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    2020 College Summer Ball - UConn players

    Agreed! Newport started a new league from scratch and they’re live streaming their games and active on social media. This is a rare opportunity, given the influx of talent, for the CCBL to cease this moment but they’re wasting it IMO. The best players from CT, and beyond, are playing and very...
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    2020 College Summer Ball - UConn players

    No times or field names, but better than nothing. Website now has rosters which has a lot of D1 talent. Hopefully schedule will be posted soon
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    2020 College Summer Ball - UConn players

    CCBL is typically very low level for college summer ball. Maybe they’ll get better players with all the cancellations. My son was to play in NECBL, which was cancelled, so hoping to play in CCBL just to get some games in. Fedko brothers would also be a great upgrade in talent. There’s a...
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    New songs

    I only listen to live tracks on Apple Music, all genres. Recently learned to appreciate country music after ignoring it for decades. Attached is a cut from Luke Combs about this Covid world. Hope I linked it properly...Dude is a talent.
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    AAC Tournament Cancelled

    My son's college baseball season was also cut short. He's freshman, but it is still devastating. I feel terrible for all, but especially the upper classmen. I truly believe this team had a chance to make a run, now they're let with "what if..."
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    The rest is gravy

    Team is playing so good right now. Those darn 2OT large team if they won those.
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    Hurley after Cincinnati: “Leash is going to be a lot shorter”

    Very snowflakish...hope the players aren’t really that fragile. Doubt that thought ever crossed JC’s mind...
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    Thanks Dickie V but please stop worrying....

    BTW what was that brief Patino rant he had? Think he was advocating a BE team hire him. Ended real quick, so my guess he was told to shut that down...
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    Loss is on Hurley:

    They closed their 5 point gap with CV on the bench, midway through the 2nd half. At that time, I hoped CV would not come back on the court. Other than his steal and alley pass to Sid, it was more of the same. I don’t see how you’re going to change behavior by continuing to reward bonehead...
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    Javonte has big night

    Ha....Looks like they’re playing against a middle school team.
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    Bouknight should start

    I think he will once we get to softer part of schedule. Tough to throw him in vs Buffalo and X after missing those 3 games...
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    Vital clobbered

    Unfortunately it wasn’t Doris, but her clone, so now there’s 2 of them!
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    So how many Trick or Treaters did you have?

    I'm bad, all 3 kids in college, so wife and I went out to dinner. Carbone's was buy one entre, get one free....couldn't pass it up.
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    Season ticket holder presale

    Anyone ever do the Flex Pack? Are the big games tough to get (not sure we sell out the XL)? Seems like a great deal if you can only make 3/4 games a year
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    Baseball Recruiting and Commitment Thread

    Saw him play this year. Very fluid defender, made some nice throws on the run (charging soft grounders) and he is fast. Needs to get stronger at the plate, doesn't drive the ball as you would think a kid his size would.
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    OT: High School Sports Fundraising

    We did 2 golf outings, each raised over $5K Synch up with your LL program, they're typically swimming in cash. Winter clinics are big money makers, make a deal with them to have your players coach the little ones, and get 1/2 the money Sell team apparel, with some proceeds going to the program...
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    Baseball Recruiting and Commitment Thread

    That’s my son in the photo. Unfortunately, a slow grower and only now hitting UCONN metrics. Started the HS season with a 6 inning no hitter and 14 Ks. At least his twin sister will be a Husky like mom and dad.
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    Zion will dominate Tacko

    BTW, when UCF got the shot clock basket, Tacko was in the lane for 22 seconds. Would rather the tickey tack stuff not get called, just gotta make the plays. You box out properly, that little push won’t impact you.
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    Zion will dominate Tacko

    Crushing....darn alley oop and offensive rebounds, but UCF played amazing. That’s the close loss game that will propel Duke to a title.
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    Virginia, hello??

    Can you imagine?
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    Oh, my lord. Cincinnati.

    Need someone to put the AAC on their shoulders until UCONN is ready for that responsibility again. Temple - No, Cincinnati No Dear I say Houston and UFC are now must win games?
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    Tom Izzo Out of Control

    My son will be playing D1 baseball next year. In meeting with the coach he said “I’m going to continually knock you to the ground, to help you get better. But I’m also going to be the first guy to reach out my hand and help you back up.” We were sold at that moment!