need to change the motif in the back to change the husky pic AND add another star!
  16. Drumguy

    Fox Sports - NCAA Studs & Duds: Stud-Kemba

    Stud - Kemba Walker in 2011 No word on how long it took Walker’s back to heal following the 2011 NCAA Tournament. Because he carried the Huskies throughout the Big East and NCAA Tournaments. From buzzer-beaters in the Big East conference tourney to cutting down the nets in Houston, looking back...
  17. Drumguy

    WSJ: College Football's Big-Money, Big-Risk Business Model "Longtime fans of the Big Ten Conference scratched their heads when Maryland and Rutgers were recently asked to join—largely for their TV markets and not because of the quality of their teams"...
  18. Drumguy

    "Left at the alter bowl"

    Nice. Danny Kanell and the other announcer label this game. ugh.
  19. Drumguy

    Calhoun to retire

    Hearing it on the radio.
  20. Drumguy

    Good Riddence

    Much as I hate to see us "stuck" in the NBE and not invited anywhere to dance, we have to live with where we are now. Let the ACC dally with ND, I'm not all that sure they helped the NBE at all when it comes down to it.
  21. Drumguy

    Butler to A-10

    I didn't recall seeing this, sorry if it's a duplicate.
  22. Drumguy

    Would we have won more if we had less noon games?

    We didn't ahve a great record when the games started at noon. We've traditionally done poorly when the games are early. Does it help that we're playing at night?
  23. Drumguy

    Who's our regional 2 seed?

    If the NCAA goes geographically, who is our #2 seed? Making assumption here that the 4 #2's are Tn, Duke, MD, and DE. I could make a case for wanting to beat MD, Tn and Duke since we haven't faced them yet, but that's just emotional. No other male coach to swing one of them over into the...
  24. Drumguy

    Questin about inbounding rule - MSU/OSU end of game

    Ohio State had just gone ahead and the officials called a time out to check the time. 1.0 seconds put on the board. Then MSU called a time out, then I believe OSU called another time out. When play starts the MSU player runs along the baseline looking for an opening. I know a player can move...
  25. Drumguy

    Could be worse - Howland lost control at UCLA Not working out well for him. edited - didn't see the other threads, sorry!
  26. Drumguy

    Tired of checking to see if the Boat has been freed!

    C'mon already, how long can it possibly take the darn NCAA. And 20 minutes is not an acceptable answer. This is imprtant to this kid and he is being fairly harshly punished.
  27. Drumguy

    Will there be an ignore button?

    Loved that. Seems like the same 3 people are always idiots so it's nice to just "ignore" their posts.