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  1. UcMiami

    Have to post this for David - he is obsessive about numbers!

    Just checking the year to date stats on the Uconn site and at this particular moment in time Dangerfield is the most balanced offensive player I have ever seen: She has taken 260 shot She has taken 130 threes She has taken 130 twos She has made 60 threes She has made 60 twos Just a quirky...
  2. UcMiami

    Reality check on WCBB opponents

    So, we all worry a lot about how Uconn will do facing some of the other good teams when the NCAA comes and especially after such a 'disappointing' win as they had against Louisville! :eek::cool: Maybe a reminder of some other teams' feet of clay would be a good idea: Mississippi State - the...
  3. UcMiami

    Shout out to CBSSN

    Having watched a number of big win telecasts that immediately jump from the final whistle to some other programming, I was really impressed that CBS stayed on the court and let the pictures and public address folks just roll. So, three cheers for them.
  4. UcMiami

    Taurasi wine from my hospital bed!

    I am sitting in a hospital bed following surgery this morning (a real scare with a lump on my lower back that has turned out to be non-malignant - not a fun couple of months!) when I checked my WTSO web site and saw that the selected wine at the moment is a very highly rate Taurasi wine at a...
  5. UcMiami

    USA Basketball U23 team.

    USA basketball has this new U23 team drawing only on college freshman - juniors and competing in Tokyo this August. Because of the Italy trip I suspect no Uconn players will try out for the teams (Canada is also part of the competition with Australia and Japan.) The U19 competition is a little...
  6. UcMiami

    Interesting factoid - beating Uconn in the Semis ...

    Someone in some thread posted that they had shown a graphic of the recent record for teams beating Uconn in the semi, then not winning an NC. I knew it was an issue but thought I would check the record - Uconn has been to 18 FF and won 11 titles in 11 NC game appearances so there are 7 teams who...
  7. UcMiami

    So a really wierd question ...

    This was posted on the VolNation board - Who was the last male HC to beat Uconn before Vic - i did the research because it struck me both as odd and curious - especially give the pre-game question about gender in coaching. So ... In the last ten years the teams to beat Uconn are Standford (3)...
  8. UcMiami

    What an absolutely wonderful season!

    This team gave us so much for the last 5 months! What an incredible ride they took us on! And congratulations to Vic and the Mississippi State Bulldogs! They played their hearts out as did all of the Uconn players. A sad farewell to Saniya and Tierney, but I can't wait to see what next year brings.
  9. UcMiami

    Teaching defense and using a scout

    Kelly Graves talked about how important Uconn's defense was and how that really made the difference in yesterdays game. And we have been treated to announcers telling us how much people ignore Uconn's strong defense when talking about the team for pretty much every year since 2000. (That they...
  10. UcMiami

    Nike and coaches

    So listening to Geno and Kelly talking about getting to know each other a bit at Nike coaching gatherings (something I didn't know Nike organized) and how they refer to being part of the Nike 'family' or at least close acquaintances as Geno termed the Uconn relationship got me wondering ... How...
  11. UcMiami

    Uconn ball screen defense!

    I was watching the switching on ball screens out top with bigs, and it was just poetry, Gabby or Napheesa would supply lots of pressure on the ball to prevent the quick pick and roll, the guard would front the rolling post as they moved into the paint and if the ball was still on her side, would...
  12. UcMiami


    Uconn broke or continued some records today: 1. Assists in a season - 852 and counting breaking the previous Uconn/NCAA record or 850 2. 10 final fours 3. Wind in tournament by a coach - men or women's basketball - 113 (passing Pat) 4. Tied NCAA FF appearances 18 (Pat) 5. Consecutive wins in...
  13. UcMiami

    Blast form the past - sort of forgot about this ESPN

    From last year this time a really good article on Moriah with a little video with Kara and Mo: Jefferson as key to UConn's success as anyone Just fun tor revisit one of my favorite all time players.
  14. UcMiami

    WOW - just gets better and better! HBO rocks!

    So, this thing is definitely building up - each episode better than the last! Love the cooking contest and Geno pulling a Oscar moment. The game stuff was great, and U Albany better make sure they enjoy their coach while they can - someone is going to come calling pretty soon I think. And Saniya...
  15. UcMiami

    Just found this link on another board - fun history!

    Saw this and really enjoyed it: College women: Auriemma, UConn haven’t lost consecutive games in 24 years | The Westerly Sun
  16. UcMiami

    Yeah, another committee thread.

    I know this is all old news, but I just noticed something after watching USF lose a heartbreaker. The committee chair very clearly identifies the 'last four in' to the field as Cal, Purdue, Northern Iowa, and Auburn and they all pretty clearly belong in that category - Purdue was not in until...
  17. UcMiami

    This board and love for WCBB

    So, Nan started a thread a few weeks ago asking what was going on with the board which she locked quickly. I asked a few questions on PM and found that the mods had been deleting a lot of posts and that some long time members of the board had terminated their participation because of the tone on...
  18. UcMiami

    Geno show

    Surprised no thread on this yet. Another really good episode, and an interesting contrast to the HBO special. They are very clearly aimed at different audiences, HBO a national one, the SNY programming for UConn insiders. But what really stands out to me is the production quality from SNY is...
  19. UcMiami

    HBO second part! Wow!

