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  1. J

    Kentucky and Indiana in Des Moines is a break for us

    Kansas has proximity on their side, but Kentucky travels better than they do, and Indiana travels really well too. IF by some miracle we get past Colorado, they might not have that great of a crowd advantage, relatively speaking.
  2. J

    is Ollie's half court offense philosophy?

    Sorry for making a thread outside the game thread, and I'll gladly eat crow if they miraculously turn it around in the second half, but our offense is just abysmal. I can see what he wants to do on defense, but our offense is just a series of Hamilton, Gibbs, Adams, and Purvis holding the ball...
  3. J

    We haven't trailed by more than 9 points since the Maryland game

    That might not seem all that impressive, but I think it's significant. This team stays in games because their defense can make the other team go for 5 minute stretches where they barely score. It'll be important in March. If you can stay close you obviously have a shot, and I like our chances if...
  4. J

    Defensive Score Sheet-Tampa

    First off, I want to thank @tcf15 and @gampelcrazies for the site for the replay to this game and all the work they do. Charting games can sometimes require looking at individual plays up to 5 times, and the interface on that site is very useful and easy to use compared to...
  5. J

    2009 Marquette

    Watching the Cavs-Bulls game and Jimmy Butler got me thinking about how many good players were on that 2009 Marquette team. Butler was only a sophomore so he wasn't all that productive compared to his later seasons, but that team had at least 5 very good/great college players. Obviously UConn...
  6. J

    Did Calipari really not watch any UW game film?

    His haughtiness catches up to him again. If true that is just inexcusable.
  7. J

    Providence has not won an NCAA tournament game since Steve Enoch was born

    18 years. Just so pathetic. But I'm sure they're still the "future premier program in New England".
  8. J

    The bottom teams in the American need to get better

    How you do against top 50 RPI teams doesn't even seem to really matter any more. Even the RPI doesn't seem to matter too much anymore. It's mostly about your schedule strength. One of the good things about the American currently is that if you have 4 top 50 teams, with the conference...
  9. J

    Pastner is an idiot

    Memphis makes a good comeback in the last few minutes to tie up the game and then he decides to keep the press on for whatever reason which Temple easily breaks to get a layup to go back on top. They didn't even press after a timeout or a dead ball, just not a smart decision.
  10. J

    Anyone else surprised that the game tomorrow opened as a pickem?

    I think it'll be close, but SMU is really good. I thought they'd open up at -3 or -4.
  11. J

    DeAndre was a way bigger loss than I thought

    We all knew that losing Shabazz was going to be huge, but not having DeAndre this year has really, really hurt. The pick and pop play with him last year was deadly, and it spaced the rest of the offense. Teams were really limited in how they defended ball screens. Facey and Brimah scare no one...
  12. J

    What was Calhoun's plus/minus?

    Not to bash the kid, but he was absolutely brutal tonight.
  13. J

    Syracuse rallies from 15 down to beat Carleton Carleton is the best basketball school in Canada and has knocked off a bunch of D-1 teams over the years, so this isn't all that surprising.
  14. J

    Fun re-watching the Championship game with Dickie V

    Announcing. I forgot that he and Shulman did the international broadcast. Dickie V's pre game comments were ridiculous, including saying that Kentucky was "bigger and more talented" at every position. Listening to him sound audibly disappointed as UConn wins the game is entertaining.
  15. J

    Your top 10 UConn basketball teams of all time

    These are the teams that that you think are the best, not your favorite teams. Mine: 1. 1999 2. 2004 3. 1996 4. 1995 5. 2009 6. 1990 7. 2011 8. 2014 9. 2006 10. 1998 I was tempted to go with '94 or '02 over '98 at the end, but that '98 team was made up of pretty much the entire bulk of the...
  16. J

    Newsome- "I always wanted to play for my home state school"
  17. J

    Seems like Vegas thinks that Shabazz won't play tomorrow

    The line opened at Pitt-9.5. Granted the oddsmakers have been a bit off on UConn all year long, but I can't imagine they'd set the line like that if they think Shabazz is going to play.
  18. J

    Would you take Smallwood over Te'o?

    I've always thought that Te'o is a bit overrated, but maybe that's just my anti-Notre Dame bias speaking.
  19. J

    Roll Call for NC State

    I'll be there +3.
  20. J

    Another reason to fire GDL

    All the key skill players on offense are sophomores. These guys have the potential to be pretty good. I liked what I saw out of a lot of them. We can't waste them with Deleone.
  21. J

    Hypothetically, would you even be that happy if we end up in the ACC?

    They've passed over us 6 times now. They've left us out to dry. They've told us that we're worse than a commuter school from Kentucky. They made Herbst look like a fool when she begged, and then lauded Jurich and Ramsey for "pushing their school". As Fishy said earlier, they've used different...
  22. J

    Aresco Interview

    This is kind of buried in the key tweets thread, but I think it's interesting. He was on with Brando this morning and seemingly insinuated that UConn is going to leave. At 3:54 he's talking about rivalries and says, "We have Temple, and uh, you know at this point Connecticut". Then...
  23. J

    SIAP: Pete Thamel says one of the dumbest things yet The UConn vs. Louisville debate is a fascinating one. Louisville has a drastically superior football program, basketball program and overall athletic department. What?
  24. J

    duck you Mark Emmert

  25. J

    Max Redfield

    4* safety ranked in the top 50 nationally who recently de-committed from USC. He was born in Stamford and both his parents went to UConn. Did the staff even reach out to him? Not that it means much, but I feel like we'd lead for this kid if he played basketball. BTW, that's at least two top...
  26. J

    Anyone else still without power?

    Damn this is frustrating.
  27. J

    Syracuse is just bad

    Compared to most on here, I've been pretty reserved as far as the coaching staff goes. And you can't put too much emphasis on one game, but if we lose tomorrow then I will be just as livid as everyone else on here. Syracuse is one of the few teams we should be able to beat. They probably have...
  28. J

    Jeff Hathaway

    That is all.
  29. J

    Anyone else not getting ESPN3/WatchESPN to work?

    I have Cablevision so in theory I should get it. Every time I try to click on a game to watch it, nothing happens. And firstrow isn't working either.
  30. J

    Rutgers Hate Week

    I will try and limit to my vitriol to one thread, but that may be difficult. Rutgers, this is why you suck: -UConn has done more in a decade of FBS football than you've done in over a century -You coined arguably the lamest motto in all of collegiate or professional sports: "keep chopping"...
  31. J

    Jeff Hathaway

    Not to beat a dead horse, but can someone name even one thing that he did that was halfway decent? He just defines the word incompetent. He only had to make one significant in 8 years and he hired Paul Pasqualoni. What a disaster.
  32. J


    Yesterday is an example of why not taking into account true freshmen based on "principle" is so inane. Diggs was clearly the most explosive player on the field for Maryland. Yeah, UConn hasn't had very many true freshmen who make a big impact, but numerous other programs have true frosh each...
  33. J

    Let's go Northwestern

    Figured I'd get on this early.