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  1. JCSuperstar

    Countdown to The Big East and Fox Sports

    Fun thread guys, thanks for keeping it going.
  2. JCSuperstar

    OT EU promoting insects as meat substitutes

    WOW, steak was expensive in Canada 12 years ago compared to US steak last year! This straight outta /pol/ screenshot set off my BS detector so I wanted to know just how bad it is. Looks like Google says this cut was going for $22.43/kg CAD in 2019 which at today's exchange rate would be $16.03...
  3. JCSuperstar

    favorite hot sauce

    I just got a bottle of Marie Sharp's because the store was out of my regular and DAMN IT IS GOOD. Before that, I had been buying up all the local Stop & Shop's Sontava, (regular habenero, not that mango habenero junk)
  4. JCSuperstar

    2011 BE tourney final vs Louisville on ESPNU now

    Big East refs stopped calling fouls on anyone guarding Kemba during the conference season. At least, that's how I remember it.
  5. JCSuperstar

    Dan Hurley Game Breakdowns on Instagram

    DH is a passionate guy and once in a while he is going to run his mouth, show someone up, or go over the top with pumping up players/fans in a way that benefits the other guys more than us. The press articles make it sound like he's toned it down the past few years, but I don't think we want it...
  6. JCSuperstar

    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo to UConn

    One of the articles said Sanogo likes to model his game after Embiid.
  7. JCSuperstar

    Any Idea on Sanogo's Announcement Date??

    Personally, I'm taking it as a GREAT sign that it got deleted. A new BY legend gave us fire from the Gods. If it wasn't such a great gift it wouldn't have had to be removed. I just hope Sanogo 'smells blood in the water', and that the team actually gets to play basketball next year.
  8. JCSuperstar

    Longtime Boneyard Poster Passed Away - Robertelamin

    Awful news. I'm very sorry for your loss. Far too young, far too many of these posts lately.
  9. JCSuperstar

    OT: Burner/temp sms #?
  10. JCSuperstar

    OT: Peloton reviews?

    Here's some gold...
  11. JCSuperstar

    Tyrese Martin to UConn

    I may be mis-remembering, but didn't just about anyone who asked for a waiver get a pass last year? We just didn't ask with Cole because he didn't want to use a year alongside Gilbert. It gives me hope that even if the rule doesn't take effect this year, Martin still might get eligibility...
  12. JCSuperstar

    Songs about foods

    I'm stretching it here, but really...could he just get a Pepsi please?
  13. JCSuperstar

    Happy 77-74!

    Amazing that Saunders even attempted that strip given Brand's "POWERFUL HANDS"
  14. JCSuperstar

    favorite rap/hip hop track

    Just some favorites of mine:
  15. JCSuperstar

    favorite rap/hip hop track

    Just some favorites of mine:
  16. JCSuperstar

    favorite rap/hip hop track

    Just some favorites of mine:
  17. JCSuperstar

    favorite rap/hip hop track

    Just some favorites of mine:
  18. JCSuperstar

    name of pep band song at time out with 7:33 left in game?

    We have a pretty edgy pep band, I bet it was this one... I'm getting banned for that, it was great s-posting with you all, Go Huskies!
  19. JCSuperstar

    OT: Best Live Bands Right Now

    Seeing a McD post is like seeing Halley's Comet and will always gets a like.
  20. JCSuperstar

    Richie Springs workout vid w/Coach Sal

    My favorite All About Chief memory is the time Mrs. Dribbles posted to basically say goodbye to the BY.... So of course everyone is saying that they're praying for her, and how much we enjoyed her posts, and doing our best to be normal humans, except for Chief who comes in and manages to make...
  21. JCSuperstar


    I feel like the team has lost enough this year, and in such excruciating ways, that coach can keep them from looking past anyone. I hope so anyway. BartScottCantWait.mp4
  22. JCSuperstar

    Bad night for the Gilbert haters.

    My favorite Al moment from last night was the return of the stinkface after his late and 1: So good to see.
  23. JCSuperstar

    Game Day Haiku UConn vs Tulsa

    Lead slipping away Conference refs and jacked up threes I'm on the Nighttrain
  24. JCSuperstar

    One of the strangest endings ever

    Was that play for Bouk, and everyone was afraid to tell Hurley that Bouk fouled out, so they just went ahead with it anyway? I mean, what even is this?
  25. JCSuperstar

    OT: Tulsa Destroys Memphis 80-40!

    A medically induced coma on 2/6 might be healthier for me than watching us lose in Tulsa again this year.
  26. JCSuperstar

    Astros/Red Sox Cheating Scandal

    Then you'll just have people cheating with clandestine signs. Go the other way and let the pitcher/catcher/dugout use electronic communication too. Then you can really say 'anything goes' and teams will have their own SIGINT groups with interception, jamming, sign spoofing.... it will be great.
  27. JCSuperstar

    OT: Christmas songs

    You're welcome.
  28. JCSuperstar


    I only watched a few minutes, but it looks like we need a plan for Devonte Green. @billybud any insights?
  29. JCSuperstar

    Mike Anthony Hartford Courant on James Bouknight

    Here's the Outline link, it mangles the article a little, but it's still better than using the Courant's site.
  30. JCSuperstar

    Akok Akok get hurt???

    AG looked like s---- vs AG 9/9 FT line in 1pt 2 OT game.. I'M NOT SMART ENOUGH TO FIGURE THIS OUT. I DONT'T KNOW. We need profanity Friday (Saturday) FFFFFFFFFFFFU
  31. JCSuperstar

    Gampel Technical enhancements

    "Let me clear my throat" for pregame hype song! It's even on a Jock Jams according to Google. Everyone wins, or at least, I do.