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  1. UConnMatt813

    Stock trading

    Agreed. I picked up a few last week and plan to hold for a while.
  2. UConnMatt813

    Stock trading

    What are thoughts on stocks like say a Dave & busters that was up in the $75 range before Corona and now you can grab for around $10?
  3. UConnMatt813

    Small business owners, displaced workers, etc - Support Thread

    I work for a reputable technology company in CT and if there’s anyone on the board that owns/works for a small to mid size business and you’re looking for advice/options/solutions to stay up and running, PM me. Solutions range from video conferencing, fax from home, scanning solutions, HIPPA...
  4. UConnMatt813

    Ticket Prices Down ...

    After finally giving mine up last year, $35 a seat for the year is too good to pass up, and not a bummer if I can’t make the game. Done deal
  5. UConnMatt813

    OT: Worst Pizza

    Pie guys in Waterbury - cardboard would have tasted better Gino’s in Bloomfield - tasted like sweat
  6. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates - Week 12

    Lost some close ones last week. Here’s what I like today: TCU/Texas Tech OVER 55 Navy +7 @ ND Va Tech -7 @ Georgia Tech Georgia/Auburn OVER 42 Memphis -10.5 @ Houston
  7. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates Week 11

    Good week last week. Let’s stay hot on this cold day! Here’s what I like: Texas Tech/WVU OVER 58.5 Baylor -3 @ TCU KSU/Texas OVER 57.5 UConn/Cincinnati OVER 54 LSU +5.5 @ Alabama LSU/Alabama UNDER 63 Georgia St/ULM UNDER 75.5 Clemson/NC State OVER 54
  8. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates - Week 10

    Just under even for the year. I don’t really love anything this weekend, but here’s what I’m looking at: Navy/UConn OVER 55 Illinois -20.5 vs Rutgers Marshall/Rice OVER 48 Army/Air Force UNDER 45.5 Tulane -10.5 vs Tulsa Oregon -4.5 @ USC Hawaii -2.5 vs Fresno st
  9. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates - Week 9

    Oklahoma/KSU OVER 57.5 Pitt -5.5 vs Miami Texas/TCU OVER 57 UMASS +10 vs UConn (praying I lose this) Clemson -34 vs BC ND -1.5 @ Michigan Cal/Utah OVER 36.5
  10. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates - Week 8

    Here’s what I like: FAU -4.5 vs Marshall UConn +22 vs Houston OSU/Northwestern OVER 50 Texas Tech +7 vs ISU Louisville +25 vs Clemson Illinois +32 vs Wisconsin TCU/KSU OVER 44.5 UVA -3 vs Duke USF/Navy OVER 51.5
  11. UConnMatt813

    WANTED: Blue Parking Pass for Houston Game

    It’s beyond stupid that people can’t buy these passes ahead of time. With that said, I need 2!
  12. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates - Week 7

    Here’s what I like: UVA/Miami OVER 43.5 UVA +2 @ Miami UConn/Tulane OVER 57.5 MSU/Wisconsin OVER 40.5 TTU +11 @ Baylor Norte Dame -11 vs USC Boise St -13 vs Hawaii
  13. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates - Week 6

    Let’s get it... UConn +11 vs USF Temple/ECU OVER 47 UCF -4 @ Cincinnati Ok St/Texas Tech OVER 63 Iowa +3.5 @ Michigan Tulane/Army OVER 43.5 Texas/WVU OVER 61.5 Baylor/Kansas St OVER 48 Air Force/Navy UNDER 45 Nebraska -7.5 vs Northwestern Georgia -25.5 @ Tennessee
  14. UConnMatt813

    Blue Lot Parking for USF

    Anyone have an extra? I could use one too
  15. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates - Week 5

    Here’s what I like: Penn St/Maryland OVER 61 Cal -5 vs ASU Texas A&M/Arkansas OVER 57 Oklahoma/Texas Tech OVER 70.5 Indiana/MSU OVER 44 SMU -7.5 @ USF Kansas St/Oklahoma St OVER 61
  16. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates - Week 4

    Bad bad bad for me last week. Here’s what I like starting tonight: Houston +5 @ Tulane FIU/LA Tech OVER 51.5 Michigan/Wisconsin OVER 43 Florida -14 vs Tennessee Central Michigan +30.5 @ Miami Washington St -19 vs UCLA
  17. UConnMatt813

