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  1. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer 2019

    Was the donation amount $250k? That sticks in my mind. Ray's 2016 salary was $317k ( It's hard to find comparable soccer coach salaries from other states, but I did track down USF's Robert Butehorn, who in 2018 apparently got paid $135k. So, give Ray back the $$ and hire someone...
  2. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer 2019

    Is Ray gone yet?
  3. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer 2019

    I'm conflicted. For the young men on the team I hope they win. But it would be better for UConn if they lost and Reid's team finishes out of the AAC tourney.
  4. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer 2019

    Is there a link to this report that you can share?
  5. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer 2019

    It's hard to sympathize with Reid about recruiting difficulty AAC when UConn is in 6th place of 8 in the AAC. And last place if you look further than just conference games.
  6. Riga Ben

    Home Opener: UConn v. Army (10/11/19 @ 7:05 @ XL Center)

    I wonder if at least some of that poor attendance may be due to issues at the University of Connecticut Athletics - Official Athletics Website site. As of yesterday evening the MHOC game was not on the scrolling banner at top (it is now - too late). Also they've put the UConn team as the top...
  7. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer 2019

    I haven't had time to go to any games this year, too much travel. But it looks like the usual Reid train-wreck? Worse than usual?
  8. Riga Ben

    Jeff Jacobs: As college hockey tournament becomes reality, Connecticut should embrace our own Beanpot (or Connecticut Ice)

    I've seen a number of folks saying the XL Center is "aging" or "needs replacement" ... OK, and now, a pig. I kind of like the XL, and haven't noticed anything broken-down about it. But perhaps I'm not looking in the right place. Is it structurally unsound? Are there some bad seats?
  9. Riga Ben

    Huska signs with Rangers

    I'm glad to hear this. I'm a Huska fan, but lately it's been tough: great saves ... and then mental flatulence that demoralizes the guys up front. Also, he needs to work on defending against the round-the-back-of-the-net tuck, it must be "the book" in HE on him because it should be a very...
  10. Riga Ben

    UConn v. Vermont (3/1/19 @ 7p on CW20)

    "Off center, too, which was funny." What's this mean? (I missed the game, unfortunately.)
  11. Riga Ben

    UConn v. Merrimack (2/9/19 @ 5p @ XL on CW20)

    I'm kind of a Huska fan. But I have to admit that they have done better recently, and I feel bad writing that. He does seem to let in a soft goal (or two) each game ... negating a lot of nice saves. I hope he gets it together. Meanwhile: Who were those young men on the ice and where did they...
  12. Riga Ben

    UConn vs #13 Northeastern (2/7/19 @ XL @ 7p)

    About 10 minutes into the game I turned to my wife and said: "I know they'll end up losing but this is fun ... they absolutely deserve to be on this ice against this good team." And of course I was wrong, they won. Good passing, good heart, good ideas about how to make a goal happen. A real...
  13. Riga Ben

    UConn vs #13 Northeastern (2/7/19 @ XL @ 7p)

    Even more, they tied with a little over a minute to go, with Vomacka pulled and 6 attackers. Don't see it work all that often.
  14. Riga Ben

    UConn v. Boston College (Friday 2/1/19 @ 7:05p - on CW20)

    What was up with Turnbull? Why'd he charge that guy from behind and lay him out cold? Was there some retaliation, or was he just being a jerk? And after a boarding call in the first? One doesn't often see a single 5-minute major penalty - I mean they normally come in pairs, one for each team...
  15. Riga Ben

    UConn v. Boston College (Friday 2/1/19 @ 7:05p - on CW20)

    Normally I'm a Huska fan (and I know that others disagree). But in this case goals 1 & 3 were on him. He got replaced by Vomacka for the third.
  16. Riga Ben

    UConn vs. UNH (1/25 @ XL Center, 1/26 @ Whittemore Center)

    I wasn't there yesterday, but did watch the 2-2 tie on Friday night. It was not pretty hockey. I thought that UNH must be pretty bad not to dominate our boys. I saw some nice sparks (Payusov, El Mir, etc.) but while I like their enthusiasm, the Huskies seem ... well ... they seem unskilled...
  17. Riga Ben

    2018-2019 UConn WHOC

    I liked last night's game against UNH (Jan 11, 2019). Good passing, and hard work in the corners. UNH is not (I think) all that well ranked, but they played hard and our girls played harder ... I did miss the first period, and the shot count showed that perhaps it wasn't so good? ' Does anyone...
  18. Riga Ben

