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    Kirk Ferentz/Iowa outside law firm report

    Disciplinary action, drug testing, conditioning practices and goals, verbal abuse, et al, should all be the same for each and every player. No doubt and any deviations should be investigated. But hats and earrings? Can we clean it up a bit?
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    Kirk Ferentz/Iowa outside law firm report

    Hats and earrings? Ferentz is being vilified for not allowing players to wear hats and earrings? Gimme a break.
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    Hartford Athletic allowing fans to attend at 25% capacity

    You don't think UConn can draw 25%?
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    Alternative Football Plan

    Just cancel the season and stop with all the hybrids. CCSU, Sacred Heart, scrimmages . . . please just leave it to heal in peace.
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    An idea for spring football that allows UConn to play

    It could be a real advantage for UConn.
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    UConn Player Highlights: 2004-2005 Season

    No matter how you look at that season, it was an underachieving team. Would love for UConn to go into their next season - whenever that may be - with that talent. Underachievement should have been a Final Four team.
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    UConn Player Highlights: 2004-2005 Season

    Underachieving season. That talent should have taken them to the Final Four and maybe another NC.
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    Running back Depth

    UConn ain't winning when they run either. Need to develop an effective modern offense. Easier to do with an effective QB and 2 or 3 WRs, TEs and RBs.
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    Running back Depth

    What's new? UConn without a passing game. Same ole, same ole. Weak sauce.
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    An advantage for UConn football this season

    So it will be those 15 spring practices that will make the difference against Illinois, Indiana North Carolina and Ole Miss? Let's get this straight . . . if UConn starts practicing on July 1 and these schools start the week before the game (not talking about the players doing zero to get...
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    UConn in the NFL

    Absolutely a big fan of Byron. Lots of love for him, but the music gotta go. Almost couldn't get through the video.
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    Covid-19 shutting down recruiting/practices across college football...

    Has anyone told tOSU, Alabama, Clemson LSU that this apply to them as well as everyone else.
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    A little hope for CV

    Disagree. The seniors, in every program, just completed a 30 game refular season. They played to win those games and their efforts did not go to waste. The conference tourneys and NCAA's are made for TV extras.
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    UConn Baseball 2020

    Do current juniors, sophs and freshman get an extra year? I'd be pissed if I were a junior or soph waiting behind a senior to lose another year of playing time.
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    1-7 and 6

    He defense abilities are overwhelmed by his offensive liabilities. If he is gonna be ojt there for defense, then just have him stand in a corner and not touch the ball on offense.
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    1-7 and 6

    My primary issue with AG, was his shushing the Houston crowd. He made a joke of himself. I hope some Cougars fan make a lowlight video of his play from that point on.
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    Crunch Time

    Well done. This time line says it all.
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    1-7 and 6

    With his play immediately after shushing the crowd, he needs to apologize to his team, coaches and fans.
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    OT Pats

    Refs should not be paid this week. They were totally incompetent.
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    Reninder: Recruiting

    This post is right on the money. Can't compete at FBS level with mid - level FCS players.
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    2020 UConn Commit #16 - Quay Evans (Chester, South Carolina)

    I am one that usually puts stock in the other offers a kid has. It's not a definitive predictor of talent level, but it's nice to know some P5 schools were interested. Their is a reason these schools are, for the most part, better than UConn - recruiting. So this is a very encouraging addition...
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    Jacobs: Don’t blame the AAC for the sad reality of UConn football

    Or. . . . . maybe if the ACC had one more northeast team it wouldn't suck so bad for BC.
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    UMass-UConn football game gets a trophy

    Why? Because UConn couldn't play big boy football? Why not bring back the insignificant (to the college football world) Yankee Conference.
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    UMass-UConn football game gets a trophy

    Yeah, and if you can get Vermont to reinstate its long defunct football program, you can resurect the old Yankee Conference. Very progressive and wrong thinking.
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    So What's Next?

    Should have hired Mike Leach, years ago after he was let go at Texas Tech. He would have created offensive excitment that has almost never existed at UConn. The Huskies will never be a player at this level until they can score at will and win shootout games (UConn 52-Temple 49). The only...
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    Mike Anthony: Another miserable UConn football season is not cause for Randy Edsall’s firing

    Not too mention he runs schemes like it was still the 1960's and offense was simply something you did to pass time until you could go back on defense.
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    Jacobs: Don’t blame the AAC for the sad reality of UConn football

    This post is right on the money in every aspect. Biggest culpability: UConn could have solved a lot of their current headaches by fielding competitive - winning - teams. And for that they needed to be able to recruit better. Should have seen this coming when HCRE left and PP had to resort to...
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    Ryan "Sticky Hands" Griffin ...

    No. Griffen got himself ready. He had the size and speed that the NFL covets. He made himself into an NFL prospect, then a player . . . and then a talented receiver. Who knew?!? UConn absolutely underutilized that skill with their 2 yards and a cloud of dust offense that left the Huskies 4th and...
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    UConn @ UNC -> 11/7/ 2020

    Always like the idea of scheduling UNC. Just would like it if UConn were playing them a roster of legit FBS talent.
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    Ryan "Sticky Hands" Griffin ...

    And to think, Randy used him so little as a receiver when he was here.
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    Hurley versus Edsall (and BD for that matter)

    Randy is not a good recruiter. He is pretty poor. He was average when he had the BE platform, but he is uninspiring. He should have better recuits simply because for the kids it will mean immediate playing time. How? If they can't beat out players that are on the field now, they really have no...
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    So What's Next?

    So lets stick with a retread out of the 1960's. Fire him and get someone who eats, drinks, and breathes offensive football.
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    2020 UConn Commit #12 Jhaylin Embry (Jacksonville Florida) > Decommitted 12/11/19

    Point taken. But a look back three, four, five years and we see the announcements for kids that are 1-11'ing, 2-10'ing for the Huskies now. Recruiting has been a problem, hope this kid is a step out of that hole.
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    How can anyone defend Edsall?

    Only if these commits have better schools interest in them. I always value prospects by who else values them.