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  1. Purple Stein

    2019 24 Team FBS Playoff Sim

    And your updated bracket -- go FAU!
  2. Purple Stein

    2019 24 Team FBS Playoff Sim

    First round is in the books! 17. Memphis 34 16. Iowa 20 Memphis scored the final 21 points of the game to overcome a 20-13 early fourth quarter deficit, upsetting 16th seeded Iowa 34-20 in Iowa City. Toren Young ran for 102 yards in the loss. Memphis travels to LSU for an impossible Sweet 16...
  3. Purple Stein

    Christmas Eve, Eve, Eve ThoughtZ™

    Was watching Depaul the other day and Leitao's offense had great movement. One of the voices in the back of my head said "where's the guy setting the useless screen 22 feet from the basket?"
  4. Purple Stein

    UNH VS. UConn game replay?

    They’re bottom third, but certainly not one of the worst. Before today their worst loss was 14 points.
  5. Purple Stein

    Challenge Evedything

    We can't seriously imagine that the time of day we were practicing had any role in the results of our games. It's not like were were losing because of a handful of mental errors, or because we were fatigued. Our losses had nothing to do with body clock. We were losing because we weren't...
  6. Purple Stein

    UNH gameday Haiku

    Wildcats' biggest loss Is fourteen (at St. John's). Don't Expect a blowout.
  7. Purple Stein

    Your feelings on sweaters

    I wear cardigans sometimes. They’re the perfect old man sweater for all ages.
  8. Purple Stein

    OT: Sports terms you can't stand/are tired of.

    “Launch angle,” too.
  9. Purple Stein

    OT: Just be happy UConn isn't CCSU

    Sorry about your dad -- sounds like he gave you a lot of great experiences to remember.
  10. Purple Stein

    OT: Just be happy UConn isn't CCSU

    Mark Rybcyzk ain’t walkin through that door...
  11. Purple Stein

    OT: Just be happy UConn isn't CCSU

    Should get on the board next Sunday vs Conn College. After that, hope they can steal a couple in the NEC!
  12. Purple Stein

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Grandma style? That's Old Forge Style!
  13. Purple Stein

    2019 24 Team FBS Playoff Sim

    Over the past two years I've run a sim of a 24 team FBS playoff similar to the structure the FCS tournament. In 2017, the sim had Georgia winning the national championship 27-13 over Alabama. In 2018, it had LSU winning the national championship 14-10 over Alabama (Clemson, the actual national...
  14. Purple Stein

    Too Many Deficiencies- NIT

    I think, in a game like this, points are a variance that's hard to account for. Once we seized control of the game, which I will grant took longer than anyone would like, they never had a chance to win. That's what matters.
  15. Purple Stein

    Too Many Deficiencies- NIT

    St. Peter's plays hard and has D1 talent. We showed up to play "St. Peter's" and out of the gate we weren't prepared for their pace or intensity. Once we figured out the shape of the game, we seized the score and kept them out of reach because we're somewhat faster, stronger, taller, and more...
  16. Purple Stein

    NET Ranking for Tournament Selection

    Exactly! People love to dismiss/hate on the RPI, but it was a project of its time. Ken Pom, etc., are in part responses to the limitations of RPI. 20 years from now, if there's still an NCAA, we'll have moved onto something new.
  17. Purple Stein

    Gaffney took a big step forward tonight

    He’s gotta keep his head up. His body language makes it look like he gets really down on himself when he makes a bad play. Agreed, though. He was more assertive tonight.
  18. Purple Stein

    OT: Less vs. fewer

    This is also stupid. “To be” verbs make for functional communication.
  19. Purple Stein

    Game Day Haiku UConn vs St. Peter

    Kind of a mismatch — St. Peter is gonna need Some more apostles.
  20. Purple Stein

    Matt Brown: UConn Expected To Reach TV Deal With SNY

    That depends. What's your position on the regional location of Oklahoma?
  21. Purple Stein

    Transfer portal - outbound

    I'm not gonna research this, but I wonder -- how many players has RE put in the NFL in his last five seasons as a coach? In his five total seasons at Maryland?
  22. Purple Stein

    Proposal “Circulating” Around CFB That Would Expand Playoff To 8 Teams

    That would pretty much guarantee no such team would ever be deemed worthy. 24 teams, all conference champions get to play. It’s the easiest way to increase parity across NCAAF, which means it will never happen, lol.
  23. Purple Stein

    Colgate vs Cincinnati....

    Cronin was Cincinnati. Might be their turn to wander the desert for a bit...
  24. Purple Stein

    OT: Christmas gifts of the year

    I'm wearing shoes from 2006 and my car is from 2007. Shoes are fading fast, but car just keeps on keeping on :)
  25. Purple Stein

    IU struggling with a crap Nebraska team

    2012. Royce White. Total suckage.
  26. Purple Stein

    IU struggling with a crap Nebraska team

    Can’t we all just share in the joy of Fred Hoiberg losing?
  27. Purple Stein

    Proposal “Circulating” Around CFB That Would Expand Playoff To 8 Teams

    It's a TV show. 23 tournament games are more fun than 23 craptastic bowl games. You can still have the same conversation about who's "deserving" of the top 4 seeds, or the 8 first round byes, if that really matters.
  28. Purple Stein

    Rough night for Hurley

    Hurley is really just starting down the path we already completed with JC. In the end, we won a lot -- but Calhoun/we lost a lot of big games along the way. This has nothing to do with Indiana, obviously, but I think we have to accept that DH can't just pick up where JC left off. We're a part...
  29. Purple Stein

    Celtics Big man

    OKC may be looking to deal as the season goes on -- wonder if Nerlens Noel can finally find his way to Boston.
  30. Purple Stein

    Predictions/Expectations for the rest of the season?

    I'm thinking 4th or 5th in the AAC followed by a deep run into the NIT.
  31. Purple Stein

    Proposal “Circulating” Around CFB That Would Expand Playoff To 8 Teams

    8 would be a good start, but 24 is where we want to be. That’s the only model where UConn has a chance of being “on the bubble” someday.
  32. Purple Stein

    That was quick, Addazio....

    In the sense that the generic deli meats at your local Big Y are world class, yes.
  33. Purple Stein

    That was quick, Addazio....

    Let’s not pretend Colorado State is making this hire because they’re chasing Alabama.