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  1. gtcam

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    I went to RHS in the early 70s and we never played teams from MD. We only played in the CVC vs South Windsor, Bloomfield, Plainville, etc. Oh - theres another Rockville Rams team - my bad
  2. gtcam

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Hawkins

    this was the one player I wanted the most for this class - he is, to me, the best overall guard on both sides of the ball by far. I cannot believe he was so underappreciated - just watching the kid you had to know that he is special. If it does come to fruition - it's all I want for my birthday...
  3. gtcam

    Poll: Best RECRUIT Hurley has landed this far?

    HAWKINS. I started talking about this kid on here before anyone started - a friend turned me on to him last April. I want him so bad-I just hope L'ville doesn't sneak in
  4. gtcam

    Bouknight Replacement

    Bouk still needs to show me he is "that guy" - not at all saying he won't be but we shall see If UConn lands Hawkins there is no doubt in my mind he will be "the guy" I think Martin has a chance to be special but he is not Hawkins
  5. gtcam

    OT: ESPN Article on NBA China Academies

    The NBA has turned into a joke - the administration is greedy and that causes them to be ignorant of moral well being. The players, especially the "superstars" who have become spokespeople for political arenas speak out of both sides of their mouths - they ignore the sweatshops of corporations...
  6. gtcam

    UConn: Cancelling 2020 Season An Option?

    unless it is 2013-14, right?
  7. gtcam

    Big East Fan Shop

    Nike - meh I have lots of old UConn BE stuff to wear Maybe when UConn wins the league title in March 2021
  8. gtcam

    Lunardi Bracketology - July 29

    According to many here UConn will be competing for the NBE title yet we are a 10 seed?? Head bang I think if UConn makes it to the dance above a play-in status I will be thrilled just to be a participant. But we need a season first..............................
  9. gtcam

    OT: RIP Lou Henson

    He had some really nice teams at Ilini but they never panned out except that late 80's team that had Kendall Gill, Marcus Liberty, Nick Anderson, Kenny Battle and Larry Smith (plus a few others I have forgotten. I remember them beating Cuse to get to Final Four and should have bested Michigan in...
  10. gtcam

    Starting Lineup for Our Return to the BEAST

    If Jackson can defend and mix it up for the boards, Polley isn't going to see the floor except when DH feels he needs some 3 pt shooting. I just don't see Polley coming back and eager to get physical - something that doesn't come naturally for him. Hopefully this isn't the case but my gut tells...
  11. gtcam

    2021 Recruiting: Remaining Recruits

    I have been talking Hawkins for a long time on the BY - he is the kid I wanted most I just hope the Diggins recruitment doesn't thwart interest on either side I want this kid bad - he is unreal
  12. gtcam

    2021 Recruiting: Remaining Recruits

    I thought I saw Stallone at Gampel that night
  13. gtcam

    2021 UConn Football Commit - Deondrick Speight (Miami Florida)

    Another recruit and adding more athleticism Welcome aboard Deondrick!! Get job RE2 and staff Loading up on that talent
  14. gtcam

    Need Honda Mechanic Recommendation

    Jon Avitable at Meinecke on New Britain Avenue in West Hartford is where I go with my Subaru and my wife's Honda He has always treated me fair. Tell him his banker sent you!! I have heard great things about Absolute Auto also
  15. gtcam

    Clingan 7'2"

    MSU has signed how many 5* in past 60 days? 3 or 4 I think What is Izzo doing? Has he found the bank account too?
  16. gtcam

    Jalen Hood-Schifino decommits from Pitt

    That's why he still isn't there - Capel decided he wouldn't blow smoke up K's butt anymore. Never thought much of Capel's coaching ability and still can't figure out why Pitt reached out to him
  17. gtcam

    Jalen Hood-Schifino decommits from Pitt

    they have really no NBA tradition, as the only regular that they have in the league (Steven Adams) wrote in his book how much he hated his experience there. Charles Smith, Sam Young, Von Cummings, Mark Blount, Dejuan Blair, Eric Mobley, Jerome Lane, Aaron Gray all had good runs in the league...
  18. gtcam

    Exodus at Wichita State...

