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  1. InKembaITrust

    Isaiah Whaley the Thief

    Kid has turned into a sticky bandit on the court
  2. InKembaITrust

    Is it safe to say?

    Next year we continue a husky tradition and hands down lead the country in blocked shots per game? As of today we are tied for 2nd in the country this season, and next year we bring in Jackson and Brown-Ferguson.... Anyone have a favorite shot-blocking lineup for next year's roster?
  3. InKembaITrust

    Big East Preview

    What a game. Can't wait for this type of competition all season next year.
  4. InKembaITrust

    Gaff to Bouk!

    First of many.
  5. InKembaITrust

    The Program's Turning Point

    While most continue to grumble about the Ollie players were stuck with (including Hurley), it got me thinking about the real turning point of the program. How could a championship in 2014 turn into the last three year's records of 16-17, 14-18, 16-17? While it's easy to point fingers at merely...
  6. InKembaITrust

    Kemba vs. Bucks

    Celtics without Brown and Kanter against the Bucks and they pull off a great comeback win. I was critical toward everyone praising his last performance against one of the worst teams in the league. This is the Bucks, and he just went off for 32/6/6. Not to mention a fire 4th qtr. In Kemba I Trust.
  7. InKembaITrust

    NBA Draft 2019

    Hoping for some exciting trades, particularly from the Celtics. 1-3 seem set in stone with the 4th pick open to trade possibilities from multiple teams.
  8. InKembaITrust

    OT: What's Next Celtics Fans...?

    With the absolutely abysmal performances the last 4 games against the Bucks, which included Kyrie converting on 25-of-85 FG attempts (30.1%) and 7-of-32 (21.8%) from 3pt range, where do the Celtics go from here? I've always been pro-Kyrie, but after this past series, where he couldn't make a...
  9. InKembaITrust

    Polley & Wilson

    Huge turning point for both of these guys. Syd's athleticism and Tyler's shooting were key to keeping us in the game. I was hoping for some major growth with the opportunity of extra playing time given, and they delivered. Silver lining to Jalen being out is our wings are getting invaluable...
  10. InKembaITrust

    OT: Anthony Davis Will Wear Boston Green

    For a while now I've been taking a lot of crap from people saying I'm crazy to think AD will end up with the Boston Celtics. Now that the trade deadline has passed, does anyone agree that this doesn't seem as outlandish as it did several months ago? If you're Ainge, what's your move post-season?
  11. InKembaITrust

    Syracuse Wins @ Duke

    ....Syracuse win looks a little better now
  12. InKembaITrust

    Anyone have FSU Replay?

    ...didn't see one. Would be much appreciated.
  13. InKembaITrust

    OT: Division of Athletics' Administration Flow Chart

    For anyone completely bored out of their mind, and wants to study UConn's Division of Athletics' administrative org., check out this sweet flow chart I made for a class. If anyone's a UConn administration guru and notices an error on my part (reporting supervisors/titles/etc.) please let me...
  14. InKembaITrust

    Cheap Tickets for MSG 2K Classic

    Anyone have advice on when/where to purchase the cheapest tickets for this event. I've gone the past 3 seasons but can't remember how I went about buying tickets. Don't the universities sell them on their sites for cheap at some point? Any and all help is appreciated, thanks
  15. InKembaITrust

    A Confident Statement

    This isn't a new statement, but I just re-watched some AG highlights from the early part of this past season.....if this kid plays a complete 18'-19' season, we WILL have the best STARTING BACKCOURT in the entire country. The only potential achilles heel that prevents this, which I'm very...
  16. InKembaITrust

    Another W for Celts

    Ugly win but still such a fun team to watch. 16th win coming in OT against the Mavs (3-15 now). Kyrie with 47 points. They land another 6 8' - 6 9' positionless athletic freak in the 18 or 19 draft, and bring back Hayward full strength, going to be unfair. Heard a commentator say the Celtics...
  17. InKembaITrust

    The Hungriest Husky

    I've been thinking a lot about the makeup of this new team, and how things are slowly but surely shaping up before the season kicks off. I consider myself a millennial Uconn fan, 27 years old, became a fan after the 99' ship, became a die-hard fan after the 04' ship. With that said I can't...
  18. InKembaITrust


    The guy is clearly a physical specimen. I understand his career stats don't leave one with high expectations....but with his frame and experience I expect him to be the foundation of our big man defense and a starter right out of the gate. Curious what other's preseason thoughts and expectations...
  19. InKembaITrust

    Celtics to Continue Lucky-Streak?

