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  1. dayooper

    PAC12 Exploring Taking On Private Equity Partners

    Uhhhh . . . This does not look good for the PAC. Taking a one time $500 million payout, they would be giving up 10% of any future revenue. The article says all conference broadcasting rights, sponsorship rights, merchandising, and all other commercial assets brought under “PacNewCo.” Everything...
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    This tread might be getting a little busier

    Shaggy Bevo (Texas) and Land Thieves (Oklahoma) are being shut down. They had very busy CR threads.
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    Congrats on getting your coach!

    Was reading the thread over on the BBall forum (even had a (post in it). Seems like a good coach for you all! Now we just need to get you all into the Big10 and bringing back UConn men's basketball will be a great start!
  4. dayooper

    University of Illinois Releases Hockey Feasibility Study

    The University of Illinois sure looks like it's going to use their Big10 money on a D1 hockey program. They have one of the best club hockey programs and it looks like they are going to move up to D1. From the article: Based on interviews with, and feedback from, campus and community...
  5. dayooper

    Interesting data from SI on college football viewership

    Austin Karp from Sports Business Daily took a look at the viewership from the 2017 College Football season. While many of the networks saw a decline, it was because there were so many games in each the slot (usually three) and that he thinks there was "some sort of record" for the most minutes...
  6. dayooper

    Accreditation looking into UNC again

    UNC is up for accreditation and the SAC is looking into the UNC report that they gave to the NCAA. Apparently, UNC said they wouldn’t honor the paper classes. They changed their story in their report to the NCAA. Much better explanation in the article Link
  7. dayooper

    Virginia Tech schedules an away game with Liberty

    It's a 4-1 series, but Liberty's home game is first (2020). Not sure why VT would go for this. Brett McMurphy @Brett_McMurphy Virginia Tech, Liberty add 5-game series; 2022, 2030 at Liberty; 2027, 2028, 2029 at VT 1:22 PM · Jul 28, 2017 (The 2030 game is at VT I believe) Link
  8. dayooper

    ND Fans arguing over Big 10

    Over at Rocks House (ND Fan Forum), there was a discussion on the Big10 and several fans were arguing that it was in their best interest! Link Give it read. Some seem to hate being in the ACC and being UNC's and Dukes "doormat" and they would rather play the Purdue's and Illinois' than the...
  9. dayooper

    NHL to sponsor framework evals for College Hockey?

    Illinois is the first to have their needs to be evaluated. Link From the article: The news doesn't mean that Illinois, or any of the other four schools, will join Division I, but the study should give those schools a framework as to what will be needed in order to make the jump, including...
  10. dayooper

    PAC Commisioner Larry Scott signs extention

    The interesting thing about that as it's through 2022, just one year before their media deal and GoR is up in 2023. He's also the president of the PAC12 enterprises, the company that runs the PAC12 network. Could they be looking for a new distribution method? Nothing big, but interesting on...
  11. dayooper

    OT: To all of the NY/Connecticut Boneyarders out there

    Good luck and stay safe tomorrow. It looks like a nasty storm coming your way.
  12. dayooper

    Rumor: The Big10 will invite North Dakota Hockey

    I don't have the link (it's from one of Minnesota's paid sites), but the rumor is that North Dakota will be invited as a partial member for hockey. The announcement will come this summer. If this is true, it's a great move. UND would round out a great conference with the best Midwestern hockey...
  13. dayooper

    A negative Big12 ESPN article

    They are really pushing the Big12 can't afford another miss from the playoff. Sure seems like they are trying to downgrade that's conference. If the Amazon trying to pick up sports programming rumors are really true, I can see ESPN and Fox trying to tear off the valuable pieces from the Big12...
  14. dayooper

    With Diaco gone, who are you all wanting as you new coach?

