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  1. phillionaire

    Ohio State

    Anyone making the trip to Columbus? I'm headed down with two friends to watch the game
  2. phillionaire

    Ann Arbor Game Watch

    Anyone in the Ann Arbor area gonna be watching the game Friday night? I hate being the only UCONN fan when I go out to watch us play haha
  3. phillionaire

    Lamb the model Haha this is so awesome
  4. phillionaire


    Just got his first career td against the seahawks
  5. phillionaire

    Des Connor- This Isn't A Coaching Thing,0,2839843.story El Oh El. This dude's a clown.
  6. phillionaire

    sunshine daydream

    Anyone going to the show tonight? I'm pumped to see some pigpen.
  7. phillionaire

    T'eo a fraud? Been blowing up all over twitter
  8. phillionaire

    Olander appreciation thread

    dude was a beast today
  9. phillionaire

    Student Section Shirts

    Who designs these things? They're so boring and plain this year. Just says UCONN and below it says #bleedblue.
  10. phillionaire

    Student Ticket Lottery

    Sucks a bunch of pimple covered johnsons
  11. phillionaire

    Penn State to get Hammer of Thor Dropped on them
  12. phillionaire

    UNC athletes received unauthorized help
  13. phillionaire

    Racist tweets at hockey player Boston sure has some great fans
  14. phillionaire

    student tickets

    I'm trying to buy student tickets and it's only letting me buy young alumni tickets. I'm not an alumni yet. Are any other students having this problem?
  15. phillionaire

    Louisville Game Time

    Does anyone know what time that game starts/when they're going to release the start time?