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  1. JCSuperstar

    Not even mad

    Let's bounce back. That was house money.
  2. JCSuperstar

    Akok 'Cuse/Pitt Visits

    Twitter updates starting to roll in. Not looking good boys
  3. JCSuperstar

    Easter Ham: Whose got the good stuff?

    Easter is the darkhorse pick for best food holiday. I've done Honeybaked and Harrington's and I liked them both, but I'm ready to swallow the red pill and move another level deeper into the smoked meat matrix. Show me.
  4. JCSuperstar

    WTB: Exhibition game at XL Center 4 tickets

    Looking for 4 for the Sunday exhibition game at XL. Any season ticket holders unloading tickets they aren't using? Its my annual "best chance to have good seats for cheap and take the kids because Dad won't be going nuts at an exhibition game" game.
  5. JCSuperstar

    Game Day Haiku

    She will get this done Close the car wash forever Conference game at Phog