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  1. Zorro

    OT: RIP Carl Reiner

    And Mrs Reiner, his wife, delivered what is arguably the greatest line in the history of cinema!
  2. Zorro

    OT: RIP Carl Reiner

  3. Zorro

    OT: Old Westerns

    Shane, Bad Day at Black Rock, Blazing Saddles, Cat Ballou, High Noon, The Left Handed Gun.
  4. Zorro

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    Probably someone has already mentioned Rashoman and The Seven Samurai. If not, they have now been nominated.
  5. Zorro

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    You might have to have lived in a small town in West Texas (or the equivalent thereof) to really appreciate "The Last Picture Show". A minor classic.
  6. Zorro

    Budget Cuts will require UConn to cut some (not all) athletic programs

    How much does the UConn football program lose per year?
  7. Zorro

    OT: The Old, the Obscure, and The Forgotten - Round 2

    Yup. Henry J. Kaiser made a valiant try to crack into the car market with the Kaiser-Frazer line but came a cropper.
  8. Zorro

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    Max von Sudow was also great as the evil brewmeister in the McKenzie Bros. "Strange Brew", a very silly but very fun movie. Another vsbvf movie was "Waiting for Guffman", with the Second City gang.
  9. Zorro

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    If you are not familiar with his "Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses", you have missed one of the funniest pieces ever written in the English language!
  10. Zorro

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    Or, as Mark Twain famously said about the characters in "The Last of the Mohicans", "you wish they would all get drowned together". And in your suggested category, I would like to nominate "Gremlins" and "My Life as a Dog".
  11. Zorro

    OT: Movies you probably never heard of but ought to check out.

    Have we done this? If so, the mods can delete and I won't be mad (or transfer it to the right place). If not, here are a few I would like to nominate; "Down by Law", a Jim Jamusch film starring Tom Waits. "The Wrong Box", a British farce with Sir Ralph Richardson, Michael Caine. Peter...
  12. Zorro

    So Azzi Just Put This Up

    May I remind y'all once again; YOU JUST CAN'T HAVE TOO MANY GUARDS!!
  13. Zorro

    Longtime Boneyard Poster Passed Away - Robertelamin

    Robert was always chiding me for having the presumption, as a retired expat, to comment on events in the U.S., but mostly with his tongue firmly in his cheek. So sorry, Mano. He will be missed.
  14. Zorro

    OT: Funniest movie and/or TV show ever

    Movie; Gotta be Airplane. The original made for TV version of No Time for Sergeants (maybe Hallmark; was a 90 minute show, if I recall) was hilarious. All the humor of Hyman's book without the bombast of the theater movie Sgt. King was a treasure. For TV, for me, the Carol Burnett show. I...
  15. Zorro

    OT: Books you have read phonebooks

    All of Vonnegut, all of Hornblower, all of Steinbeck, all of Russo (especially Straight Man), all of Tuchman (Esp. March of Folly), all of, of course, Holmes and Wimsey, all of Cadfael, all of Tarzan and the Mars books (when I was younger), Quijote, most of Dickens, all of Will Cuppy, most of...
  16. Zorro

    Muffet McGraw stepping down (merged threads)

    Donald, bite your tongue!! (or your keyboard.)
  17. Zorro

    OT: Doo Wop Lovers

    What is considered the very first doo-wop song? The first I can remember is Earth Angel by The Crew Cuts. Mid fifties.
  18. Zorro

    OT: Doo Wop Lovers

    OOPs! My bad. Sha-na-na is disqualified because of the statute of limitations on this thread. But I AIN'T gonna delete my post!
  19. Zorro

    OT: Doo Wop Lovers

    Ultimate doowop group; Who but Sha-na-na!!
  20. Zorro

    OT: Doo Wop Lovers

    BAss singer-John Bauman.
  21. Zorro

    2021 Caroline Ducharme to UConn

    If Azzi commits we will be just plain awful!!!
  22. Zorro

    Poll: Pick the OTHER 2 starters for next year

    No way CW doesn't start. I don't think Paige will start the first game, but will, of course, get lots of minutes. If she does start, it will be Evina first off the bench.
  23. Zorro

    Paige State Playoff Game Live Stream 11 AM

    Will it be streamed?
  24. Zorro

    UCF vs Cinn

    Sifa made two freebies to ice it and then a steal to REALLY ice it!
  25. Zorro

    UCF vs Cinn

    57-51 20 seconds left
  26. Zorro

    UConn vs. Temple Badass Awards

    I have seen rumors to that effect!
  27. Zorro

    Looks like Northwestern will not be a #1 seed after all.

    OK, OK, so they ain't gonna be a #2 seed. So sue me! At least they are no longer in UConn's way, if indeed they ever were gonna be!