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  1. Ocho88

    Thank You

    Thank you for your service, Chief.
  2. Ocho88

    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo to UConn

    Did he ever step foot on campus?
  3. Ocho88

    2020 Recruiting: Jacob Toppin

    The Steph Curry Effect Steph blew up at Davidson Seth transferee up to Duke
  4. Ocho88

    2020 Recruiting: Adama Sanogo (MD Virtual Visit)

    If anyone can tell Sanogo about the difference in college basketball at UConn vs Seton Hall it’s DH
  5. Ocho88

    UConn Looking to Start a H/H Series at Home

    Houston, Cinci, Memphis, Wichita (with AG would be fun) seem like realistic options with terms of our exit deal with the AAC. I wouldn't mind any of them. Outside of those games, would love to see some old rivals; Cuse or Pitt would be fun.
  6. Ocho88

    2021 Recruiting: Landers Nolley

    Jackson wont start off the jump. Even Bouk came off the bench to start the year this year. If we land Nolley I'm thinking we see this: Starters: Gaffney Cole Bouknight Nolley Whaley Bench: Jackson Polley Adams Springs Carlton
  7. Ocho88

    UConn's Big East Rival Will Be ............

    PC will obsess over us. Nova and Georgetown will be the promoted rivalry games by Fox.
  8. Ocho88

    Syracuse exodus

    They are losing it! we’ll take them both
  9. Ocho88

    Forever Dunk

    Unbelivable dunk. Too bad it’s at ECU. If this dunk is in every highlight reel forever, we‘ll forever be reminded that we played in a conference with them.
  10. Ocho88

    OT: Best Chicken Parmesan and/or Chicken Parmesan Grinder In CT?

    Sandwich - P&M in New Haven/Branford or Liuzzis in North Haven. ps don’t call sauce “gravy”
  11. Ocho88

    One of the strangest endings ever

    I could also be very wrong the last 10 minutes of this game have made me dumber. May god have mercy on my soul.
  12. Ocho88

    One of the strangest endings ever

    He was in to foul. 5 seconds was called. Couldn’t sub him out. Ball ended up in his hands with a wide open look. He missed. Game over... leave the kid alone.
  13. Ocho88

    One of the strangest endings ever

    Kid was in the game to foul. Relax
  14. Ocho88

    One of the strangest endings ever

    I is confused
  15. Ocho88

    What a home job

    Such absolute garbage. There is a whistle on every single possession
  16. Ocho88

    Write the script for the 2nd half

    The officiating once again, is nauseating
  17. Ocho88

    Wichita St.

    They had/have a better coach. Not hard to figure out. Wish they were coming to the Big East with us. Would be a great addition for the Midwest with Marquette, Depaul, Creighton, Butler, Xavier. Would love to see a future league that looks like this: MidWest: Marquette, Depaul, Creighton...
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    XL Center renovation

  19. Ocho88

    Around the NCAA - weekend of 12/14

    Tuned into Utah/Kentucky. Bill Walton is startling my dog making animal noises when Utah scores.
  20. Ocho88

    Semi 29 year old playing HS ball

    I’d love to do this
  21. Ocho88

    Tourney Hopes

    Top 3 in the conference and we'll be fine, regardless of the outcome of the Nova game
  22. Ocho88

    Vital and Gilbert

    What an incredibly predictable play from Vitlal to end the game. 9 seconds on the clock.. smh
  23. Ocho88

    UConn Chant MSG

    That was awesome. Heard it on TV from the next room over in my house
  24. Ocho88

    This week in College Basketball

    I was certain Reeves was an NBA guy and honestly thought he’d only stick around 2 years. Prototypical SG for the NBA. Cooley is an awesome guy and great recruiter, but besides riding Bryce Cotton and Kris Dunn to winning seasons he hasn’t been able to develop a single guy.
  25. Ocho88


    Down 6 to College of Charleston right now with about 46 people in the crowd.
  26. Ocho88

    Monday's overreactions: UConn is back, baby!

    Dauster is from North Haven and grew up a UConn fan. I’m sure he was remembers 2006 very well
  27. Ocho88

    Same Old Syracuse

    They got absolutely humiliated
  28. Ocho88

    Way URI -Providence Tickets

    Makai was a bust, but Reeves and Duke would start over anyone on our current roster. Reeves will be a 1st round pick.