    Change in top recruit Marvin Bagley's status would put him on Celtics' radar I know people had posted about Bagley about a month ago, but I've seen nothing recently regarding this talk about him possibly reclassifying to the class of 2017. If that's the case, Celts are in prime position to...
  20. InKembaITrust

    Revamping the NBA Rivalry

    For the Celtics fans on this board I want this kid real bad. Seems like such a focused & humble kid who is going to thrive in the NBA real fast. Love his sense of humor with his mom in this video, can tell he comes from a good upbringing. If the ping pong balls fall our way and we land this...
  21. InKembaITrust

    Forgotten superstar comeback w/ a vengeance...

    So much attention on the yard as of recently has been placed on what we don't have as opposed to what we do have for next season, which is all well and good and filled with intriguing speculation. Personally I feel this guy has been brushed under the rug a little bit and some have forgotten...
  22. InKembaITrust

    Enoch & Cobb?

    Do these 2 start next season? If so do they clean up the defensive rebounding woes we experienced this past season? Would be the most size we've had in the front court in a long time, and I think we're all over having twigs down low....this will obviously hinge on Enoch's improvement with...
  23. InKembaITrust

    1st Half/2nd Half

    Night and day. Jalen woke up and took over after probably his worst half of the season, defense was solid (zone really helped at times and great defense by Purvis on Crawford), and I love me some Vital. Best win of the season thus far
  24. InKembaITrust

    Duke out on Bamba?

    ....just signed Wendell Carter
  25. InKembaITrust


    What is going on right now!? The most TOs I've ever seen in 1 half.
  26. InKembaITrust


    I swear the way he's looked these past 2 games it feels like someone's paying him to make us lose. Every important possession it seems he makes bonehead mistake after bonehead mistake. Are there just too many cooks in the kitchen with the amount of individual offensive expectations this team...
  27. InKembaITrust

    Favorite Lineups

    Alterique, Jalen, Terry, Steve, Amida I know I'll get some backlash not throwing Purvis in here for some better 3 point shooting to spread the floor, but this lineup is going to do some serious damage with the dual ball-handling and creativity on the offensive end with Alterique and Jalen, and...
  28. InKembaITrust

    2017 Top 25 Offers...Who Might We Land?

    4. Mohamed Bamba - 6"11 PF (NY) 5. Trevon Duval - 6"2 PG (DE) 7. Billy Preston - 6"10 PF (TX) 9. Brandon McCoy - 7"0 C (CA) 14. Hamidou Diallo - 6"5 SG (NY) 19. P.J. Washington - 6"8 PF (TX) 20. Trae Young - 6"1 PG (OK) 21. Matt Coleman 6"2 PG (VA) Don't really know anything about all of these...
  29. InKembaITrust

    Currently 1st Place Bracket

    ...I'm a genius. Clearly I'm the smartest one on this entire board. Bow down to me...
  30. InKembaITrust

    Going dormant on boneyard until next season... final thoughts though A successful season in my eyes. These guys have nothing to be ashamed of, came back and made the game respectable. Won the AAC tournament and played their best basketball at the end of the season. A shot to live in infamy from Jalen as well...just too little too...
  31. InKembaITrust

    Ollie pull Hamilton after mistakes!

    My apologies in advance for trolling but need to vent this steam immediately. Worst 5 minutes of basketball from Hamilton I think I have ever seen. Turnover after turnover after turnover. Slow and soft transition defense. And wild last second shots on the offensive end. Now this is specifically...
  32. InKembaITrust

    VERY worried about Houston

    So the way were playing I can't see us beating any average team right now, but even if we were playing well this game at Houston wouldn't be a cake walk in the slightest. Naturally haven't been keeping up with them, but it looks like they are predominantly lead by good guard play, minus...
  33. InKembaITrust

    This team still has no PG...

    Now I understand Gibbs had a great game, big time 3s and clutch free throws. But our half court offense, particularly in the first half was real hard to watch. I was specifically keeping track of how long it took Gibbs to get it up the court off the inbound and how long it took for him to get...
  34. InKembaITrust

    Buddy Hield is a God

    I know this is a Uconn board, but my god what a game from Buddy Hield tonight. Watched the entire game and the kid just wouldn't miss. 8-15 from three, 8 rebounds, 7 assists, & 46 PTS. Legendary performance, felt terrible Oklahoma and Hield lost it in the end. Going to end up being a seriously...
  35. InKembaITrust

    Gibbs Great, Hamilton Terrible

    Loved the fifth year senior leadership out of Gibbs late in the game. Not just leading by example, running the offense with patience & poise, & hitting big shots/free throws.....but bringing the guys together during dead ball moments and keeping spirits high after losing a 19 point lead. Showed...