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  1. CamrnCrz1974

    UConn and the WNBA Draft/Rookie Seasons (2010-2019)

    Tina Charles, Maya Moore, Breanna Stewart, Napheesa Collier, Kiah Stokes and Tiffany Hayes are registered top rookie seasons and earned nods/mentions as the best rookie players of the past decade, per HIgh Post Hoops...
  2. CamrnCrz1974

    Kara Lawson emerges as leading candidate for Duke WBB job

    A few of CamrnCrz1974's points to remember/consider… All three assistant coaches have recruited at academic institutions, understanding what it takes to recruit top academics with athletics - Tia Jackson (Stanford and Duke, and to degree, UCLA); Beth Cunningham (Notre Dame); and Winston Gandy...
  3. CamrnCrz1974

    Bria Hartley, in the Wubble (Warning: Cuteness Inside)

    Bria Hartley - or Mom - is in the Wubble!
  4. CamrnCrz1974

    Bria Hartley Update!!!!

    Meet Bryson (Bria Hartley’s son), the Phoenix Mercury’s newest photography intern here at IMG Academy. Yesterday was his first day on the job, and he did an amazing job. Here's him and his practice photos:
  5. CamrnCrz1974

    Courtney Ekmark update!

    Courtney Ekmark graduated from ASU Law School in May 2020. She played basketball at the University of Connecticut. She also played basketball at Arizona State University while enrolled in the law school. I - Arizona Attorney Magazine...
  6. CamrnCrz1974

    Duke’s Joanne P. McCallie resigns

    While I might have done a dance while singing "Hava Nagila" earlier (before texting @EricLA , @ucbart , and others), two things that really struck me about Joanne P. McCallie's statements in the video upon my second viewing: She appeared to infer that because Duke did not offer her a contract...
  7. CamrnCrz1974

    Diana Taurasi, then and now

    The Phoenix Mercury has posted "then and now" photos of its players, from high school to the WNBA, to the team's Facebook page. @CocoHusky , @ucbart , @EricLA , @triaddukefan , @vowelguy , @KnightBridgeAZ
  8. CamrnCrz1974

    OT: RIP Carl Reiner

    Carl Reiner, Actor, Director, Writer, Producer And Mensch, Dies At 98 NPR Reiner was a funny man. But if there's a theme to his career, it was that he made other comics funnier. He was a mensch. He won nine Emmys and a Grammy. And yet whenever it was time to take credit for something, Reiner...
  9. CamrnCrz1974

    Analysis of NCAAW Recruiting Part Three: Who are the best recruiting schools in the country?

    A few points of clarification... Of the last 10 NCAA Tournaments played (2010-2019), Duke made 5 Elite Eight appearances, with 2 Final Fours that resulted in 2 national titles. During the ten seasons before this past one (2010-2019), Duke has 1 regular season ACC title and 3 ACC Tournament...
  10. CamrnCrz1974

    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread

    Dream becomes reality for late-blooming Division I recruit. 'She's so talented.' Jared Peck (Lexington Herald-Leader) June 15, 2020 Excerpts “I’ve always known I wanted to go to Louisville,” Williams told...
  11. CamrnCrz1974

    Kia Nurse Update!

    Jackie Powell took a deep dive into Kickin’ it with Kia, New York Liberty’s new Instagram Live Show. While engaging with the Liberty fan community is the main goal of New York’s marketing department, an ulterior opportunity presents itself to Kia Nurse, Powell writes. Hosting Kickin’ it with...
  12. CamrnCrz1974

    Tiffany Hayes Update - ATL Community Service/Development

    'It’s kind of forgotten about': Tiffany Hayes' Plan to Bring Elite Basketball to South Atlanta Hayes' new gym, Hoop Nation, is one of a kind in College Park Bailey Johnson (Her Hoop Stats Newsletter) June 12, 2020 The gym is located on the south side of Atlanta in College Park, mere minutes...
  13. CamrnCrz1974

    Bria Hartley update!

    Hartley has been consistent throughout her career with the Washington Mystics and New York Liberty, but has yet to average double-figure scoring. With her career-best scoring rate coming in at 9.8 last year, 2020 could be her breakout year. She will be playing alongside a great distributor in...
  14. CamrnCrz1974

    Breanna Stewart update!

    WNBA: Top 10 players primed to continue their rise as stars Breanna Stewart (Seattle Storm), A’ja Wilson (Las Vegas Aces) and Jonquel Jones (Connecticut Sun) highlight our list of WNBA stars set to raise their games even higher in 2020. Read in Swish Appeal: WNBA: Top 10 players primed to...
  15. CamrnCrz1974

    Which schools from the P5+BigEast need new direction

    @Lorcan , I apologize if you misread my post or if I did not make it clear. Lance White just completed his second year at Pitt. His predecessor had five years. I was pointing out that the hope is that White would be given five years (the same amount of time as his predecessor) and could turn...
  16. CamrnCrz1974

    Which schools from the P5+BigEast need new direction

    Pittsburgh Panthers The Panthers made a head coaching change after the 2017-18 season, hiring Lance White who had spent the previous 15 years as an assistant coach at Florida State. His predecessor, Suzie McConnell-Serio, went 67-87 (.435) with an ACC record of 22-58 (.275). In her last...
  17. CamrnCrz1974

