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  1. Son of Robert

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    Hawkins best attribute right now is his ability to knock down shots. His form and follow through is pure, original sweetness. Players don't all have a textbook shot, if there is such a thing anymore. Tyler Polley is out the door, maybe Bouknight, maybe Brendan Adams. We need shooters and that's...
  2. Son of Robert

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    Oh sweet Jesus, I've been tagged by Chief. For the record my friend, I commended you for your appreciation of talent, not your supernatural prognostication abilities.
  3. Son of Robert

    Seton Hall Big East Foes Dom Amore 4 Consecutive NCAA Tournament Berths 5 20 Win Seasons Sellout Home Crowds 10,000 Strong Strongest basketball conference, if not now, soon.
  4. Son of Robert

    RIP Stanley Robinson Hartford Courant Mike Anthony Nice story here from Mike Anthony.
  5. Son of Robert

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    Kid has a beautiful shot, nice follow thru.
  6. Son of Robert

    Hartford Courant Dom Amore Big East Recruiting

    Too fast for me Hooperman :)
  7. Son of Robert

    Exodus at Wichita State...

    The last two posts are just on point. With a fresh start, new coach, new system, I'm betting that AG puts it all together this year, and that Wichita State has a good season. Alterique has been learning what you can and can't do as a small guard at the D1 level since he came to UConn, and if he...
  8. Son of Robert

    Hartford Courant Dom Amore Big East Recruiting Yo fellas, I got it done. :) Good Article on our recruiting efforts.
  9. Son of Robert

    2021 Recruiting: Rahsool Diggins Commits to UConn

    We The Best !!!! Welcome Rahsool !!!
  10. Son of Robert

    2021 Recruiting: Rahsool Diggins committing Sunday

    Heady player, great get, come on Rahsool!
  11. Son of Robert

    Rahsool Diggins Videos

    Rahsool Diggins will be an excellent college point guard; seriously hope he chooses UConn.
  12. Son of Robert

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    So very sad, Stanley was much too young with a family. Straight up terrible tragedy. Prayers for Stanley, his family, and friends. Peace.
  13. Son of Robert

    Short Javonte Brown Fergurson workout vid

    Javonte looks a lot looser and more athletic than in some of those previous clips
  14. Son of Robert

    Short Javonte Brown Fergurson workout vid

    Kid is gonna be good.
  15. Son of Robert

    Sid Wilson decides ...

    You know, as we write the end of the Sidney Wilson saga, the rub on Sid is I think, that even though he made playing look easy with his natural athleticism, he never really looked like he was giving 100% with his effort and hustle. Sort of played at his own speed, and could not be motivated to...
  16. Son of Robert

    2021 Recruiting: 6’6 Sean Durugordon (UConn Interest)

    Good call man, he kind of moves and shoots like Denham.
  17. Son of Robert

    Bouk doing work

    It looks like he's put on a few pounds of muscle, a year older, all of that.
  18. Son of Robert

    Clingan 7'2"

    Wooof, look out. DC has the footwork and athleticism to be really good. I think he stays home in CT for the same reasons he is staying at Bristol Central which is family.
  19. Son of Robert

    R.I.P. Charlie Daniels

    I forgot about Wooley's Swamp,
  20. Son of Robert

    R.I.P. Charlie Daniels

    Saw him in Willowbrook Park in New Britain with Stevie Ray Vaughn and the first version of the Greg Allman Band which pretty sure had Dickie Betts in it. That was the order, Charlie, Stevie, and Greg closed the show. This was say 1984. The man made a lot of music. Still in Saigon is my favorite...
  21. Son of Robert

    Season Tickets

    They don't know what seats they have filled exactly, until the deadline passes. Did everyone renew, who donated and how much etc
  22. Son of Robert

    Season Tickets

    Yo, pretty sure, buy those tickets, then you can upgrade later after they sort it all out.
  23. Son of Robert

    NY Post with two UConn articles

    Solid writing, love that we're getting airtime in the NY Post. this is cool stuff. Also taking note that I believe Hurley has Tyler Polley contributing to this article, seeing him as one of the team leaders. I know it makes sense, he's a senior, but I don't think he's ever been very vocal in...
  24. Son of Robert

    2022 Recruiting: New updates

    What about Elijah Perkins from New Jersey, 6'4 PG, I thought we were on him also?
  25. Son of Robert

    2022 Recruiting: New updates

    Good thread, thank you everyone for the information. :)
  26. Son of Robert

    Interview with RJ tonight

    Great interview, lots of info. Seventh in the country scoring as a freshman at Howard at 24 and change a game. This interview gave me a lot more confidence about how good RJ Cole might be, how he's going to play, and what he is bringing to the table on the whole. He comes across as a player who...
  27. Son of Robert

    Cole Anthony: James Bouknight hardest player to guard

    Always nice to see some humor on here
  28. Son of Robert

    Claudell Washington passed away at 65 RIP

    I knew this guy played for the A's.
  29. Son of Robert

    Rivals old and new: Creighton will be a distant, but dangerous opponent for UConn men

    I was going to try and put this up, but you beat me to it. Hartford, click on this article, and then Copy Have my Boneyard box ready, and then Paste Does this sound right?
  30. Son of Robert

    2020 Recruiting: Andre Jackson - Final Rivals Ranking

    Holy sheepers man, Andre can play. This year we are gonna be tough.
  31. Son of Robert

    Preseason Big East Standings

    That's impressive this early. I don't see this changing either. Quite an improvement in the state of the program.
  32. Son of Robert

    2021 Recruiting: Rahsool Diggins virtual visit

    Yeah but, generally speaking there has been some tough Big East guards come out of Philadelphia. Alvin Lee, who played for Nova, comes to mind. It's that same hard-nosed scrappy toughness you get out of NYC, or greater Boston for that matter. There are a hundred different places like this, it's...
  33. Son of Robert

    OT: Moussa Cisse reclassifies to 2020

    Just makes it more fun to beat these teams, straight up.
  34. Son of Robert

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson is now 7'1?

    I agree, but that was last years version. Now it's too late for teams to get us, that window done closed.