    AG is a warrior - on the court and in life He has gone through so much physically and mentally The team will miss him for sure and I will miss him. I was always in his and CV's court even when 75% of those here and in the chat were killing them both. I agree with Mau - this team doesn't come...
  19. gtcam

    Longest homerun you’ve ever seen

    Probably the one I hit one day in 1969 while playing in the empty field in back of Sacred Heart Church in Vernon. I was never a power hitter by any means but it must have been a combination of the Nehi Orange soda, twizzlers and a few fireballs that mojo'd my testosterone to a maximum level. I...
  20. gtcam

    Tyrese Martin Wavier

    Has the option for a waiver reopened? Did I miss something? Or are we playing what-if games?
  21. gtcam

    2021 Recruiting: Rahsool Diggins Commits to UConn

    I love all the enthusiasm on the board over this pick and what DH has done so far But to even compare him to JC is laughable Let's win the BE a few times and get to an Elite Eight before we start to hang any hints of impending greatness. Until he wins at least 2 NCAAs - he is not knocking on the...
  22. gtcam

    OT: COVID Attire

    I trudge to the office everyday and wear a suit - shirt and tie Wouldn't have it any other way :rolleyes::(:cool:
  23. gtcam

    2021 Recruiting: Rahsool Diggins Commits to UConn

    This is a nice get - where does this leave UConn with Hawkins?
  24. gtcam

    ESPN faces $793mm ad revenue loss from no college football season

    No, lets kiss all their asses and let the people make up their taxes that have been forgiven You can I could give a crap if they all left If we keep voting for the idiots that make these kiss ass decisions,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  25. gtcam

    What was the best UConn Men’s Basketball team that didn’t win a national championship?

    In my heart I felt that if that 89-90 team had gotten past that damn Duke team they would have won out The team had a real mojo working. Were they the most talented? No, but it surely was on a mission and an extremely cohesive unit (in my mind, more so than some of the more talented teams) UNLV...
  26. gtcam

    Rahsool Diggins Videos

    Diggins looks like a solid PG candidate and I would love to see him in a UConn, however, I am stuck on Hawkins - just love his game. Absolutely no knock on Diggins - he is a fine looking PG - just 2 different styles
  27. gtcam

    2021 UConn Football Commit - Kaleb Anthony (McDonough, Georgia)

    Welcome Kaleb!!! RE2 and staff are turning on the DB spigot and getting some really nice athletes Great job staff
  28. gtcam

    2021 UConn Football Commit - Deon McLean (Lawrence, New Jersey)

    Welcome Deon Work hard and with your athleticism you will fit in just fine Keep it up RE2
  29. gtcam

    2021 Recruiting: Jordan Riley committing by August?

    kids will be kids relax
  30. gtcam

    Record Fundraising Year For UConn

    Boy, the imagination can run wild with this one...............................
  31. gtcam

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    Lived with them on and off during the summers the first few years after they bought the beach house. Once in a while people told me they would see Sticks driving Pat's Jag down Route 1!!! I never saw it myself but I always saw it parked downtown in front of the bookstore or the women's clothing...
  32. gtcam

    RIP Stanley Robinson

    Love Sticks Used to talk to him and HCJC a lot in Madison during the summer especially at the Cumberland Farms Coach and Pat must be devastated RIP Sticks
  33. gtcam

    2021 UConn Football Commit - Malcolm “Mick” Bell (Ontario Canada)

    And the athletes keep marching in!!! Welcome Mick!!!
  34. gtcam

    Andrew Hurley

    DH is built and trained mentally for the college game - no way is he NBA material now and I don't see it in him KO should have stayed in the NBA arena - it fits him and that is his comfort zone - always has been an NBA guy - he relates to that type of athlete vs the college kids Brad Stevens is...