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    Team can’t take a punch....

    Seen it almost every game.... Team is still young but not much fight in these pups. a few players fought hard the whole game, but so many others just gave up. By late 2nd half, Navy was just men playing against boys.
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    Can URI contain our punting...

    This part of UConn's program is firing on all cylinders. Does URI have an answer? I think this kid bangs one over 60 yards on Saturday.
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    This defense is horrible

    Looking for a positive. Anything.
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    Uconn's AD Mount Rushmore

    If Uconn were to build their version of an AD Mount Rushmore in Storrs, who is in? Only get 4 spots (really two) 1. Auriemma (obvious #1) 2. Calhoun (obvious #1a giving nod to Geno's dominance) 3. Ray 4. Lobo, Herbst, or Orlovsky? too soon for Benefict I think.
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    apathy on the BY?Last guy out,

    Where is all the discussion about Uconns battle with Cincy? The largest thread heading into tourney time outside a game thread is for an apt for rent? I guess knowing the script before you actually see the play takes away some of the excitement. Did anyone think Uconn could win last night...
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    How many points did he leave on the table yesterday? Not the half court chucks he can't seem to say no to, but the great defensive plays, fast breaks etc that were never converted. I can recall 3-4 and I didn't watch the entire game.
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    Still isn't working!

    Ollies earned a long leash. But even long leashes have limits and he's there. This team and the current state of the program is Ollie's. It is a shell of what he was. There is nothing to suggest that Ollie can recruit the players he needs to field a well rounded team. The players he does...
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    Dude deserves own cheer thread today!
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    There comes a point where you need to say "It's just not working"

    If you think the basketball we've been seeing, the player development we've been seeing, and the overall program evolution is on the upswing, please tell me what you are seeing to support that. On the flip side, what do you need to see in order to be convinced that we need to move the program...
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    all they deserve after this zero effort affair... Ollie better fix this real quick! Worst Husky BB game in a long long long time...
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    Thoughts on the lack of assists?

    commentators made it a big deal, and I suppose if we lost, it might get more air time around here. Really surprised with Adams and Gilbert we aren't seeing more penetration and dishing, or some crazy highlight reel passes. even the back door alley-oops seem absent for the most part. Instead...
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    Don't understand the contempt

    The consensus by most coming into this season was 3 or 4 wins. Some were more bullish and said 5 or 6. I was hoping last year was irrelevant and we could get 7. At this point, 4 wins is possible with 5 really unlikely. So the team is what it is. A 3 or 4 win team, new coach and new...
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    1 - 3

    That is what it took for the regular boo birds to light the fire under HCRE's seat and start calling for coaches heads. The first was Crocker, and now its the head coach himself. With the 70 points last night, it's only going to get louder. Same old crap, same old cast of characters. If...
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    Congrats boys!!!!

    Most points allowed since 1919. Be proud. Special group of boys on this defense. Really need to look in the mirror after this one.
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    Joe D'Ambrosio

    Not a big fan... Distinct voice is annoying. Listening on the radio with him is tough. Just seems very vanilla and a little disjointed from the action. His inflections when UVA scored were like, "YESSS, Virginia is in!!!!"... I'm thinking Yes! Uconn stopped them. Have to say I think...
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    Calling BS on Bilas "ACC best collection of coaches ever"

    At it's height, the Old Big East had: Calhoun, Thompson, Boeheim, Carlesimo, Carnasecca, Massimino Bilas is 'jumping the shark-tank'...
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    does anyone think coaching hires will be named before spring practice?

    If all the existing coaches have been relieved of their duty and we're waiting for Edsall to finish his stint with the Lions, who is actually moving things forward with the team? Little surprised this hasn't been resolved sooner.
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    NY6 eyeballs

    anyone have the TV ratings for the NY6 bowl games? Given these are just NIT games in disguise, I'm wondering if the ratings have gone down from previous years. Does the average fan care who won the Rose Bowl? I think if the ratings drop substantially, it might apply additional pressure to...
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    uconn tops at least one list

    Michigan State, Texas, UConn among college basketball's biggest letdowns
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    grew up in CT but didn't attend Uconn. Consider myself a solid fan/booster. Had season tickets for several years. Didn't get tickets this year but still attended 3 games. Here's my question. Where do people like me, fans but not alumni, draw the line? I have several hats, and a couple t...
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    not that surprising

    from what I'm reading, it sounds like Diaco is staying for now. I do believe the $5M or even $3.5M price tag is too great and the thought of starting over from scratch is not an option. I do think some extra $'s thrown to a solid OC might be a smart play. especially if that OC has authority...
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    is walton stoned?

    just rambling about nothing.
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    Change of heart

    i have been waiting for Uconn/bc for years. This was supposed to be uconns game. Instead, this program came limping in, hoping to just get some experience for the new qb and oc. This is the final straw for me. I've had season tickets the past three season. I didn't get them this year, and...
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    Is that P6 on their helmets

    never noticed that
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    crickets and tumbleweeds...

    after how many threads, tweets, and speculations over the past 5 or so years (for some even longer) this place is now a ghost town. Habits are hard to break so I still find myself checking for something to come along. Anything. Sigh- Cue the "One Shining Moment" montage...
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    What Now

    i never attended Uconn. Grew up in CT, became a fan in the mid 80's when I was in high school. Started following football shortly after they made the jump to D1A. Up to that point , was never a big fan of college football. Have been a seaso ticket holder past three seasons and now my kids...
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    Is this a joke??

    is there still going to be a press conference?
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    Northeast Football

    watching 35k or so at Michie Stadium against Lafayette. Easily one of best venues for college football. Northeast can do football.
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    We could have Bill Belichick as HC

    And the same people will complain about coaching. Summer's was taken behind the woodshed all day. 2 td's in 4 minutes to open the game. Yeah, Uconn was stopped at the 2, but then cuse marched 98 yards. Think summers was burned for a 3rd down conversion. The offense was much more open...
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    What happens in 2025?

    havent seen too much on this but isn't the BCS contract up around that time as well. Clearly we now have a better understanding about how ESPN plays in these movements and is a major factor... With ut and ou rumored to be on the outs, this is very similar to how the big east was squeezed...
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    Big 12 geography

    i am so sick of reading the lazy medi pundit suggest Uconn has all the metrics and then write them off due to geography. Provo to college station - 1300 miles Storrs to college station - 1700 miles That's less than one hour by plane. I'm sure there are other metrics that would further...
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    17 point run, down by 20,

    Kansas shooting 95% and uconn shooting 3%... Great timeout Ollie.
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    found myself in Hartford yesterday, listening to WTIC after the game. Recognized the voice but didn't hear who it was.. Pretty sure it was Gresh. Announcer was trying to ride on the moment but made some comments I disagree with. Suggested uconn was still likely NIT bound without another win...
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    really stretching things.... First, a five minute story on Boise state with a second shot clock violation that was reviewed by the refs this season. Except the one that happened yesterday was in the first minute of the game and clearly a missed call by the refs that was corrected. Is that...