    Week 3 Degenerates Thread

    4-4 last week. Here’s what I like: Wash St/Houston OVER 74 Maryland -7.5 @ Temple Penn St -17 vs Pitt Ohio St -16 @ Indiana NC St -7 @ WVU Clemson/Syracuse OVER 61 TTU/Arizona OVER 76.5
  18. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates - Week 2

    7-2 last week for me, which usually means I come crashing down HARD the following week. Here’s what I like: OSU -16.5 vs Cincinnati Illinois -20.5 @ UConn Syracuse/Maryland OVER 58 KSU/Bowling Green OVER 58 Georgia Tech -6.5 vs USF Colorado/Nebraska OVER 64.5 Michigan St/Western Michigan OVER...
  19. UConnMatt813

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Anyone ever have Michael Johns in Bloomfield? Was out there on business and grabbed a slice and I was pleasantly surprised.
  20. UConnMatt813

    Week 1 Degens

    Oklahoma/Houston OVER 83? That’s such a high number. Anyone jumping on it?
  21. UConnMatt813

    Week 1 Degens

    2-0 so far. Sticking with the rest for today. Good luck all!
  22. UConnMatt813

    Week 1 Degens

    Got CSU/Colorado at OVER 56. Looking good as of now as long as the weather cooperates
  23. UConnMatt813

    Week 1 Degens

    The UConn total is up to 71.5 according according to Bovada
  24. UConnMatt813

    Week 1 Degens

    2-0 last week! Here’s some stuff I’m looking at as of now: UConn/Wagner UNDER 70.5 CSU/Colorado OVER 58 NC St -17 vs ECU OSU -27.5 vs FAU Kansas -4.5 vs Indiana St VT -4.5 @ BC Syracuse -17.5 @ Liberty Michigan/MTSU OVER 54 UGA -21 @ Vandy
  25. UConnMatt813

    Week 0 Degenerates

    Hawaii +11 Fla/Miami UNDER 51
  26. UConnMatt813

    OT: Thinking of moving to Southington

    Live off Mt. Vernon rd on the west side of town. Never hear anything from lake compounce except fireworks when they do them. It’s quiet, but everything is within 10 min. Moved here a year ago and never looked back. My wife and I absolutely love it.
  27. UConnMatt813

    2019 NFL Draft thread

    Really hoping the Jets find a way to trade down. Best case, ARZ doesnt take Murray and someone trades their whole draft to NYJ to move up. Unlikely to happen, so I’m expecting they end up with Bosa or Allen.
  28. UConnMatt813

    OT: Best Pizza in CT

    Don’t think it’s been mentioned, but South Town Apizza in Southington is very good. Just opened within the last year and we finally gave it a shot last night after a few recommendations from friends of ours. Pizza was excellent. Also would recommend Nonna Artemisa in downtown southington.
  29. UConnMatt813

    Conference Championship Degenerates Thread

    I suck at NFL betting, but since I have no dogs in these fights today, might as well keep it interesting. With that said, I like: Saints -3 vs Rams Saints/Rams UNDER 57 Chiefs -3 vs Patriots Chiefs/Pats UNDER 56.5
  30. UConnMatt813

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Looks like Malik Dixon committed to us on Twitter.
  31. UConnMatt813

    I Knew Joe D.......

    I couldn’t stand Joe D. I was in the minority, but I was glad a change was made. Not sure how I feel about Crispino yet, but I think the guy needs more than 2 games before I make my mind up on him.
  32. UConnMatt813

    Degenerates Week 11

    For the early games: SMU -19 @Uconn UCF -24 vs Navy Illinois/Nebraska UNDER 71
  33. UConnMatt813

    Game 1 Morehead State

    Win games, the people will come. Nice to feel optimistic. Hope to win by 20+ to really start the hype train!
  34. UConnMatt813

    Week 10 Degenerates

    I hate Ohio St. I hate gambling.
  35. UConnMatt813

    Week 10 Degenerates

    Ohio St. -19.5 vs Nebraska Air Force/Army UNDER 42 MSU -3.5 @ Maryland Ok St/Baylor OVER 69 Kentucky +10 vs Georgia USF -6 vs Tulane WVU/Texas OVER 59 Florida -6.5 vs Missouri Oklahoma/Texas Tech OVER 79