    The name floating around Michigan boards is Joe Moorehead, OC at Penn State. Who are you all hearing? Who would be your realistic dream?
  15. dayooper

    Big10 and BTN producing first virtual reality broadcast

    For football, at least. They are partnering with Voke to produce the November 19th Nebraska vs Minnesota in virtual reality. Link
  16. dayooper

    Nice win Huskies

    You know I think you should be in the Big10. The potential to be New England's college football King is apparent. Keep it up!
  17. dayooper

    CR (and a little more) thoughts on this weekends (9-17) games

    1. When will schools stop scheduling these high level FCS schools? Did no one learn from our Appy St game? Iowa has nothing to win and everything to lose when they play teams like North Dakota St. NDSU is the five time FCS champ and would beat many FBS teams this year. It's not like NDSU is a...
  18. dayooper

    NCHC says no to ASU Hockey

    ASU and Minnesota State won't be joining the NCHC as was previously thought. Seems that the lack of a home arena may be the cause of the issue. Link Hmmmmm . . . Not quite sure what to think of this. I thought it was a sure thing and ASU was heading to the NCHC. I guess ASU and Minny State...
  19. dayooper

    ISU AD says no expansion without extension of GoR

    ISU is screwed with out an extension of the GoR. There is no one that will take them and they, along with Baylor, TCU and KSU will be one of the first casualties. Listen around 13 minutes Link
  20. dayooper

    Okie State Prez is kinda vague on expansion

    On Big12 expansion: He's open to it, but gives every excuse to not. There's more, but this is the gist. Link
  21. dayooper

    Houston wants to keep their options open

    Houston is keeping their options open by not just focusing on the Big12. Link Gotta save face somehow.
  22. dayooper

    The Chaos Report: C'est La TV, changes in NCAA Structure

    Link here: Basic idea is maximizing the money with college football. Highlights: Market sizes and who might be in danger of being kicked out of P5 Movement up and down of teams from...
  23. dayooper

    Lifted from VT CR board

    GT AD Mike Bobinski on Atlanta radio and my proposal for making an ACC Net He was asked point blank the following question: "The SEC network is now huge and the Big 10 network has emerged from some lean years at the beginning to a major revenue addition to that league. There are even reports...
  24. dayooper

    Gordon Gee: Big12 expansion on hiatus

    WVU President and member of the Big12 expansion committee was quoted in the Charleston Gazette-Mail as saying the Big12 expansion is on a hiatus. Citing the inclusion of Oklahoma in the playoff, the Big12 isn't as gun ho on adding members. From the December 21st edition of the Charleston...
  25. dayooper

    Tell me about BC's DC Don Brown

    Wasn't he your DC a few years ago? It's breaking that Jim Harbaugh has hired him as Michigan's new DC.
  26. dayooper

    ACC making a run for top coaches this cycle

    Is the ACC trying to make a run in football? They are going after and getting some of the biggest names in this coaching cycle. Richt to Miami, Fuentes to VT, Mendenhall to UVA and, if the rumors are correct, Dino Babers to Syracuse. They are spending some serious coin to get these coaches. With...
  27. dayooper

    Congrats to all UConn fans here

    Great win today! These are the type of wins that carry over to the following year. Bowl eligible and looking up!
  28. dayooper

    ACC Network delayed longer, says Atlanta newspaper

    ESPN has asked for a delay in launching the ACCN, past 2017. Discuss
  29. dayooper

    Rumor: ASU going to choose Big10 for hockey

    Just a rumor from MGoBlog forum, but seems like it's going to happen. Link
  30. dayooper

    Love the G5 schools playing the P5 schools hard goday

    So many close games and teams pushing the power conferences, including you all pushing Mizzou to the brink. NIU tied with OSU at the half, CMU almost beating 'Cuse, Troy pushing Wisconsin, it's all good.
  31. dayooper

    Favorite sports moments

    Former Red Wings Darrin McCarty and former Aves Claude Lemieux have signed on to play an alumni game between the Red Wings and the Aves Feb 26th. This brought me back to one of my favorite sports moments that didn't involve raising a trophy or cutting down nets: March 26th, 1997 - Bloody...
  32. dayooper

    Rutgers just can't have nice things, can they

    Five football players, among 10 total students have been arrested on various charges, including home invasion. Link Some think Flood is done, especially after is interaction with a professor, and that Greg Schiano will be brought back. I would like to commend the university if they did...
  33. dayooper

    2013-2014 NCAA basketball attendance figures

    I didn't realize that Syracuse has only 1 title to their name and that Duke only has four. Three of the top four are ACC, but really drop off from there. Big10 represented well too. Link
  34. dayooper

    Only in the NCAA: UNC benefits from new allegations

    The highly ranked UNC basketball team will get a stay of execution, probably until after the NCAA tournament this season. UNC is self reporting more violations, this time against their women's basketball team and their men's soccer program. They are throwing those teams under the bus to help out...
  35. dayooper

    Looks like I get to hate you all again come Nov 25

    Michigan vs. UConn in the 1st round of The Battle for Atlantis! Link