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  1. Rico444

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    If that was their goal, it's not working out too well. If anything, we've gotten even better at recruiting in the last few months.
  2. Rico444

    CESSPOOL in Main Forums menu

    If you want to be able to get to the Cesspool easily, just add it to your watched forums. When you're at the board, towards the top right of the page you'll see the "watch" button. Once it is a watched forum, you can access it under "forums -> watched forums."
  3. Rico444

    OT: Baseball is screwed!

    There's no way to protect the old and sick if we send kids back to school, because many older and sick people live with kids in the house.
  4. Rico444

    OT: Baseball is screwed!

    You're entitled to your opinion of course, but the amount of spreading that sending these kids back to school will facilitate is not worth it to me. Our country has not controlled this virus like many others has, so comparing what could happen here to what has happened in countries where the...
  5. Rico444

    OT: Baseball is screwed!

    You disagree that a lot of adults are going to die? It hasn't been proven that kids don't spread this disease, and as long as that's the case, opening up schools will put a ton of teachers, aides, nurses, administrators, AND older people that live with kids at home in danger.
  6. Rico444

    OT: Baseball is screwed!

    It is, but to a lesser degree. Lots of at-risk teachers, aides, nurses, and adminstration are going to die if kids go back to school.
  7. Rico444

    OT: Baseball is screwed!

    Not to derail this thread, but this sort of thing just makes it obvious that kids going back to school is going to be a disaster.
  8. Rico444

    OT...Sorry Amazon Fire Stick

    I didn't even ask, they just sent it with the tech when he came to install the internet.
  9. Rico444

    OT: Miami Marlins COVID outbreak

    I think there's a chance they could do it, but only if they use tests that get results back within an hour or two. MLB's tests results aren't coming back for 48 hours, and that means guys get tested, then go out on the field and play twice before finding out if that test came back positive. Same...
  10. Rico444

    OT: Miami Marlins COVID outbreak

    2 coaches and 8 or 9 players have tested positive for COVID-19 this morning. Added to 4 from yesterday, that makes at least 12 players. Their chartered flight was cancelled and their home opener tonight postponed while the rest of the team gets tested and awaits results. Not looking good for...
  11. Rico444

    2021 Recruiting: Rahsool Diggins Commits to UConn

    There's been some speculation about Samson Johnson, but I don't think there's been anything definitive.
  12. Rico444

    2021 Recruiting: Rahsool Diggins Commits to UConn

    I'm assuming Amore substituted 'guts' for testiculos?
  13. Rico444

    Longest homerun you’ve ever seen

    That Reynolds one was a bomb. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it was hit to left-center and still reached the upper deck.
  14. Rico444

    2021 Recruiting: Rahsool Diggins committing Sunday

    I'll be drinking a Treehouse Super Treat and watching the Mets game while we hear his announcement. Cheers!
  15. Rico444

    Longest homerun you’ve ever seen

    There's been a few as a Mets fan. Mo Vaughn hit one about two-thirds of the way up the old scoreboard in right field at Shea. Last year, Pete Alonso hit one about halfway up into the upper deck in Minnesota.
  16. Rico444

    OT...Sorry Amazon Fire Stick

    You don't have to pay extra to watch on your phone.
  17. Rico444

    OT...Sorry Amazon Fire Stick

    The modem was in the same room as the TV. Maybe the fire stick was the problem.
  18. Rico444

    OT...Sorry Amazon Fire Stick

    She will definitely need internet access. It should be fast enough to support streaming live TV; I'll let the experts advise to there, but when I had Frontier 90 MBPS internet it would lag and freeze on me from time to time. Since I switched to Comcast 250 MBPS, I haven't had any lagging or...
  19. Rico444

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    This is absolutely horrible. RIP Stanley.
  20. Rico444

    The Athletic - free year

    This is great, thanks for the heads up! This also works for Sprint customers since they merged with T-Mobile recently. I also just signed up for MLB.TV for the rest of the year for free through this, too.
  21. Rico444

    James Bouknight NBA scouting report

    Great write-up. The only area I'll disagree with (and I'm obviously biased) is that I think James has a great chance to be better than a rotational player in the NBA, and if he blows up this year like we expect I think he's a definite lottery pick.
  22. Rico444

    Clingan 7'2"

    It has seemed pretty clear to me (and probably most of the Boneyard) that this kid is our top priority. Nice to see that he thinks so too. I think Jim Calhoun's first objective when he got here was to make sure that the best CT players stayed in-state for college. Great to see that Hurley has a...
  23. Rico444

    Golf courses

    Aunt Chilada's. I haven't spent much time there since most of my golfing at Sleeping Giant was done when I was in middle/high school.
  24. Rico444

    R.I.P. Charlie Daniels

    This is as good a time as any to remind everyone that the devil kicked Johnny's ass in that fiddle battle. RIP Charlie.
  25. Rico444

    Hurley suggests the season shouldn't start on time. Clearly, he should retire!

    I'm pretty sure until there's a vaccine, every option is going to be a disaster.
  26. Rico444

    OT: Best Beer

    I found this at my local place and had one yesterday. The one I had yesterday tasted pretty close to the on-tap version, which is terrific.
  27. Rico444

    OT: Cord Cutters

    Fiber would be the way to go if it were available, but it isn't in my area.
  28. Rico444

    Maya Moore and Jonathan Irons

    Not sure what this is supposed to mean. By all accounts this was a tremendously courageous thing to do, and Maya sacrificed a lot. Can you clarify what you meant?
  29. Rico444

    OT: Cord Cutters

    Good to know, I was wondering how I was going to approach things when my contract runs up. That's a great deal, although I've found in the past that when I'm not on contract with Comcast, that my bill would slowly start to creep up every few months.