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    UConn athletic department deficit reached $42 million in 2019 with a decline in ticket sales and league revenue

    7 homes games do the math. 475,000 per game maybe 30 x 15000 per game.
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    Small Goals For Today v Cincinnati

    At halftime
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    Small Goals For Today v Cincinnati

    Actually cincy football scored more than Sacred Heart in last nights basketball game
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    Small Goals For Today v Cincinnati

    Small goal. Get to the plane on time
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    What an absolute joke

    Susan Herbst killed football
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    Season Tickets for 2019-2020

    Lee Perkins did this at Kansas. People going 50 years were bounced
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    UConn athletic department in 2018: generated $40 million in revenue, $81 million in expenses

    The end started the The end started the day Randi quit and Susan started. It’s been a series of very bad decisions since then ! Horrible teams and a 40 million $ deficit didn’t happen overnight
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    Were #130 !

    Ok. Maybe 128. Before this embarrassment
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    Were #130 !

    It’s official.
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    Why keep football ?

    Rankings : Out of 129 124 (-1) Connecticut Huskies (1-5) 125 Texas State Bobcats (1-4) 126 Bowling Green Falcons (1-5) 127 Rice Owls (1-5) 128 San Jose State Spartans (0-5) 129 Texas-El Paso Miners (0-6)
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    I think we're turning the corner

    We all must face reality. The recruits that have been at the home games will never come to UCONN if they have options. The program has fallen apart with much of the Athletic Department. The AD will be gone if he can go back to the SEC. Everyone knows he is looking. No different than when...
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    OC Job Posted - Assistant Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator (Specialist 2A)

    We will never know how UCONN hires . They use a professional recruiting firm and a committee from the UCONN community Educators, coaches, donors ... That's how PP BD and the AD were selected Larry and Susan make the ultimate decision
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    Still No Show of Support for HCBD?

    Lol They don't have one
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    Randy left and Susan came in

    Susan H got the job right before the Fiesta Bowl . She looked to the guy who hired here , Larry McHugh, for approval on sports issues as she came in with no experience in those area, Since then McHugh has guided all of the major decisions on football. Think back to all of the decision , the...
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    UConn Football is Dead

    We can all thank Larry McHugh
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    Well, it's a full fledged disaster and it's only going to get....

    it will take at least 5 to 6 years to be competitive again. Recruits are going to the other conferences and schools After a few underclass man bail out this year they will have to completely rebuild. Rent expansion is doomed
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    so, who will be our next big made for TV rival?

    Same old names. Tennessee looks to have good recruits. Can they develop them is another story
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    how does Manuel have a job still?

    They don't need 125 million. They need 25% for the State to finance the balance. they have raised over 25 million and the Big East Payout should get them to finally start
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    how does Manuel have a job still?

    The Prez and Warde hit the fix everything lotto with the Big East payment. UCONN will now have enough money to build the countries best basketball practice and training facility. They actually should have enough to complete all of the proposed sports facilities upgrades. By the time this is...
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    Stef Not Practicing - Stress Injuries

    Too many minutes and pounding in practice.
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    Bria will be pushed and checked harder and tighter in each of the next three games. If her ball handling and leadership stays at the level as the Idaho game she'll be ready for the final four
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    Tickets for Bridgeport

    Will any more tickets become available for Bridgeport?
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    Season Ticket invoice arrived...

    Season tickets sales will be up . There will be a few thousand Michigan fans buying the whole package. They pay more for seats as close as they will get at the Rent. The unused games will go on stub hub. Happens with many big schools. This one especially as its such a small venue and they...
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    Pat Forde (Yahoo expert) says UConn was huge underachiever

    keep in mind these are all Randy recruits Wait a couple years
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    Mel Kiper and Todd McShay: "How did UConn give up any points?"

    These are Randy's guys. His crew recruited some great defensive players and developed them as we'll. lets see if PP is as successful
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    Warde and Calhoun

    Remeber this .. When's the last time you heard about the groundbreaking.... Doesn't make him a bad guy but if he can't get this done with 2 hall of fame coaches ....
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    Warde and Calhoun

    Anyone think Warde will ever leave Calhoun's side at a game ? Hathaway and Pendergast got to know many fans
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    Larry McHugh should be pressured to publicly take ownership of Pasqualoni/GDL

    McHugh take ? Don't beleive it was all Hathaway. McHugh has final say. No question about it
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    Why Can't We Close It Out Against Notre Dame?

    Anyone at the game see diggins antics after the game. Screaming at the fans that this was her fuc@king house and our choice words.
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    The importance of the Michigan game.

    Michigan fans will buy all available even if it means buying season tickets. Our season tickets are relatively cheap. Many school with big time following will do this. The tickets for the games they don't go to will show up on stub hub
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    Warde - once and for all - define your vision

    realistically nothing at all will be done to the Rent for years to come. basketball practice facility is behind schedule and football season sales down 30 % from the peak. When the basketball and all of the other on campus facilities are done as proposed there may be a couple dollars left for...
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    UConn will be fine.

    Things are quiet about the basketball practice facility. Heard donations dried up and some withdrawn. Could be. A big blow if verified