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  1. HartbeatHusky

    Just my random thought: B1G Should have taken UConn and cuse

    They would have completely conquered the northeast with that. Realignment isn't about hoops but UConn vs Cuse in hoops is that big game in the NY and New England area. Maybe they could still make that happen.
  2. HartbeatHusky

    UConn, Cincy, BYU, Boise St.

    It's time for UConn to lead the charge in creating a new conference with the other most valuable FBS schools that are not in a P5 conference. Take a page out of the Big 12 playbook and realize that smaller can be more valuable. We need to be on the phone with Cincy, BYU, and Boise St. right now...
  3. HartbeatHusky

    We're Still UCONN

    It's a tough day for those of us that follow this stuff too closely. I Just want to remind everyone that we are still UConn. We've dominated men's and women's hoops for the past 25 years and will continue to do so. We are a national athletic program, and that will not change. We dominate our...
  4. HartbeatHusky

    "People thought we fell behind, when they see us coming up, We were just lapping everyone."

    KO is the man. That is all. Can't wait for Florida tonight!
  5. HartbeatHusky

    CBS With an Optimistic Look at Playoff and Bowl Access CBS is now making the case that access for non-aq's to the playoff and Big 6 is going to increase under this system. They make some pretty good points about what teams would have...
  6. HartbeatHusky

    A little perspective on the Big East from a Philly Sports Writer I think this is a very well written piece and really a good reminder of what the Big East really is at it's core. I grew up as a UConn Basketball fan and Big East fan and really had limited interest in college football until UConn was...
  7. HartbeatHusky

    FWIW New Big East is the 3rd Best Football Conference Based on Average RPI

    At least according to some guy on the WVU scout board. Basketball takes a huge hit and is bumped down to 5th. I don't know how accurate this is and don't really know too much about RPI ratings and stuff but I actually do take some solace in knowing that according to one of the established...
  8. HartbeatHusky

    SMU vs Pitt

    Let's go SMU! I already hated Pitt anyway but with the current situation it would be better for the Big East for all of the incoming members to have convincing Bowl wins.
  9. HartbeatHusky

    Even in ACC country they are admitting they don't belong in the BCS

    I guess I would want UConn to go to the ACC if invited but it needs to be recognized that the ACC is really not a great athletic conference in football or basketball currently. BC and Miami are not better off since leaving the Big East and I'm not sure we would blossom there either...
  10. HartbeatHusky

    Houston Vs PSU

    Houston and Keenum are embarrassing PSU right now. Good to see from our future conference mate. Their D looks pretty stout and if they can get another quality QB into that system they could be dangerous in the post-Keenum era.
  11. HartbeatHusky

    What Does NBC Have to lose?

    Somebody explain to me what exactly NBC would have to lose by putting a set of numbers on the table for a PAC 12 like deal next fall when the negotiations start and Syracuse and Pitt are still members saying that if they stay this is what the deal is? It would be in their long term interest to...
  12. HartbeatHusky

    Memphis/East Carolina Still in the Mix? "A possibility still exists that Memphis or East Carolina could still head to the Big East in all sports." Andy Katz is saying that Memphis or East Carolina could still...
  13. HartbeatHusky

    San Diego State Talking To Boise About Big East San Diego St. seems pretty eager to join the Big East. I think they would be a good pick up for all sports. I really hope that the Big East is considering adding some sort of western all sports division instead of...
  14. HartbeatHusky

    Villanova Still Really Wants to Play Big East Football

    Jay Wrigth says: Jay Wright understands that expansion and college athletics is about football though. Good football is important to supporting a strong basketball conference, but for the Wildcats, it goes deeper than that. “The bottom line is that Villanova wants to be in the Big East for...
  15. HartbeatHusky

    Big 12 Opening for UConn

    Connecticut was expected to follow suit to the ACC after Syracuse and Pittsburgh, and while that’s still a possibility, the Big 12 has also opened up as a potential landing spot for the Huskies. Calhoun made it clear he is not sitting still and hoping everything just stays the same. He is being...
  16. HartbeatHusky

    Maybe UMass should be in the mix

    I know most don't agree with this, there are a few posters who have said this already but I think UMass would be a sensible addition in many ways. Who really knows if we are going to keep our BCS bid or if UConn is going to stick around for the long term anyway. It really doesn't make sense for...
  17. HartbeatHusky

    UCF is going First Looks like UCF is on their way and Temple will be number 2. SMU, Houston, Navy, Air Force, and Boise also being considered as well as Nova moving up which couldn't be before 2014 so I'm sure they would be...
  18. HartbeatHusky

    Boise State being discussed

    Looks like they read these boards. Boise State is now under consideration. This would be a great move by the BE in addition to Air Force and Navy. Possibly Army, but I don't think they can really compete at this level.
  19. HartbeatHusky

    Air Force still interested

    Looks like Air Force is still interested and Marrinatto still thinks he can get over $10 Million per year per school with the new TV Deal. Money is a factor. Air Force makes $1.2 million annually from the Mountain West’s television deal, and the Big East thinks it could get $9-10 million...
  20. HartbeatHusky

    NBC/Comcast Still Needs Content

    I think we all need to keep in mind that NBC/Comcast still currently has next to no college sports content. They had nothing on today that even remotely competed with ESPN. This is something they desperately want to change and I'm sure they really wanted to sign the Big East. I'm sure they will...
  21. HartbeatHusky

    Could Our Fears Be Overblown?

    I'm starting to calm down over realignment and am really starting to feel like UConn will be okay regardless of what happens. If the Big 12 does stay together and even if they poach WVU and UofL and preemptively TCU I think the likelihood that the current BCS structure remaining pretty much the...