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  1. HskysNvrSlp

    CBS Sports Network

    I just got a message from CBS saying Optimum cable subscribers can now stream CBSSN through the app. I don't have Optimum so I can't give any more details but they are adding more providers soon.
  2. HskysNvrSlp


    In CT for a few days and want to get to the game tonight. What are the chances of finding a ticket outside the XL for the game?
  3. HskysNvrSlp

    Sleeper Final Four Teams

  4. HskysNvrSlp


    Boat getting some love. Nothing we don't already know but a decent read nonetheless.
  5. HskysNvrSlp

    Jack Bruce

    The great bassist, Jack Bruce, passed away today. He was great with Cream but also with the Bluesbreakers, John McLaughlin and countless others. A true pioneer, legend, and inspiration to many many people. RIP.
  6. HskysNvrSlp


    Coach Ollie Returns Ferocious, Hard-working, Pure A Blinding Future