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  1. InKembaITrust

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    Man, it's almost like Hurley really wants a championship or somethin with these recruiting wins
  2. InKembaITrust

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    We get this guy we are going to be one long, athletic team that everyone's gonna hate to play. Diggins Gaffney Jackson Akok Brown-Ferguson Springs Hawkins (?) Samson (?)
  3. InKembaITrust

    Best All Time NBA Centers

    This is a silly rebuke. Many on this board have not seen Russell, Wilt, Kareem, etc. play in person. Does the fact we haven't seen them play detract from their greatness? Any given player's greatness can only be defined by comparing them to their peers and era. That's why comparing players...
  4. InKembaITrust

    Best All Time NBA Centers

    I'd have to agree here. Team player - Bill Russell Most skilled - Kareem Most athletic - Wilt Most dominant - Shaq/Wilt Overall, I'd have to go Russell.
  5. InKembaITrust

    Best Comedians You Have Watched

    Best I've seen in person - Chapelle & Louis CK Best of all time IMO - George Carlin
  6. InKembaITrust

    2020 Recruiting: Andre Jackson - Final Rivals Ranking

    Bouknight and this kid, the most exciting UConn duo since.......?
  7. InKembaITrust

    Poll: Greatest Husky of All Time

    TV room wall in my apartment, hope to get these signed one day.
  8. InKembaITrust

    Poll: Greatest Husky of All Time

    In Kemba I Trust.
  9. InKembaITrust

    Logo at center court?

    I do like the new all-white logo (combination of the previous and current). With the move back to the Big East I'd love to move back to the previous logo though.
  10. InKembaITrust

    OT: Elon Musk is Seriously Losing It

    I love Elon. Civilization needs more like him.
  11. InKembaITrust

    New Andre Jackson highlights

    This kid has pro written all over him.
  12. InKembaITrust

    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo to UConn

    Anyone know how friendly this kid is with Kuminga?
  13. InKembaITrust

    Great aritcle on Kemba

    Favorite basketball player. Not just because he's an ex-husky and his talent on the court.
  14. InKembaITrust

    HBO's Documentary "The Scheme"

    Main thing I got out of it was how poor of a job the FBI did with indicting head coaches, and how their operation with Dawkins was borderline soliciting a crime. The kid essentially outmaneuvered the FBI and partied with a bunch of their mismanaged government-funded money. You're welcome taxpayers.
  15. InKembaITrust

    Whose our leader next Year?

    Its gotta be RJ followed very closely by Gaffney.
  16. InKembaITrust

    What was your favorite moment this season?

    My favorite moments were the two games I was fortunate enough to attend: Florida @ Gampel and Memphis @ XL. Both of these games had such incredible atmospheres and were signature wins. I'll add Bouknight's reach-back alley-oop dunk that made SportsCenter's top-10.
  17. InKembaITrust

    Highlights v. Houston

    Sure, man. Just never rooted for one of our players to leave the team.
  18. InKembaITrust

    Highlights v. Houston

    I remember when this board was so ready for this kid to transfer before the season started. Where are these posters now?
  19. InKembaITrust

    Bouknight dunk #1 Sports Center Top 10

    This from Bouknight and the hand-changing reverse layup from Gaffney. Next year's going to be fun.
  20. InKembaITrust

    Whaley NBA

    Not happening.
  21. InKembaITrust

    The Gaff Reverse

    Sportscenter top 10 material. Loved the back-and-forth with Kimani afterward that got him laughing.
  22. InKembaITrust

    Looking Forward From the Injury

    Yeah, really hoping this guy gets better too.
  23. InKembaITrust

    NBA all-star wknd/dunk contest

    Aaron Gordon got robbbbbbbbed. You dunk over Tacko to end it you should automatically win.
  24. InKembaITrust

    NBA all-star wknd/dunk contest

    I wouldn't sleep on Connaughton, he's an athletic freak.
  25. InKembaITrust

    2022 Recruiting: Andre Jackson

    Man it's gonna suck to be other teams with this kid and Bouk running at you together in transition.
  26. InKembaITrust

    Memphis Game Is Sold Out

    I'll be there +3. Should be a fun environment. Expecting it to be a close one like all the others up to this point.
  27. InKembaITrust

    Favorite player thread, revisited

    KEMBA WALKER. Right Now:
  28. InKembaITrust

    Isaiah Whaley the Thief

    Kid has turned into a sticky bandit on the court
  29. InKembaITrust

    What did I say about the haircuts?

    We all saw that insane dunk he almost had. Clearly he's more aerodynamic.