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  1. k-walk

    2021 Recruiting: El Ellis

    Sool is from new jersey so i’d think we’d have a good shot because of that too
  2. k-walk

    2021 Recruiting: El Ellis

    I never doubted Chief’s declaration
  3. k-walk

    2021 Recruiting: El Ellis JUCO update 5/21/20

    Where is this at? Asking for a friend ofc
  4. k-walk

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson DPOY

    He definitely isn’t athletic but the 7 foot part is nice
  5. k-walk

    New Andre Jackson highlights

    As if today hasn't been good enough
  6. k-walk

    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo IMPORTANT UPDATE.

    This is on hoop hustle right now not sure if they know something already
  7. k-walk

    2011-2012 UConn Player Highlights

    This is the one i’ve been looking forward to the most
  8. k-walk

    Andre Jackson Might be better thatn Bouknight

    You should watch this game and temper your expectations a little bit
  9. k-walk

    Anecdotal Update on Andre Jackson

    So 78% as of january 27th
  10. k-walk

    Anecdotal Update on Andre Jackson

    In a recent game the announcer said he was shooting 78% from the ft line so that bodes well for his supposed improvement with his stroke
  11. k-walk


    You have a lot of interesting opinions
  12. k-walk

    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    Still had a better game than josh did today lol
  13. k-walk

    2020 Recruiting: Cliff Omoruyi Top 5

    Lol there is so much wrong in this
  14. k-walk

    Chief00’s Briefs - Nova Edition

    Jermaine samuels has been a 24% 3pt shooter all season him going 4/6 today definitely didn’t help
  15. k-walk

    More praise for Andre Jackson

    I wouldn't consider Javonte Brown Ferguson very athletic but he does have crazy long arms though so that should help a bit
  16. k-walk

    Thornlea S.S. vs. Crestwood Prep Full Game(Javonte Brown-Ferguson)

    I’ve never seen such a big kid care so little about getting rebounds. Half the time he’ll leak out early and let his guards handle it i’m sure hurley will fix this
  17. k-walk

    Richie Springs

    Yea i'd assume he must be doing something right in practice to warrant the playing time just wondering what that might be
  18. k-walk

    Richie Springs

    For those of you that have seen them practice have you seen anything promising out of gaffney?
  19. k-walk

    Richie Springs

    That sounds like there are a lot of factors that go into this and one stat can't show the overall picture interesting. I'm done derailing this thread
  20. k-walk

    Richie Springs

    I thought DWS was a factual representation of defensive ability my fault guess it isn't
  21. k-walk

    Richie Springs

    So you think gilbert is a better defender than brendan adams? That’d be quite a take
  22. k-walk

    Richie Springs

    Just wondering what factual proof you have on this subject
  23. k-walk

    Javonte Brown Ferguson Reclass Ranking #136

    His motor in this game was much more consistent than his earlier games
  24. k-walk

    New podcast & UConn memories shine

    I think bumping your own thread after no one posts anything all day is a bad look
  25. k-walk

    Andre Jackson has the best hops in UConn history

    Lol i’m pretty sure that’s his younger brother marcus so that explains the confusion
  26. k-walk

    Javonte has big night

    I don’t think this is the 59pts game but it was posted last night
  27. k-walk

    Gilbert and Vital

    The worst part of this is gilbert won’t be able to leave even if he wants to idk what team will want this kid right now
  28. k-walk

    Time to bench AG

    Gilbert might be the dumbest guard i’ve ever watched
  29. k-walk

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson to UConn

    He plays again tomorrow at 9am against northfield mount hermon if anyone is interested
  30. k-walk

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson to UConn

    Yea he played point for most of the 3rd quarter iirc. He looks like a really streaky shooter hit some threes but also bricked one and airballed twice
  31. k-walk

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson to UConn

    Mohammed diarra is playing and they have him running point throughout the game
  32. k-walk

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson to UConn

    3rd quarter right now
  33. k-walk

    Javonte Brown-Ferguson to UConn

    After today’s game i really wish he looked like more of an immediate impact that i could get excited about