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  1. k-walk

    New Andre Jackson highlights

    As if today hasn't been good enough
  2. k-walk

    James Akinjo highlights

  3. k-walk

    James akinjo new highlights

  4. k-walk

    Josh Carlton Mix Tape

  5. k-walk

    Curtis cobb transferring

    Would be a nice wing i wouldn't mind picking up. Im pretty sure we were on his final list.
  6. k-walk

    It's rigged

    I know people are gonna say we didnt deserve to win this game but these must've got a nice little bonus from okst
  7. k-walk

    2019 recruits scottie lewis and bryan antoine will be visiting

    Scottie Lewis, Bryan Antoine visit St. John's, more trips scheduled Im hoping we stay on these two they would be huge package deal get.
  8. k-walk

    Big 12 no longer needs to expand for a conference championship

    Is there still a chance uconn gets in???
  9. k-walk

    First two exhibition games scheduled on husky vision????

    i dont know if they will update the schedule or if they just hate their fanbase.
  10. k-walk

    Did anyone else see the missouri tiger???

    I loaded up the boneyard and all i saw was a white background and this Missouri tiger mascot
  11. k-walk

    Rakim Lubin mixtape???

    Does anyone know where to find one? I havent been able to find any on youtube
  12. k-walk

    Sharma and adams or stone and newman

    Sharma and adams or stone and newman
  13. k-walk

    Why cant boatright jump off one leg

    Every fast break and drive to the hoop he jumps off two legs which takes longer than one leg.
  14. k-walk

    Are we recruiting Isaac Hamilton

    said on one website we were but i checked his list and it says Washington, Baylor, UNLV, San Diego State and UTEP????????
  15. k-walk

    Kentucky goes down!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Buzzer beater for indiana!!! Ohio St. and Kentucky lose in one day WOWOWOW.
  16. k-walk

    could we win the BET even if Napier doesnt hav a great year?

    could we win the BET even if Napier doesnt hav a great year?
  17. k-walk

    sick Aquille carr highlight were at the top of his list

    look at this
  18. k-walk

    which freshman will have the biggest impact this year? besides AD

    I choose Boatright because Shabazz will probably have more time on the bench if he commits fouls while trying to steal the ball. Roscoe or Lamb will probably have a lot more minutes so Deandre won't play as much. And Boat just seems to have more big play ability
  19. k-walk

    what will help this years team more

    i say inside defense with all that length it will be impossible to score what do you think.
  20. k-walk

    what bigs are we and should we be targetting?

    i only know were targetting Noels but thats all
  21. k-walk

    having trouble finding omar calhoun videos

    if u could post some that would be great
  22. k-walk

    vote for the best lineup to get by the zone

    I think the best lineup to break the press would be SN, RB, JL, RS, AD because they are fast enough to get down the court before the D can set up the zone
  23. k-walk

    who had a better college career

    Who do u think had the best college career career
  24. k-walk

    could boatright start at all this year

    i have a feeling that its gonna be SN unless an injury
  25. k-walk

    What can AD bring to the table

    I think he will open up the court but i don't think he'll be able to fill kemba's point vacancy
  26. k-walk

    How do you think Kemba will do in the NBA

    How do you think Kemba will do in the NBA