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  1. NowInStorrs

    OT: Avery Johnson out at Alabama

    Avery Johnson Fired as Alabama Basketball Head Coach After 4 Seasons with Team
  2. NowInStorrs

    UConn has appeared in 56.8% of AP polls since 1999, good enough for 12th place.

    Source: Total AP Men's BB Poll Appearances Summary - College Poll Archive - Historical College Football and Basketball Polls and Rankings I thought this was interesting given that we haven't been in the polls much lately. Also, as a heads up, the site in the link has a lot of ads, but the info...
  3. NowInStorrs

    OT: Cronin holding tryouts to see which players go to Memphis with the team

    Cronin: 'We'll have tryouts tomorrow' "Following the University of Cincinnati's men's basketball 85-69 loss to the University of Houston Sunday afternoon, UC head coach Mick Cronin said his team will have a tryout tomorrow to find out who will be going to the upcoming American Athletic...
  4. NowInStorrs

    UConn and USF in the 8 vs 9 matchup

    Winner plays Houston. 2019 American Athletic Conference Men's Basketball Tournament - Wikipedia Edit: Now posted on the AAC website if you want it from an official source.
  5. NowInStorrs

    OT: Rumors about Shaka Smart

  6. NowInStorrs

    OT: UCF defeated SMU 95-48 earlier today

    Tacko Fall had 23 pts and 20 rebounds. UCF had 5 players in double figures. SMU did not have any.
  7. NowInStorrs

    OT: Meanwhile at TCU

  8. NowInStorrs

    Pikiell signs long-term extension with Rutgers

    Steve Pikiell signs extension to remain Rutgers basketball coach, sources say
  9. NowInStorrs

    OT: Sean Miller's comments after Colorado beats Arizona

    "You always want your team to play for you as the coach and our guys, they really struggled playing for me — they really do," Arizona coach Sean Miller said. "I can't get them to play hard. We do it for a while. I know we've had a win streak. "With our team, it's really hard to get our guys to...
  10. NowInStorrs

    ESPN gives UConn an 18% chance to beat Tulsa tonight

    Connecticut vs. Tulsa - Game Summary - January 3, 2018 - ESPN Too low? Too high? About right?
  11. NowInStorrs

    UConn is 5-0 all time against Arizona

    UConn and Arizona have both been ranked every time they have played each other. A little over a month until meeting number 6. Gotta get ranked and then keep the streak alive.
  12. NowInStorrs

    USC Upstate leaving the A-Sun for the Big South

    USC Upstate moving to Big South Conference Is this the big conference realignment news we've been waiting for?
  13. NowInStorrs

    This kid reminds me of Roscoe Smith

    Except that he made his shot. Apparently he thought there were 3 seconds left on the clock instead of 30.
  14. NowInStorrs

    OT: Fraschilla tweets about seismic recruiting development

    He is of course very vague as to what this could be. Anyone think it might actually be something interesting?
  15. NowInStorrs

    OT: Jermaine Harris' Top 8

    I don't get this list. Is that Southern Utah in the top left? Also, Kansas. That's quite a spread.
  16. NowInStorrs

    OT: Butler's Chris Holtmann named new Ohio State coach

    Ohio State Buckeyes basketball taps Butler's Chris Holtmann as new head coach
  17. NowInStorrs

    OT: What happens when God calls you to go one-and-done but the NBA isn't in on the plan?

    I just read this article about Tony Anderson who dropped out of college and declared for the NBA draft after averaging 5.0 pts and 2.1 rebs per game as a freshman at Southeast Missouri State. He said that God had told him to do it. Unsurprisingly, he was not selected during the draft, nor did...
  18. NowInStorrs

    OT: Big XII may have power to kick Baylor out of the conference

    The Big 12 may have power to kick Baylor out of the conference Specifically for Section 1.3.2 of the league's bylaws regarding institutional control and failure to investigate and take corrective action.
  19. NowInStorrs

    OT: Frank Jackson to hire agent for draft

    Does this mean some recruiting dominos will start to fall now?