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  1. Deepelm

    Bill Withers - RIP
  2. Deepelm

    Music - Shawn James

    Not sure any of you know who this guy is but give it a listen. If you are an audioslave fan at the 58 min mark he covers Like A Stone and its amazing.
  3. Deepelm


    Any gamers on this board? I see tons of movie and TV chat but not much on games.
  4. Deepelm

    NFL QB's talking on Facebook

    Buddy of mine sent me this, pretty damn funny stuff.
  5. Deepelm

    NY Giants schedule for this year

    Is freaking NASTY. Is there a team besides Carolina on there that didnt make the playoffs? I dont remember if the Bucs made it or not. And Carolina should be way better with a full off season for Cam and a healthy defense. Playing them 4 days after a roady to Tampa could be tough. The only good...
  6. Deepelm

    Premium Boards

    Will those be added at a later date?