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  1. Waquoit

    OT: Favorite Peanut Butter Thread

    I go with the smooth 2-pack from BJ's.
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    Favorite Huskies That People Forget About - (blog)

    He never missed in pick-up games. Got every rebound, too.
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    Movie Hindsight 2020

    Mucho Mucho Amor: The Legend of Walter Mercado - I had never heard of Walter Mercado going in to this Netflix documentary. I'm glad I watched, it touched me. The documentary is fine, a bit padded maybe, but Walter is awesome. The only regret for me is knowing I will never be that fabulous.
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    Favorite Huskies That People Forget About - (blog)

    Good point. This season is exhibit A.
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    OT: Maple Syrup

    You must not bake
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    The Old Field House

    Grad student?
  7. Waquoit

    The Old Field House

    I went to one FH game when I was a kid. We were late and the game was SRO so we stood 2-3 deep all game in a corner. That was over 4,600 people in 1973 for a game against Yale. That's more than AAC games at Gampel.
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    OT: Maple Syrup

    As Martha Stewart would tell you, the only place to buy your vanilla extract is Charles Baldwin in West Stockbridge, MA. They also make Baldwin's Table Syrup. "In the 1920s, Earl Baldwin, son of Charles Baldwin, developed Baldwin's Table Syrup in response to requests for a good-tasting syrup...
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    EPL back tomorrow! 6/17

    I mentioned that I'm rooting for the Hammers to stay up. Moreso than ever after I watched an incredible interview by Michail Antonio after they got jobbed against Newcastle. Today, Antonio gets four goals!
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    The Old Field House

    Students got the best seats. One quibble, the bleachers were pretty far back from the floor. I think that hurt our home court advantage. When they filled in that space with folding chairs for the epic VCU game it was incredible.
  11. Waquoit

    The Old Field House

    Worst sprained ankle of my life playing hoop because the roof leaked.
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    OT: Changes at ESPN

    When you think about it, even that's a lazy comment. The Chocolate Factory was a house of horrors for kids.
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    More Zion Duke news

    I just clicked on ESPN and the chyron said "How Does This Make Zion Look?" Screw that, how does this make Duke look? All the insiders know Duke cheats. SVP has been known to say as much off-air.
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    This is pretty cool (Sid tweet)

    As if I couldn't root for the guy more.
  15. Waquoit

    John Wooden

    He penned an SI article "Why I'm a UConn Fan".
  16. Waquoit

    OT: The Old, the Obscure, and The Forgotten - Round 2

    Did anyone know that Dexy's Midnight Runners had two Number 1 songs in the UK? Come On Eileen of course, but their first one was called "Geno"!
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    OT: Changes at ESPN

    Can anyone come up with a single witty or profound comment this guy ever had? He exemplifies "a long tradition of existence."
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    Leave It To Beaver and similar shows

    I loved Leave It to Beaver reruns when I was kid. I tried getting out of eating Brussel Sprouts by putting them in my pocket. Haven't watched in decades, but I thought the show had real laughs that many old shows don't. Ricky Nelson is another story. In every clip old I've seen, he looks so...
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    Covid Adjustments

    1. Wear Mask 2. Bring Beer IPA
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    Favorite Huskies That People Forget About - (blog)

    He had a long, successful European career. I remember seeing him play an exhibition game with his championship Euro squad against Magic's Lakers.
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    Covid Adjustments

    New out of the box! Now I have a proper man cave.
  22. Waquoit

    Thabeet to play in TBT

    Nope. Dakich still thinks Scottie Wilbekin is a better player than Shabazz.
  23. Waquoit

    Prepare for no college sports

    MLB can't handle this and they have unlimited resources.
  24. Waquoit

    Thabeet to play in TBT

    That's too bad for Hasheem. You can't spell Thabeet without a TBT!
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    Sports Illustrated Big East Preview

    I'm not worried about the Big East grind. The AAC grind was like the journey to Mordor.
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    UConn officially hires Rehfeldt as S&C coach

    Don't it always seem to go That you don't know what you've got til it's gone?
  27. Waquoit

    Describe Your Favorite Movies To Be As Boring As Possible

    My dinner with Andre.
  28. Waquoit

    2020 College Football Hot Seat Rankings: Evaluating job security of all 130 FBS coaches

    Win the winnable games this year, keep the recruiting momentum going next cycle and we might have something here.
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    Cricket's Back!

    The big Test match between England and West Indies started today. First international cricket in months and they can only play a short time before it gets rained out.
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    Covid Adjustments

    I don't go out much, always with a mask when I do. But I miss going out, especially to the watering hole. So the big adjustment I made came after I had a nice hit at the track. Instead of blowing the money, I bought this and pretend I'm at the bar:
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    OT: Changes at ESPN

    Wait, what? Dan Patrick, no ego?
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    Favorite Huskies That People Forget About - (blog)

    Joe Whelton and Ron Hrubala! And Doug Wiggins. h/t uconnric
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    OT Met Mile Horse Race

    One guy is so distraught at the thought of no fans at Saratoga this year he's taking matters into his own hands: