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    Geno and Diana on Instagram

    Dee's clarity of thought, ability to communicate succinctly, as well as her strong personal presence are all great attributes to have should she wish to go into coaching. Regretfully, if she did choose that path, I believe she would do it on the west coast.
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    Shot clock

    Certainly by high school there should be a shot clock; I believe it would help accelerate both cognitive and physical skill development (as MJ would say, if you're not pushed you'll never get better). Also, there is nothing more boring than watching a BB game with no movement (I used to hate...
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    OT: Favorite College Town

    The college towns/cities I've been to that I put at the top of my list: Ithaca, Cambridge (Boston metro), Santa Barbara (just plain beautiful city and location). College town I haven't been to that I'd rank right up there: Williamsburg, VA.
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    Who do they remind you of?

    Having just watched a few YouTube videos of Nika Muhl, I saw a lot of Sue Bird game in her. Nika's quickness, speed, court awareness, pinpoint passing, ability to stop on a dime to get off a shot, and 3 point shooting all reminded me of SB's game. Additionally, I came away stunned at how...
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    2021 Caroline Ducharme to UConn

    Yikes! This young gal can stroke it. She certainly looks like a 6 footer from the clips, unless she’s playing in the Munchkin league (or was it the Lullaby League).
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    OT: Great times on the Berlin Turnpike

    Some McD's history in CT: Where the Arches are Made of Gold
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    Paige Daily Video Allotment

    She has some Pistol Pete in her game; how ‘bout #23 (his LSU #)...
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    NCAAs officially canceled [merged thread]

    Major bummer indeed! :( Selfishly, I would have preferred playing without fans; however, I do understand their decision.
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    AAC Tournament Cancelled
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    OT: Cord Cutters

    Not a Yankee fan so not concerned. I am concerned about increasing rates for such services as YouTube TV and others that will make streaming services just as cost prohibitive as traditional cable. I just switched from Frontier cable, internet and phone to GoNetSpeed, YouTube TV and streaming...
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    Forcing UConn to Portland WHY??????

    That's precisely what Geno said a few weeks ago during his radio show.
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    Kyla status [merged thread]

    I love that young lady; my heart broke for her, seeing her laying on the floor in obvious distress. Prayers for a speedy recovery!
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    Mohegan Sun Tournament - unsettled questions

    I just cancelled my reservation at Tuscany for this afternoon and decided not to attend the game. Not happy about it, but out of an abundance of caution thought it was the prudent thing to do. :(
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    Olde Coach...Warren...Mikaela..skiing!

    When I saw Mikaela's TV commercial the first person I thought of was Olde Coach. No disrespect to the many fine posters here but Olde Coach's posts were the only ones I considered a must read.
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    2020 Olympics Should it be Cancelled/Delayed?

    Every MD I've heard comment on the earliest a vaccine will be available is 9 months to over 1 year.
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    Paige on Senior Nite video Un-be-live-able

    After last weeks Coach's Show (iHeart ESPN) Geno spent another hour taking questions from the audience in attendance and regaling us with anecdotes in his own inimitable way. Someone asked for his thoughts regarding his incoming recruits for next year, to which he responded that he is very...
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    OT: Cord Cutters

    Check the internet provider's download and upload speeds (upload speeds are quite often much lower than the quoted download speeds) before you commit. The hosts at "Computer Talk with TAB" (WTIC 1080 AM Sat 9 to 11 a.m.) suggest most users can do very well with much lower speeds than what your...
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    Paige on Senior Nite video Un-be-live-able

    I'm most concerned about her slight frame and how she will deal with the strength and size of more physically mature college players. The rest of her game is pretty special.
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    OT: Cord Cutters

    I finally cut the cord a few weeks ago, going with GoNetSpeed (a high speed internet service available in West Hartford) for $50/month guaranteed for life, 150 Mbps upload and download speeds, free install to the house. You'll need your own router, streaming device and content provider (e.g...
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    UConn women’s basketball vs. Baylor: time, how to watch, broadcasters, preview

    My idea for a great game is one that is well played game by both teams (e.g., few turnovers, good defense, few fouls, good pace of play, make open shots, good passing, making a high % from the free throw line, and finally, no one making a big mistake that costs their team the game at the end)...
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    Brad Stevens tells team ‘if you want to be special, then model after Kemba’

    What an extraordinary breath of fresh air Kemba brings to the Celtics. Kyrie leaving was the best thing that could have happened to the Celts, opening up cap space to sign Kemba (thank you Knicks for not being interested enough) and providing the unselfishness and leadership that Kyrie has...
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    OT: Cord Cutters

    Though I am preparing to do something similar, I'm afraid that the savings will be short lived as content fees are growing at an alarming rates (subscription fees to these services will increase as a result). At some point I expect the pricing to even out, though I will pocket the saving during...
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    What was Geno eating postgame presser??nm

    Quite the contrary; I've noticed this repeatedly over the years during his post game interviews. Very off putting.
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    Aaliyah Edwards to UConn!!!

    I believe this year's WNBA MVP was a 50/40/90 player (ED)?
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    Best Bacon Egg + Cheese in CT?

    I'm not arguing that it is the best, but certainly one of the best values, is Hall's Market in W. Htfd. Two eggs, bacon, cheese on a roll for $2.99.
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    Coach Auriemma mic'd up for practice

    Excess belly fat health risks: The Dangers of Belly Fat
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    OT: Best Beer

    Out on Long Island, Montauk Brewing Co.'s Watermelon Ale is a very nice summer brew.
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    OT: Keney Golf

    Played there this past weekend from white tees; had I payed attention to the length from the whites I would have played from the blues. Even from the tips (gold tees) I believe its less than 6500 yards. The course's only defense is its undulating greens and fairways (always seem to be hitting...
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    Anna Makurat Commits to UConn

    Anna's size, movements, skills and confident aggressiveness remind me of someone...
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    Nice night for a coming out party, ONO?

    ONO was terrific. She will continue to get better, particularly when she adds some weight and strength (and when she learns to keep her arms straight up when defending).
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    Congrats to ND

    I'm sure it will be a bitter pill to swallow for KLS and NC, not being able to get past the semi's 3 years in a row; particularly the way in which the games were lost. They are great kids and I'd like to say they deserved better, but they didnt play well enough to win. I'll miss them...
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    Gustafson named AP Player of the Year

    MG is a very deserving NPOY winner. Congrats!