    Non-UConn Recruiting Thread

    Kionna Gaines, a shooting guard/wing from Columbus, Georgia has given a verbal commitment to Clemson. Gaines is ranked #28 by All Star Girls Report and #30 by Prospects Nation (though ranked #88 by Blue Star and outside of ESPN's top 100 players).
  18. CamrnCrz1974

    WNBA Predictions

    @LowkeyX , I have to respectfully disagree regarding Alanna Smith. --- First, Smith had surgery on her right ankle in August 2019. She was not able to show her skillset or demonstrate why she was picked 8th in the 2019 WNBA Draft. --- Second, Smith was a member of Australia's 2018 WC team...
  19. CamrnCrz1974

    May 2020 UCONN recruiting thread

    I am sure @CocoHusky , @Fairfield Fan , @vowelguy , @MilfordHusky , @ucbart , @EricLA , and others will weigh in, so I will defer to my more knowledgeable posters, but here are my observations... --- First, Fudd has a pro-level physique. She has strong, broad shoulders and balances that with an...
  20. CamrnCrz1974

    2021 Consensus Top 75

    @DefenseBB , I mentioned (in my post) that there were updated ASGR rankings for committed players (via individual ASGR news feeds and tweets). To my knowledge, ASGR has not released a comprehensive updated rankings list since its last one (February 5, 2020) that lists all players (committed and...
  21. CamrnCrz1974

    2021 Consensus Top 75

    First of all, thank you to @tnvolfan65 for all of the great work. I do not think I am speaking out of turn when I say that UConn fans and Boneyard posters really appreciate the tremendous work you clearly put in to creating the consensus rankings and chart. One (not so quick) point… ASGR...
  22. CamrnCrz1974

    Notre Dame to reopen for fall term

    I am curious where you got the information that the President of Notre Dame said what you referenced him as saying in your initial post. In fact, based on the information reported and that I have seen, he said nothing of the sort. If you have a link that I might have missed, it would be great...
  23. CamrnCrz1974

    Napheesa Collier is the biggest bargain in the WNBA right now

    With all due, @Kaizen (who has apparently blocked me after stating: Answer my original question, "I would like to know how many WNBA players have better wins shares/ $100K than 1.91. ") First, that was not your original post. Your original post was, "Liz Cambage is the most overpaid WNBA...
  24. CamrnCrz1974

    Napheesa Collier is the biggest bargain in the WNBA right now

    Actually, you said that Liz Cambage was the most overpaid person in the WNBA. In my response, I pointed out she was in the top ten in the entire league in Win Shares. It was to demonstrate the on-court production and impact overall. But even among the top ten players, Liz Cambage is not "the...
  25. CamrnCrz1974

    Which women's basketball prospect could be the next ______?

    Yes, Boston. Sorry about that. Too many Jade/Jayda/Jada/Jaida and Aalyiah/Aliyah/Alia names in WCBB! :D :)
  26. CamrnCrz1974

    Napheesa Collier is the biggest bargain in the WNBA right now

    I am not sure if your post was intended to be factual or if it was more hyperbolic (based on Cambage's off-court antics), but if you examine the 2019 Win Shares (not factoring in the 2020 salary, but just the raw win share data from the past season), Elizabeth Cambage ranks 8th in the entire...
  27. CamrnCrz1974

    Which women's basketball prospect could be the next ______?

    Actually (per my source at ESPN), it was referring to the entirety of the four-year college careers of Brown and McCowan, with multiple years of dominance for each player. McCowan averaged over 18 ppg and 13.5 ppg for her junior and senior seasons combined, in leading MSU to the national title...
  28. CamrnCrz1974

    Napheesa Collier is the biggest bargain in the WNBA right now

    Napheesa Collier is the biggest bargain in the WNBA right now Megan Gauer (Her Hoop Stats) The biggest bargain of all is Napheesa Collier who will earn just $57,000 on her rookie deal for 2020 after it was adjusted up to the minimum salary by the new CBA rules. The reigning Rookie of the Year...
  29. CamrnCrz1974

    Which women's basketball prospect could be the next ______?

    Per the opening paragraph of the article: Here, we identify five high school girls' basketball prospects who could be the next big thing at the college level. (emphasis added)
  30. CamrnCrz1974

    Which women's basketball prospect could be the next ______?

    Thank you, @DaBball , for posting the link. @bballnut90 , to be fair (insert "to be fair" montage from Hulu/Crave's Letterkenny), here are a few of my notes, comments, and additional points for consideration in this discussion. First, the comparison to Brittney Griner was for "[t]he next big...
  31. CamrnCrz1974

    Way too early bracketology

    Actually, Creme *did* mention Evina Westbrook. The full quote: HoopGurlz's second-ranked recruiting class, led by No. 1 overall prospect Paige Bueckers, helps offset the personnel losses and coach Geno Auriemma still has Christyn Williams, Olivia Nelson-Ododa and Aubrey Griffin. Plus, Evina...