    So that was fun! We get a better feel for what this is going to like each week. Next week with no games to cover they can spend time on: 1) the selection show; and 2) the process of preparation for the NCAAs. Then presumably the following three weeks (we hope) will be 10 or so minutes devoted...
  20. UcMiami

    The AAC and A10 today

    Cincinnati is at 5-1 in the AAC, and 14-5 overall - some turnaround for Jamelle and meanwhile Temple is cruising as well at 6-0/15-3 And George Washington won today in a weird game - they entered the fourth Q trailing by 15 points, and outscored UMass 15-0 to send it to overtime which they won...
  21. UcMiami


    Don't look now, but Cinci may actually have a winning record this year - they really haven't played anybody, but they are 4-1 in conference and 13-5 overall. They probably need another2 or 3 wins in their last 12 games. Happy for jamelle.
  22. UcMiami

    Graham Hayes comes up trumps again on the coaching staff!

    The core four behind UConn's 90 straight wins Really nice piece.
  23. UcMiami

    AP is out - with a lot of changes

    2017 Women's College Basketball Rankings and Polls for Week 9 - ESPN Baylor up to 2 with ND dropping down to #7
  24. UcMiami

    SOS at the top of WCBB

    So we all know that Uconn set the standard for strength of OOC very high. I thought I would take a look at Sagarin's take on the rest of the top 10: Uconn - 12-0, Top 25 - 8 games 66% of schedule, Top 50 - 9 games 75% of schedule (Top 10 4 games 33%) Baylor 12-1, 6-46%, 6-46% (2 - 15%) South...
  25. UcMiami

    Funny Sad factoid

    NC State just had a great upset win over ND, a game that ended an hour ago, and the ESPN women's basketball page is all about Uconn/MD with not a single headline on the NC State/ND game. Picked the wrong night to pull a shocker!
  26. UcMiami

    The American

    Thought I would take a look at the American Conference heading into the new year based on Massey's: Uconn - #1, end of last year #1 USF - #29, #22 Temple - #58, #44 Tulane - #65, #51 SMU - #89, #161 UCF - #92, #285 ECU - #114, #144 Tulsa - #164, #159 Cinci - #184, #255 Houston - #191, #314...
  27. UcMiami

    AAC according to Massey

    UConn #1, 9-0 USF #14, 8-0 Temple #49, 7-3 Tulane #78, 6-4 SMU #95, 6-4 UCF - #101, 9-2 East Carolina #104, 8-3 Tulsa #146, 4-7 Cincinnati #183 6-4 Houston #193, 5-5 Memphis #201, 4-6 The above is the Massey ratings today for the AAC conference and it really isn't looking that bad. Three teams...
  28. UcMiami

    Fun looking at Sagarin

    So... Uconn is now up to 6-0 against top 25 teams and 7-0 against two 50 teams in Sagarin's rankings. And the lowest ranked team they have played is now Dayton at #97 (Chattanooga is now #93) so they are 9-0 against top 100. LSU has sneaked into the top 50 at #45 and KState is now 21 with...
  29. UcMiami

    Temple Over DePaul

    DePaul at Temple should be an interesting match-up at 9 PM. DePaul should win, but it would be great if Temple could sneak one against a ranked team - they should match up pretty well on their home court.
  30. UcMiami

    Effective offense and scoring

    I started posting this in another thread and realized it was sort of off topic, though like all threads it was meandering a bit, but here it is on its own: One of the things that I see mentioned on the board frequently, is scoring as a determining factor of value in a rotation, and everyone...
  31. UcMiami

    Gabby during the anthem - not another of those threads

    I really do not want this to be another anthem thread, but in case people haven't read all the news links, I think this is interesting - and also interesting that until this year no one noticed or at least no one commented on the fact that she was not doing exactly what her other teammates were...
  32. UcMiami

    This team is surprisingly good at 'closing the deal'

    Thinking about last nights game and the season to date, I am struck by something: ND ties the game late in the third quarter at 42 all. Uconn then outscores them 30-19 in the last 12 minutes to win by 11 TX closes to two at 51-49 with 3:18 to go in the third. Uconn then outscores them 21-5 in...
  33. UcMiami

    Marquette is having a great start to their year

    The beat #18 Arizona State at home on Saturday, then go on the road and beat #22 Oregon State tonight. A new beast of the East?
  34. UcMiami

    FYI - SNY showing Birth of a Dynasty after the game

    Just checked the game listing to DVR it and saw that they are showing the above after the game about the 1995 and the start of Uconn as we know it.
  35. UcMiami

    Uconn expectations and WCBB in general

    I wrote a long response in the 2017-18 recruiting thread on a comparison between Kim and most coaches, and Geno and a few other coaches, and it got me thinking about the expectations game and how unique Uconn is in that regard. At Uconn we have fallen into the mental rut of always judging our...