    UConn v. BC (Thursday 12/6/18 @ 7p @ XL Center on CW20)/UConn @ BC (Friday 12/7/18 @ 7p on ESPN3)

    I've been impressed, in past games, with Huska. I'll admit that on Thursday I wasn't really watching Huska's reactions ... I was too busy clutching my guts from the defensive brain-farts that led to the shots that got past poor Huska. I think (OK, "I think" based on watching one game from up...
  19. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer 2018

    I'm impressed by both keeper and D. But I agree, it's been quite often this year that something so standard is happening that this particular fan is not really even paying attention ... and then suddenly there is a ball in the net and lots of heads hanging low. Best I can say is center-defense...
  20. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer 2018

    Can you see why there was all that referee discussion after the second goal? I think I heard something about offside. I couldn't see downfield at the time from where I was ... but from the video Thiam does not look off. Perhaps before the camera panned? Perhaps Burnett? ... but he wasn't in the...
  21. Riga Ben

    Women's Soccer 2018

    Anyone know why Yamilee Eveillard didn't start last game (Thursday 10/17)? She entered around minute 35, but played the rest of the game. She makes things happen on the field. Or at least that's what I think, I'll acknowledge there are many with a sharper soccer eye.
  22. Riga Ben

    OT: World Cup 2018

    Let me see. The better team possesses the ball for most of the game. It ends up tied. Then they get snakebite on PKs and lose. Hmmm. Oh, now I see. Look behind the Spain bench ... it's Ray Reid!
  23. Riga Ben

    UConn/UNH weekend series (@UNH fri 7, @UConn sat 3:30)

    I've noticed there's a strong tendency for UConn Mens' and Womens' Ice Hockey to schedule home games at the same time. Like yesterday (1/27/18) at 3PM versus 3:35; and next Friday (2/2/18) at 7PM. It happens a lot. I notice it because I would gladly go to both. Anyway, it doesn't seem like...
  24. Riga Ben

    Ray Reid's status

    I agree. Every underperforming 5th-year assistant professor should take note and call the UConn Foundation to see if something can be arranged.
  25. Riga Ben

    Ray Reid's status

    These are good points, and you're probably right. I do note that Reid's salary is wildly high - OK, not high by basketball or football standards, but high by soccer standards - and with UConn looking for cuts to make, the Administration might see a new young and hungry msoc coach as a way to...
  26. Riga Ben

    Field Hockey 2017

    And ... they won it all! I am so thrilled for them .. and for us!!
  27. Riga Ben

    Len Tsantiris retires

    Probably I should know this ... but what's the reference to UNC? Chapel Hill? Why? Thanks.
  28. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer 2017

    I 100% agree about Ray Reid and Kevin Ollie, who seem to have torpedoed legacy teams. About Mike Cavanaugh I'm not sure what my expectations should be, my inclination is to be patient. About Len Tsantiris I'm less sure. First, unlike Reid, he doesn't have an out-of-proportion salary and he's got...
  29. Riga Ben

    Women's soccer preseason poll

    I was thrilled by the win last night against Arkansas, but I'd be hard pressed to claim our girls deserved the win. I'd like to say bad things about Arkansas, who play a kinda ugly game (see Elmore's interview) -- and the Arkansas fans are really scaly, hope they stay home in future -- but they...
  30. Riga Ben

    UConn men's soccer and MLS SuperDraft

    While I don't have data on this, it seems to me that UConn MSOC has placed more than its share of ex-players to MLS etc. I think the $150,782 question (that's the 2015 salary of UConn women's soccer coach Tsantiris, and they're a decent team if you haven't watched them): Why do these draftable...
  31. Riga Ben

    UConn men's soccer and MLS SuperDraft

    Congratulations to both of them! They deserve it. We'll miss them: Jacob's smart runs and aggressive attitude, Kwame's footwork and playmaking. Both of them excelled even though the other teams gunned for them.
  32. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer AAC tournament

    I totally agree ... and post-2016 season, too. Ray made $323k in 2015. That's high even amongst big time college soccer coaches, and especially high amongst those that coach mediocre teams. Ray's teams look the same every year. The good teams have figured him out.
  33. Riga Ben

    Men's soccer at topped ranked Notre Dame

    He's not that good against a good team. Perhaps that's why he didn't get played.
  34. Riga Ben

    Life After Ray Reid

    I went on to this thread hoping to hear that Ray Reid was either moving on or being moved on. I'm really surprised to hear all this support for him. Even this year he has some great players: Nerwinski, Olafsen, Awuah, Greenberg, Geres, Brems ... even Petridis & Zuniga, although he seldom lets...