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  1. psconn

    Carl A Article Jacki Gemelos

    Very hard not to root for Jacki...
  2. psconn

    State of the Sun 2 Games In

    My Sun is not looking very good, other than AT and DB who are doing all they can. The starting backcourt is shooting <20% on the season. Bri Jones is OK... no better or worse than expected. KML off the bench is a liability on D and shooting 20% from the field (11% from 3). Rookies Kaila...
  3. psconn

    Hiedeman Back at Sun Practice

    Too bad Natisha and Kaila have trouble making new friends. :p I remember the first time I saw Natisha at a Sun practice. She was soooooo serious and intense, never saw her smile at all. I loved her effort and intensity and I was shocked when the Sun waived her. Once she was brought back...
  4. psconn

    Bria Hartley IG Interview Tonight

    Last night Kenneth Pannell interviewed CT Sun rookie Kaila Charles via instagram in the WNBA Bubble. Over 40 minutes long, the interview dragged in spots but I got to know Kaila pretty well, and learned a little about life in the Wubble. Tonight it's Bria Hartley's turn live @ 9pm...
  5. psconn

    WNBA Schedule
  6. psconn

    CT Sun Rookies... Any Info?

    The Sun drafted Kaila Charles and (after JJ opted out) acquired Beatrice Mompremier. I've looked at some video and I really can't decide if these players will have much impact. Kaila looks like an all-round good player and could find some minutes if she can show she has some range. Seems...
  7. psconn

    OT: What Will You Do With Stimulus Money?

    We have decided that we will spend 100% of it in local, one-location small businesses as quickly as we reasonably can. These places are a major piece of the economy and pretty much define the community you live in and probably employ(ed) your kids or grandkids. I fear if we don't actively...
  8. psconn

    Tamika Catchings... GOAT? :eek: Hmmmmm. Discuss.... :cool:
  9. psconn

    Coronavirus & the WNBA (Gabby Williams)
  10. psconn

    Remember Jackie Gemelos?...

    Just signed with the Sun for training camp (assuming there will be one). Wasn't she supposed to be UConn's "next big thing" at one point?
  11. psconn

    Just saw Swin in a Commercial

    Secret deodorant... Sitting at the head of a business conference table looking confident and powerful.
  12. psconn

    KML to the Sun

    A little Husky fan service. The loss of Courtney Williams was a blow to fans. This won't make a big difference in the fortunes of the team, but it doesn't hurt them at least. I'm guessing Rachel Banham will be gone unless she's willing to work very cheap. I actually prefer Rachel at her best...
  13. psconn

    Morgan Injured Overseas

    January 29 release: "...Cukurova fell to TTT Riga, 83-51. Morgan Tuck did not play and as announced yesterday by Cukurova, Tuck’s contract has been mutually terminated due to an injury." Anyone find any details?
  14. psconn

    Courtney Williams to Atlanta

    Sounds like another player demanding out of Connecticut. “We realize Courtney was a fan-favorite and we wish her the best in Atlanta. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts and all the loyalty and support we've shown Courtney over the last four seasons, it became clear she no longer wanted to...
  15. psconn

    Stricklen Departs Sun for the ATL

    Strick provided some of the most exciting and joyful moments in franchise history. Just as More important, she seems to be a really good person. She'll be missed. Comfimed on the roster so far: Bria Holmes Jonquel Jones DeWanna Bonner Natisha Hiedeman Alyssa Thomas Jasmine Thomas...
  16. psconn

    CT Sun in "Win Now" Mode

    So here we are at the beginning of the free agency scramble and the Sun just demonstrated AGAIN that they are willing to sacrifice the future to try to win now. Remember, Jas and AT are free agents next year. 3 first round picks traded to the Mercury for DeWanna Bonner. Not exactly my favorite...
  17. psconn

    Anna Gets the Start

    It was inevitable.
  18. psconn

    CT Sun 2020 Schedule

    Brutal May schedule... Sky, Storm, Mercury and Sparks twice along with the Liberty. Could be an ugly start. Think LA will play with a little chip on their shoulders?
  19. psconn

    WNBA Schedule Released
  20. psconn

    Sun v. Mystics - The Final

    Here we go. Feeling the same way about this series as the last - the Sun must play their absolute A-game to come away with championship #1. They have much less margin for error than the Mystics have. They will need something like LA Game 1 & 2 post play, and LA Game 3 guard play consistently...
  21. psconn

    Courtney Williams Profile... Good Read
  22. psconn

    Sun Head West Up 2-0

    What an amazing first two games! I'm sure no one saw this coming; I certainly didn't. The atmosphere in the Arena has been wild... so much fun. Tonight's game in a nutshell: Sun 46 rebounds, 16 offensive; Sparks 24 rebounds, 4 offensive AND the Sun have Alyssa Thomas and the Sparks don't...
  23. psconn

    WNBA Bracket With my head I'll say the final is going to be Mystics v Sparks. With my heart... Mystics v Sun.
  24. psconn

    Jonquel's Family is OK

    Time to help support the Bahamas' recovery:
  25. psconn

    Courtney Williams Eastern P.O.W.

    ...and Griner in the West.
  26. psconn

    The Latest in Morgan-wear :D
  27. psconn

    JJ Opens Up in the Player's Tribune

    Surprised this didn't get posted before (maybe I missed it). I found it very moving and insightful. Positive thoughts and best wishes to JJ's friends, family and fellow Bahamians under the gun with Hurricane...
  28. psconn

    Sun Avert Disaster at NYL

    What can you say... a win is a win. A team with championship aspirations has to be better than that against a Charles-less NYL. Very disappointing. Blew a 12 point lead and lost their minds in the 3rd with three consecutive technical fouls (Thomas, Thomas, Miller). :( To control their own...
  29. psconn

    Sun Take Care of Business in Seattle

    The Sun again ride the ATrain to victory. Now the Sun will come back east for the Liberty. 3 games in 6 days with 6 time zone crossings and a three hour commercial flight from LA to Seattle in the middle. Forget records, it's going to take a huge effort to beat the Liberty. Look out! :eek: Trap...
  30. psconn

    Pheesa with Another ROY Game

    Great game versus the Aces. Phee's efficiency, versatility, scoring AND defense... there's no other legitimate ROY contender at this point.
  31. psconn

    Morgan's Highlights v. Aces

  32. psconn

    Sun Beat Aces to Take Over #1 Spot

    Really gutsy performances by everyone who played but especially Alyssa Freakin' Thomas, Courtney "the Walking Bucket" Williams, JJ and Jas. Morgan, Theresa, Bria and Strick also put in some good work in minutes extended by the 3 injury-related DNPs. The Arena was NUTS!! Crazy energy from...
  33. psconn

    Sun Clinch Playoff Berth vs. Wings

    This sets up a HUGE game with the Aces on Friday. The 2nd place double-bye is (at least for now) at stake as the winner will have the heads-up series tie breaker. I'm already stressed out. :mad:
  34. psconn

    Sun vs. Storm... Whew!

    1) Wild ride last night at the Arena. Throat sore, ears ringing. 2) Very entertaining, highly emotional game which, had it ended differently, might have been the first shovel of dirt on the Sun's championship aspirations. 3) While Stricklen can be criticized for her streakiness, this was one of...
  35. psconn

    Sun vs Mercury

    Went into this thinking it was the ultimate trap game. The Sun have to win this, and by more than a little. OBTW, somewhere in the first minute or so Bonner drives and JJ cleanly spikes the ball out of bounds. ESPN announcer says Bonner "loses it out of bounds" but Mercury retain possession...